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What are simple, powerful touches you can do with your sphere of influence and past clients? This is Part 5 of 9 in a short series of touches you can do. On this post I’ll share about the impact of using Facebook. As a free tool connecting you to all your contacts, it and its power should never be overlooked. Watch video to learn more.




Simple real estate lead generation touches for your sphere of influence – using Facebook

Here is another simple touch you can do when marketing to your personal contacts list and sphere of influence to strengthen real estate lead generation. This idea is one of the real estate marketing strategies you should be doing anyway to enhance your branding and keep you top-of-mind with seller leads. Most realtors do this in their real estate prospecting, but let’s make sure we cover all the bases and assume nothing.

We’ve discussed a lot of marketing ideas for real estate agents. Another strategy to generate realtor leads is to use Facebook to touch your sphere of influence. Make sure that every single one of your personal contacts, your past contacts, your sphere of influence, your friends and family are your friends on Facebook. You want to make sure you are connected there and that your realtor information is visible. This will increase your real estate branding.

How to generate real estate leads using Facebook as one of your many real estate marketing products

When doing real estate agent marketing on Facebook, make sure that you stay active in posting things. Post fun stuff and valuable stuff. And obviously, just like with real estate postcards, you want to post coming soon, just listed, under contract, and just sold information.

When you put real estate information out there, make sure you also include a little blurb that highlights something about your inside reality. Use information that shows off the real estate marketing strategies you use to sell homes. Keep it short, but add something that keeps your real estate branding fresh in the minds of potential seller leads.

Not everyone is going to see every one of those posts because of the way the newsfeeds work. Still, use Facebook as one of your real estate marketing tools that gets your branding information out there so that potential sellers are always seeing things about you all the time.

Real estate marketing tips like this one are very simple and inexpensive to use.


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