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So you’re trying to market to your personal list and you’re just getting started. You don’t have much money. What do you do? Well, here are 7 low cost, easy ways to touch your sphere of influence and past clients to increase sales and referrals from them. Watch this short video to learn more about them.




The top 7 low cost prospecting ways to touch your real estate sphere of influence list for lead generation

There are seven easy, low-cost real estate marketing tips you can use to touch your sphere of influence list.  Now, when I say these real estate marketing ideas are low-cost, that doesn’t mean they are free, but you’re not going to be spending thousands of dollars on these marketing strategies.

The first of the real estate marketing products you can use to boost real estate lead generation is a simple magnetic clip that you can stick on the refrigerator. This is a low-cost item that will help with your real estate branding. Be sure this marketing product is something associated with your real estate business and has your name and photo on it. It’s basically a little alligator clip that allows people to put something there.  Investing in these real estate marketing products one time allows you to stay top-of-mind with seller leads in your sphere of influence year after year because it’s so valuable and handy. That’s a great thing.

Number two is going to be handwritten real estate letters.  Get some nice stationary and send seller leads in your sphere of influence a letter saying something like, “just thinking about you,” “wishing you well,” “praying for you” or something like that. Then, you drop that in the mail.

Personalized real estate marketing strategies that can help you solidify your relationship with seller leads in your sphere of influence

A third real estate marketing tool is a phone call. You are basically sending the same message. Say something like, “I was just thinking about you” or “I understand you have a birthday this month so Happy Birthday.”

A fourth of these real estate marketing ideas is an ice-cream social at the park within your sphere of influence or the community where your database is.  Now, if you have a large personal database that expands throughout the area, then do small ice-cream socials all over and invite your sphere of influence list to it. Give away free ice-cream at the park and maybe even have a D.J.  Just stand there by the free ice-cream truck and, as people come through, say hello, shake their hands or give them a hug. This will let you build the realtor / client relationship, whether they are sellers or buyers.

A similar real estate marketing tool is an ice-cream scooper that you mail out, especially in those areas of your sphere of influence where there are a lot of gatherings. Think of places like the lake or the beach. These are good because they are the type of environment where everybody eats ice-cream all the time.  But if it’s not an ice-cream scooper, send some other kitchen item that helps you with real estate branding. Send these types of real estate marketing products with your information that will get a prospect’s attention when they go in the kitchen and see your stuff.

Choose real estate marketing products that will benefit seller leads the most

A fifth real estate marketing product you can send to seller leads in your sphere of influence is an athletic game schedule.  Here in the Southeast, it’s the SEC schedule. In other places you might send a basketball schedule. Perhaps you’ll send a hockey schedule. You could even send something like a surfing schedule. The goal is to send something that everyone in your sphere of influence loves because it always stays in front of them.

The sixth real estate marketing idea you can do that’s free takes a little time to put together, but it’s immensely impactful. It’s the personal letter. Write real estate letters that express your interests and your sincere, authentic appreciation for your relationship with them and their relationship with you. That goes a long way and helps you stick in the minds of seller leads in your sphere of influence.

A final real estate marketing strategy you can do is an email campaign.  Be sure it’s not just an email campaign that you “buy” off the shelf or that your company provides. For example, don’t send things like how to clean your pillows or that it’s springtime so it’s time to plant flowers.  Don’t do silly stuff that seller leads would consider junk because negative touches do not help your real estate business.

If you’re going to do an email campaign, or any type of real estate mailers, make sure you do something that seller leads really appreciate that gives you rave reviews. Make sure that everything you’re sending out to your seller leads is something of value.  That’s the key.


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