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There are lots of factors to successful postcard marketing for your real estate business. One factor is consistency. When you start, then stop, then start again in your postcard marketing you kill the momentum in your prospects’ minds and lose out on results you can generate. Learn the value of consistency, and most importantly simple ways to stay consistent, even when times get busy. Watch the video to learn more.



Real Estate Postcard Marketing – being consistent with your marketing gets your most listings

When you’re marketing for your real estate business with postcards, being consistent in your marketing is as important as the other real estate marketing tips we have listed. What happens in the homeowner’s mind when they start seeing your real estate branding information in the mail on realtor postcards is interesting. You start to create a momentum in that homeowner’s mind every time you’re sending out just listed postcards or just sold postcards. If you do this consistently, you become top of mind for those potential seller leads in your sphere of influence.

Let’s say that you’re mailing your realtor postcards every three weeks, 18 times a year. Every three weeks, potential seller leads are receiving another postcard. The homeowner starts to recognize you and starts to trust you as a professional real estate agent because you’re always there. If you were to mail postcards three, four or five times and then stop, and then wait a few months and start mailing three, four or five times and then stop again, then you lose the value of that consistency.

Here’s a quick analogy to maybe bring some example to it. A guy’s going through a desert and he’s thirsty and he comes to this water pump and you’re supposed to pump and pump and pump.  As he is pumping, it’s bringing water up from the bottom, right? He pumps and then he stops. The water goes back down and he starts to have some problem because he’s got to do it all over again to bring it up to the top. If he stops again before it comes up, it all goes back down. You have to keep pumping and keep the consistency there.

That’s the same way it is for the homeowner. They need to see the consistency in your real estate marketing products so the biggest challenge with most real estate agents that I’ve seen and that they’ve expressed to me is the ability to be consistent. They get on a consistent process mailing out real estate postcards and then life gets really busy. They start getting a lot of transactions and closings and mailing those just listed postcards or just sold postcards gets pushed to the next week, and then the next week and eventually, it just never happens. They look back and they go, oh my gosh, it’s been six months. I need to do this again. I need to start sending real estate postcards. So what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to come up with a system that’s completely automated so you don’t have to think about it. That’s actually why half of the clients use us, simply because it’s all automated.

Here’s are a few real estate marketing strategies you would use if you’re sending real estate postcards on your own. You create the entire year of real estate postcards right up front so you don’t have to think about creating them as you. You go on and get your just listed postcards and your just sold postcards printed if you need to and then every three weeks, you’ve got your labels and you just stick them on there or you send them to a mail shop and they put the address on them. You create everything up front and then you can even hire a company to mail them every three weeks for you.  Now, it’s completely off your mind and it’s a completely consistent part of your arsenal of real estate marketing products. All you have to do is put a reminder toward the end of the year that you need to create the next entire years’ worth of real estate postcards.

Consistency is key.


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