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What’s the BEST type of Just Sold postcard you can use with sphere of influence and past clients? This post is Part 3, using what I call “Wow Solds.” A Wow Sold is a sale you made that has a great story you can tell, and by telling the story your contacts exclaim “wow!” about you. Learn how to identify Wow Solds and use them in your marketing. Watch the video now.




The BEST type of Just Sold prospecting postcards for your sphere of influence list – part 3 using “Wow Solds”

The third way that you do just sold postcards for your sphere of influence is a derivation of the last ones. So we’ve talked about real estate postcards where you highlight the sale. “Just Sold! My aggressive marketing sold this home 10 days faster than the average agent with 3 offers.”

We then boosted our real estate branding by adding the inside reality of our real estate marketing strategies. “How do I consistently do this for my sellers? One way is my aggressive premarketing of the home.” Here is where we start to explain our skills.

Let’s look at a graphical level of this type of marketing. You have real estate postcard templates that all agents use. Things like, “Welcome your new neighbor.” We then take these templates up a notch. “My aggressive marketing sold this home 10 days faster than the average agent with 3 offers.” Then we take this up another notch and explain the real estate marketing tools we used to do it. How do we then take up yet another notch? We do this by going from just sold postcards to ‘Wow Sold’ postcards. Here is the difference.

Marketing ideas for real estate agents to elevate just sold postcards to ‘Wow Sold’ postcards in lead generation

Sending just sold postcards means I just sold a home. Sending wow sold postcards means the sale happened sometime in the past. However, because it’s a wow sale, I don’t have to publish that it was sold eight months ago. All I have to do is promote it. What I am are trying to do is change my branding, the outside perception that motivated sellers may have when looking at me. We want them to go, “Man, you are an amazing realtor! I want to choose you.” So it doesn’t matter when the sale occurred.

When we help our clients with their real estate agent marketing, what we do is actually tell them to go back the last year or two and hand pick their very best sale. We tell them to include homes that sold for over list, that were on the market a short amount of time, homes that had multiple offers, were expired sales that no one else could sale, but they did it, etc. Then, we offer additional real estate marketing tips by directing our agents to include stories that give the inside reality of these sales and showcase the marketing skills they used to get the home sold.

Now when we put these real estate marketing strategies into the mix, here is how it comes out. “My aggressive marketing sold this home in only 5 days. We got 3 offers and sold it for $2000 over asking price. Wow! My sellers were amazed. How do I consistently do this? One secret is my aggressive premarketing.” We show our realtors how to take a good sale and ratchet it up.

Sending real estate postcards out consistently to your sphere of influence increases the possibilities of generating motivated seller leads

Send these types of real estate postcards out consistently to your database of people, picking your best sales without putting the address or the date of the sale on the postcard. Make those wow solds evergreen. Real estate leads don’t have to know about it. You aren’t trying to say, “By the way, this wasn’t that good of a sale.” We want to tell the truth in the best light that we can and just leave everything else alone. What you are trying to do is show the truth of what you do and create a perception in the minds of potential sellers that you are better than everyone else. When you do that, when you use these tips to enhance your real estate branding, you start getting the business.

It’s really that simple.


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