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Postcards are one of the easiest ways to generate sellers leads from any list. Whether you are targeting a personal list or a geographic farm, using a targeted postcard approach you can identify who is thinking about selling before they go on the market. Watch this video to learn how to write a postcard to get sellers calling you.



Real Estate Postcard Marketing – Writing killer postcards headlines that get sellers and leads calling you

To write killer marketing postcards that get sellers calling you, there is a formula I use in my real estate marketing strategies. We call it the marketing formula. I didn’t create it. Someone else created it. But it is a perfect formula. We use it on everything we do because this is how a realtor can bring potential sellers in from the top of the funnel and bring them down. When they come out, squirting out of the bottom, they are motivated seller leads. We want to bring them in and squirt them out as a motived seller. It’s a four step process: interrupt, engage, educate and offer.

The interrupt is the headline. The headline is actually the most important part of your real estate mailers. What’s happening is, mom and dad or husband and wife are getting the mail. They are going through the mail and they come across your headline. If the headline on your marketing postcards doesn’t “interrupt” them and cause them to stop and look at it, basically “interrupt” them from the stuff that is going on, then they are not as likely to read the rest of the real estate marketing material.  That’s why it is the most important part. So the headline might be, “If you are thinking about selling your home, stop right now and read this…” or something like that. It’s an interrupter.

Then the engagement is actually what we call the sub-headline of your real estate postcards. The sub-headline is where we are going to start to introduce the offer. Because if I’m trying to identify sellers, trying to get sellers to contact me, then I have to create some sort of an offer that they contact me for. Typically, it’s a free report or something. So the engagement part is the subhead. So the headline might be: “If you are thinking about selling, read this.” The subhead might read: “There are 4 secrets I’ve learned that can get the most money for your home in the shortest amount of time as long as you do it before you put your home on the market.” This is kind of a lengthy subhead for real estate marketing, but it does the job on your realtor postcards.

The headline draws seller leads in, especially motivated seller leads. The subhead starts to bring them in and gets them to then read the body copy which is where you have the offer of a free report, or another one of your real estate marketing products. Then maybe in the offer you explain something about who you are and what you’ve done. This is how you educate seller leads in your sphere of influence and geographic farming. “I’ve been selling real estate for the last 12 years. I’ve started to note that those homes that sell fastest and for the most money all have certain characteristics about them. I started making a list of those characteristics and what I found is there are 5 most important things that, if you do these before you put your home on the market, you are almost practically assured that your home will sell in the shortest amount of time and get the most money for it. I’d like to give this free report to you. Simply call me. Text me. Email me. Go to this website. Call this voicemail number (whatever the call to action is).” That’s the offer you send to seller leads. Interrupt. Engage. Educate. Offer. Now we’ve got motivated seller leads going, “I want this!”

Then they take that next call to action and only the person who is thinking about selling is going to be taking that call to action of choosing you as their real estate agent.

That is how you do it. That is how you create effective real estate postcards that get sellers calling you and choosing you as their real estate agent.


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