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If you want to generate seller leads, the most important part of your marketing is your headline. This is the first step. Without a good headline you won’t generate seller leads. There are 3 keys to writing powerful headlines to attract sellers. Watch the video to learn more.



Real Estate Postcard Marketing – 3 keys to writing killer postcard headlines to generate sellers leads

As we are talking about real estate postcards and writing headlines, what I’ve found is that there are three keys to writing headlines on postcards that really grab the attention of sellers. Here are three real estate marketing tips that, if you do, you’ll have a successful headline.

The first real estate marketing strategy may seem obvious, but it’s not always applied. You need to focus the headline of your marketing postcards on selling homes. By this I mean, focus the content of your postcards on “if you’re thinking about selling your home” or “if you’re planning on putting you home on the market.” Let your marketing use anything that’s focused on selling homes. What’s happening is that the homeowners that you’re trying to identify as sellers have this reticular activator going on in their mind. It tells them, “We’re thinking about selling, let’s look for things that (the little reticular activator is acting like a little radar here) may indicate something of value about selling a home.” When the first part of your headline talks about selling homes, it grabs the attention of sellers. That’s the number one key in real estate marketing with postcards.

How to generate real estate leads by keeping marketing postcards positive

The second key in postcard marketing is that you have got to keep the message on your postcards positive rather than negative. We’ve tested this. We’ve done split A/B tests and what we’ve found is that a positive offers on postcards out performs negative offers by about 8 times, 800 percent.

Let me give you an example of real estate marketing strategies like this. Here’s a positive offer versus a negative offer. A positive offer might be: “The 5 most important things you can do to get the most money for your home when selling it.” A negative offer might say: “The 5 most traumatic things you can to do lose money and guarantee a failure when you sell your home.” This is positive versus negative. Potential sellers don’t like negative. If you keep it in the positive, you’re going to get more responses.  So, you’ve got focus on selling homes. You’ve got keeping it positive.

The last of the three real estate marketing tips that I want to share is you’ve got to create curiosity. Try not to make a statement as much as make a dangling statement where it just kind of dangles and stops, such as, “If you’re thinking about selling your home…” That is what I call the dangling statement. It indicates to sellers that there’s more to it and you need to read some more.

One of the real estate marketing headlines I love using with some of our clients is if that agent has just picked up an expired sale and sold it. The offer might say: “After 72 days on the market without selling, I sold this home in 1 day. Here’s how…”  Now that headline is focused on selling homes, because the realtor sold it after it sat 72 days on the market without selling. It’s focused on the positive. “Another agent couldn’t sell it in 72. I sold it in one. Here’s how.” This creates curiosity.

That’s what I’m talking about. Encapsulate all three of those keys when creating headlines on your marketing postcards and then you’ve got a powerful real estate marketing tool that will help you identify real estate leads.


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