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About content approval

We use a concept we call “placeholders.”  Placeholders are content we believe will work well to differentiate you from other Realtors, but we don’t know exactly what that content should be for you.  So we create “placeholder content” with the intent that you will adjust the placeholder content to what is true about you.

For example, we might use the following placeholder content: “I post your listing on all the standard real-estate websites, but I also post it on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Oodle.”  You might not use Facebook or Oodle, but you might use another site for custom posting.  So the placeholder content is designed to hold that place in concept and let you update us to what is accurate.  If none of it is accurate, let us know and we can remove the entire statement.

We also take the stats you provide us and run calculations to compare your performance against the typical Realtor in your MLS.  One example may be a statement that comes out as “My clients get an average $5,237 more for their home than sellers using the typical Realtor.”  Watch the video for explanation how we calculate these comparative numbers.