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What’s the most important part of your postcard when doing real estate marketing? Believe it or not, it’s the headline. The headline on your postcard is responsible for between 75% and 85% of the results you get. That’s why it’s important to spend enough time to create a great headline. Watch this video to learn more.



Real Estate Postcards Marketing – the importance of the headline to generate listings

How important is a headline on real estate marketing postcards? Almost all of it. That’s not quite true, but it is pretty close. Here is what is happening when using real estate mailers in lead generation. You can write great postcards with great content to either share your real estate marketing strategies—your inside reality—or try to get homeowners to respond as a motivated seller to your offer. This is what I know about real estate marketing: If they don’t read your postcards, then the postcards are absolutely worthless. It’s the headline that gets potential seller leads to read your marketing material. If you don’t have a good headline or a compelling headline on your real estate mailers, or a compelling headline that causes sellers to stop in their tracks and actually read your postcards, you don’t even get your marketing to first base.

In some circles, when real estate agents have tested this, they found the headline is worth probably 80 to 85 percent of the success of marketing postcards. Let me correlate this with an e-book written a few years back. This guy is an e-book writer and he’s written a bunch of e-books. He writes an e-book on dating and he came up with a great title: “How Not to Be Lonely.” He thought this was going to be great. He puts it on the market. He starts promoting it to his database and everything else and no one buys it. He starts to scratch his head, saying, something’s wrong. What’s up? Then he realizes his headline is all wrong. The book title is actually the headline. He has the wrong headline. Then, he changes one word: “How Not to Be Lonely Tonight.” He went back in and started promoting and marketing it and the book sold off the shelf.

Here’s the key in marketing. It doesn’t matter how good the content of the book was. If they never bought it, they never got to the content. They bought the book based on the title, not the content. That’s what happens with the headline on real estate marketing postcards. Realtor leads start reading the card based on the headline. If you don’t have a good headline, then you’re pretty much out of the game.

This is an important concept to remember when creating real estate marketing products when prospecting for motivated seller leads.


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