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As a Realtor have you ever wished you could work “normal” hours … 35 to 40 hours a week … have the weekends off, and still have a thriving business? For most real estate agents that would be a miracle. But for those who understand how it’s a reality, watch this short video that explains the difference and how you can apply it to your business … today!


Can you really have a life outside of real estate?

So the question is: Can you have a life outside of real estate? For most real estate agents, the answer is no. But for those who want to, the answer is absolutely yes. Let me see share with you the best real estate marketing strategies for optimizing your personal life outside of real estate.

How implementing the right real estate marketing systems can give you time to have a personal life outside of your real estate business

Say we have two real estate agents, Glenda and Stuart. They are both your typical realtor in the realm of what they do. Glenda probably does 20 – 25 transactions a year. Her life revolves around her real estate business. She gets up in the morning to work her real estate business, to develop her real estate agent marketing, to work on real estate lead generation ideas, and to find more motivated sellers. She works her real estate business all day into the evening; she even works every weekend. You may ask her, “Hey Glenda, how was your weekend?” And she responds, “What’s a weekend?”

You get the idea? She works 60 – 70 hours a week and it’s like her real estate business is dragging her all over the place. This is sort of like the tail wagging the dog. That’s the way Glenda’s business works. Just like Glenda, what happens next in the environment is that you don’t own your real estate business but your business owns and controls you. You become a slave to it. In that lifestyle, you’ll never have a life outside of real estate because you have no control.

Now, let’s talk about Stuart—one of our clients. Stuart does somewhere between 15 and 20 million dollars a year in volume, all by himself with no team. He does between 80 and 100 transactions a year. But get this, Stuart only works 35 – 40 hours a week to do that. He rarely works evenings. He rarely works weekends. So when he comes home at night, he’s home for the family. They get to go out and do things on the weekend. In other words, he has a life outside of his real estate business. This happens for one reason. He has designed his business to where he controls it, rather than letting it control him.

Using geographic farming and other real estate marketing systems to drive motivated seller leads to you

Here is the difference between Glenda and Stuart. Glenda has no real estate agent marketing systems in place that drive business to her. Stuart has many systems in place that drive business to him and solidify his sphere of influence. From his personal business to his niche marketing and expired lists to geographic farming, all of these things bring business to him.

I remember I was watching a YouTube video recently by a top real estate agent and he made a great comment.  He said, “If you don’t have a consistent source of real estate leads coming in, how in the world can you have a consistent business driving in new sellers?”

Building trust in your sphere of influence by implementing the right real estate marketing systems for your real estate business

More than real estate leads, what Stuart has done—and this is what we actually do with our Agent Dominator—is to drive sellers to you, the realtor. Stuart gets many phone calls with seller leads saying, “Hey Stuart, I’m thinking about selling, can you come talk with me?” 99% of all of his listing appointments are just him. They trust him because the system has already built up that trust in their mind; he is the realtor at top-of-mind. So when they call him, they are ready to do business with him.

By the way, let me tell you one other thing; this will blow your mind. Stuart’s average listing appointment is only 40 – 45 minutes, because by the time he gets there, they’ve already chosen him. Think about that. The difference between the average real estate agent who lets their business wag them like a tail wagging the dog or Stuart, who drives his business, because he has effective real estate agent marketing systems in place.

It’s a completely different way of thinking about driving a business. That’s what we try to do with Agent Dominator, provide marketing for real estate agents that puts that type of system in place so you can actually have a life outside of real estate.


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