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What are simple, powerful touches you can do with your sphere of influence and past clients? This is Part 2 of 9 in a short series of touches you can do. On this post I’ll share about the refrigerator clip. A little-thought-about touch that can keep you in front of your contact for years without any additional cost beyond its initial cost. Watch video to learn more.




Simple real estate lead generation touches for your sphere of influence – the refrigerator magnet clip

Here is another simple—what I would call a disarmingly simple—yet powerful touch you can do when marketing to your personal list and your sphere of influence to generate real estate leads. Potential seller leads on your list know you already and they like you, but the key is that you want to keep yourself in front of them. When using real estate agent marketing strategies in lead generation, you should constantly be branding yourself to stay top-of-mind. You want to keep your name and face in front of your homeowners, who could become motivated sellers, all the time.

Powerful real estate marketing tips to do this include sending out magnetic clips for the refrigerator to your sphere of influence that consistently keeps your branding information in front of your real estate leads.

Think about this. I’m sure you’re the same way. My wife loves putting things on the refrigerator. When the kids were small, we’d put up all their pictures and stuff. As they’ve grown older, we put up other things like an invitations. We stick this stuff on the refrigerator because it keeps it top of mind.

How investing in real estate marketing products that seller leads find useful can make a big impact in lead generation

One of the things that you can do in real estate lead generation is to send out magnetic clips that potential sellers can stick on the refrigerator. I saw these real estate marketing products at a NAR convention a couple of years ago. I noticed one of the mortgage companies used clips that advertised their branding information (name, contact information, etc.). They were big, strong, magnetic clips that you could stick on the refrigerator. I mean these were great, big ol’ alligator clips that many people, including your real estate leads, would find useful.

What’s great is they hold a lot. My wife kept three or four of those all over the refrigerator for years because they were so perfect. Rather than those little, wimpy magnets that you try to stick a piece of paper underneath and it falls out, here you’ve got a clip that is going to hold a lot.

If you were to send those out with your real estate branding information (agent name, photo and contact information) on them, that clip would stay on those refrigerator, strengthening your branding with potential sellers, year after year.

Real estate agent marketing tips that strengthen the success of your refrigerator magnet clip lead generation campaign

Here’s a secret. A lot of the refrigerators now, especially if you’re in the higher end market, are made out of stainless steel. This means the magnet on your realtor clip won’t stick. You want to find those clips that are also adhesive. Ideally, you would have a clip that is both magnetic and adhesive. That way, you can send out these clips that increase your branding with instructions, “If you’ve got a metal refrigerator that magnets work on, use the magnet; otherwise, the clip has a light adhesive. It won’t mess up your refrigerator. When you are ready to take it off, it comes right off.”

Add the refrigerator magnetic clip to your bag of real estate marketing products that make an impact. That’s a great little way to do it.


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