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If you are using postcard marketing to generate seller leads, how you track responses will determine how many leads you end up generating. Some tracking methods will prevent up to 90% of the leads from responding, losing your opportunity to get more listings. Learn more about how to track responses on this video.


Real Estate Postcard Marketing – how BEST to track seller leads responses with postcards to get the most seller leads possible

How do you track the responses from marketing postcards when you’re working on getting sellers? I think there are three real estate marketing strategies to do it and it depends on the offer you’re sending in your real estate mailers.

Let’s set the stage and offer a few real estate marketing tips. We’ve got marketing postcards going out to generate realtor leads. These postcards are offering something of value to a motivated seller that a non-seller would not be interested in such as, “The five things to get the most money for your home when you get it on the market.” Then you offer a free report. Now, potential sellers are responding back. There are three ways to track your results when prospecting.

The first way to identify potential sellers is a home valuation website. Now this will work with only one type of offer and that is, “Find out what your home is worth.”  So maybe your marketing postcards say something like, “If you’re thinking about selling, your first step and before you get your home the market is to find out what your home is worth so you’ll know what you can get for it and what you can put down on your next house. I made it simple to do. Go to my website link below and find out what your home is worth.” That might be kind of like the marketing piece that drives seller leads to your home value website.

When these potential sellers get to the home value website, the whole real estate marketing purpose of that website is that these sellers enter the address of their home and now it captures that address. Now you know which address is responding. That’s probably the easiest real estate marketing strategy you can do to track responses. Unfortunately, that’s not the most profitable offer you can do when trying to identify seller leads in geographic farming or your sphere of influence. It’s not the most successful. This marketing technique is the one that most agents use because it’s the easiest. For many real estate agents, it’s just take the path of least resistance. And it works well, but you can do a lot more if you track your prospecting results in different ways.

Once you get out of the home valuation tracking, then it opens up the world of different marketing offers that you can do that will actually bring in better realtor leads on an ongoing basis. These are the free offers I’ve been talking about. Use real estate marketing headlines like, “Five steps to get the most money for your home,” “Four things you can do to get buyers to pay more.” You can do all kinds real estate mailers whatever your headline may be.

How to find motivated sellers leads by using a call capture number

There are two other real estate marketing tips I can offer to you when it comes to call tracking. One is what I call a call capture number. A call capture number is typically a toll free voicemail. If you’ve never heard of it, go online and Google ‘call capture voicemail for real estate agents’. There will be a whole bunch of listings that come up. There are whole lot of companies that sell this real estate marketing product. What happens is it’s a recorded message and anytime someone, including potential sellers, calls that number, it captures their caller ID and then reports it to you. You will be able to track it.

So here’s how your marketing postcards are going to read. “If you’re thinking about selling your home, here’s five things you can do to get the most money for your home and sell it in the least amount of time. Call this recorded message to get that free report now.”

Then someone’s going to pick up the phone and call that recorded message. It’s going to be your voice saying, “Hi and thanks for calling. If you’re looking to sell your home for the most money, I’ve created a special report, five steps to do this, simply leave your name and address or leave your name and email address at the tone, and I’ll get it out promptly to you. Thanks for calling and have a great day.”

You use real estate marketing strategies like that so sellers now know what to do next. But, the fact that they called that number originally gives you that caller ID. Even if these potential sellers don’t leave a message, it is still a good prospect because the only one that’s calling is someone thinking about selling. If they don’t leave a message, it’s simply because they go, “Oops, once I leave a message, this agent is going to know who I am and then I’ll have a realtor breathing down my neck trying to get me to list with him and I don’t want that.” Your real estate lead may abandon the call there, but you still got the caller ID.

With that caller ID, it’s really this simple. Call back and say: “Hey, this is Beatty Carmichael. Someone called me from this number just a moment and I missed the call. Who is this?” “Well, this is John Smith.” “Hey, John, were you calling me, Beatty Carmichael. I’m a real estate agent with such and such company.” Now you are in conversation. He says, “No, I don’t think so.” “Oh, okay, you might have been responding to a postcard I had on five steps to” and then you just repeat your marketing offer and prompt them. What happens then is, “Oh, that must have been my wife, hold on one moment.” So now you’re on the phone with the right person. That’s one of my most effective real estate marketing tips on how you call them back.

The third way that you can track responses, which is much more difficult, is actually what we do with our real estate clients.  It’s more difficult because you can’t just do this real estate marketing strategy on your own in lead generation. It takes some technology. It’s what we call a unique URL.

When we send out these marketing postcards, we put a unique URL on the bottom of the postcards. Meaning, if we’re mailing out a hundred thousand postcards, we’re mailing out a hundred thousand URLs. What we’ve done is we’ve programmed our system to recognize which URL is being entered. If a potential motivated seller is responding to, let’s say, offer number 1 and he enters that URL, not only does it give that person offer number 1, but it tracks him back and shows the agent there as well. It’s branded to the agent and maybe we’ve redirected to the agent’s website. What happens is we then take that URL and we match it to the address that we’ve mailed it to. Then we know instantly exactly which homeowner, which potential motivated seller, it is.

This real estate marketing technique is really cool. That’s the third marketing idea for real estate agents you can use to track responses in lead generation.


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