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Another great marketing postcard for use with past clients and sphere of influence is the “Coming Soon” postcard. Ignored by most Realtors, the Coming Soon postcard gives you a great opportunity to show off your preparation skills to your personal contacts, impressing them with your attention to detail that results in a fast, high-priced sale. Learn more by watching this short video.



Prospecting postcards for sphere of influence prospects – getting sellers with the Coming Soon card

As we are going through the whole sequence, we’ve got just listed postcards and just sold postcards. These are the typical ones that real estate agents use. There are two others realtor postcards cards that you can do that are also effective. What these real estate postcards do is give you more opportunity to start marketing to prospects in your sphere of influence to show them why they should choose you.

This type of real estate postcards is one I will call the ‘Coming Soon’ postcard. It comes out before just listed postcards. When sending a ‘Coming Soon’ real estate postcard, show a picture of the house, internal or external. Then indicate that this home is ‘Coming Soon’ somewhere in the text of the real estate postcard. What this does is add another little feather to your cap that says, “I’m active as a real estate agent. I’ve got another home that is coming on the market, but before I put it on the market…” Now give some information about the home on your real estate postcards.

Sending the full sequence of real estate postcards – both just listed postcards and just sold postcards – to your sphere of influence to show your skills as a real estate agent

When marketing to your sphere of influence with realtor postcards, I might include the following message in the text of the postcard. “Before I put this home on the market, I want to make sure that it’s going to sell for the most money in the shortest amount of time. To do this, I know we’ve got to prepare it well. Here are the steps we are going to go through to prepare it. We are doing this and this and this.  I’m building a website that is unique to this home that is going to get first-page placement on Google.”

You start to educate your sphere of influence on what you are doing to get the home prepared to come on the market. Then you send real estate postcards to all of your personal contacts. It doesn’t matter if your sphere of influence list is in one area of town and the home you are preparing is in another. What matters is that it’s another touch to your sphere of influence list that’s educating them on why they should choose you as their real estate agent.  Because now, what these seller leads are seeing is that you understand what you do. You understand how to get the home out there, how to get it on the market to sell fast and for the most money. It starts to show off your expertise as a real estate agent.

The more expertise they attribute to you that they do not attribute to other realtors—because no one else is talking about it—the more likely you are to get the next deal from those seller leads in your sphere of influence.


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