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Want a really neat way to encourage referrals for years to come? Consider the $500 Certificate letter approach. It’s a simple tool you can create on your own that has real “sticking power.” It stays in front of your contacts, keeping you top of mind, then turns into a magnet to drive their referrals to you. Watch video to learn more.




The amazing $500 Certificate letter prospecting lead generation tool for use with your real estate sphere of influence

One of the real estate letters that I really like—because this will drive a lot more real estate referrals to you as well—works especially within your sphere of influence, past clients, and the people you know. It’s what I call the ‘Certificate Letter’. Let me explain how you can use this real estate marketing strategy.

Go online and find a nice type of certificate that you can edit or modify.  Get one that’s in full color that you can print on a full color printer. Call it, ‘The $500 Certificate’ or something like that.  Basically, what the certificate says is, “This certificate is redeemable for a $500 discount off of my fees for anyone you refer.”  The idea is that you could include this certificate in your real estate letters.

Real estate letters including promotions encourage seller leads in your sphere of influence to self-select or do real estate referrals

Real estate letters like these can go, “John and Sue, I want to share a $500 certificate with you.  This can be used at any time by any person. If you are looking to buy or sell a home or you know someone who is, please hand them this certificate. When they reach out to me and provide this certificate, I will discount my selling fee by $500 when we get to the closing table. This adds an extra value to them. If you refer me to someone, I will also send you a voucher for dinner for two at _____ (add a nice, local restaurant here).” This is a great real estate marketing technique that will help you get real estate referrals.

Make sure you have your name, photo and contact information on that certificate to bolster real estate branding. Make it nice.

Now, let me back up and say, do you really want to pay $500?  Well, let me ask you this…would you pay 25% referral fee for a listing or for a buyer?  Absolutely. So, why not pay $500 for real estate referrals? It’s a whole lot less. This costs you nothing until you complete the transaction.

Marketing to your sphere of influence with real estate letters that request real estate referrals

What this real estate marketing strategy does is provide a nice added value, but it also encourages seller leads to hold on to the document with your real estate branding on it because it’s money. I’m going tell seller leads in the real estate letters what to do. “Stick this on your refrigerator or on your bulletin board. Put it in a place where you see it so that you’ll always remember to use it or give it away as a real estate referral because it’s worth $500.”  So now, it stays in a prominent place that they always see, which means you’re constantly getting top-of-mind awareness.

They then begin looking for people they can use it with. When they have dinner with someone and their friends say, “You know, we’re thinking about selling.” Ding! You’ve got a certificate that can save them money. You can say, “This certificate will save you $500!”

That’s how it works.  It’s really powerful.


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