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How do you get seller leads calling you as a realtor? This video walks you through several ways to find more seller leads using postcard marketing. Apply this to any list you target, from past clients and sphere of influence to geographic farming. Watch the video now.



Real Estate Postcard Marketing – the easiest types of postcards to get sellers calling you

When you’re talking about postcard marketing in lead generation and what are the best postcards to get sellers calling you, there are probably two. Keeping it simple and non-techy, there are probably two postcards that are best to get sellers calling you.

Number one are just sold postcards. Most real estate agents don’t understand the power of just sold postcards. There are some things you can do in your marketing to really take the ‘Just Sold’ and turn it into a ‘Just Sold’ on steroids. I’ll share that in just a moment. The main thing with just sold postcards is the consistency that you’re always selling another house. So if you don’t have a lot of sales, then you can do just listed postcards and then just sold postcards of the same homes.

The most important thing in real estate marketing is touching your list a number of times over and over again. Whether it’s your geographic farming list. Whether it’s your personal contacts or sphere of influence list. Whether it’s a list of seller leads or whatever it is. As a motivated seller sees you all the time selling, he or she picks up the phone and gives you a call. This is because not only are you top of mind, but you are top of mind with one of the trust elements that we talked about which is the fact that sellers trust that you’re actively and consistently selling. Repeatedly touching sellers is a powerful way to increase your real estate branding.

How to find motivated sellers by using ‘House Wanted’ postcards

Other types of marketing postcards you can use to get sellers calling you is what I call the ‘House Wanted’ postcard. Let me set this up for you. You got a marketing postcard and the headline is “House Wanted.” Then you say something like, “I have a buyer.” This works really great if you’re prospecting in a certain geographic area. Send out realtor postcards that say, “I have a buyer looking for a specific home. Here’s what’s needed.” Then you give bullet points. The bullet points are typically what most homes are like in that area. You know: “4 bedrooms, usable front and back yard, a garage, zoned for Eastwind Elementary School. If you’re thinking about selling in the next 6 months and your house fits this, please call me immediately.” That’s ‘House Wanted’ real estate postcards.

Now what’s going on is you send out your just sold postcards, then you send out ‘House Wanted’ postcards and the idea is to get motivated seller leads who are thinking about selling to give you a call.

You know, these are really cool real estate marketing strategies to use in lead generation.


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