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Here’s another way to generate seller leads … it’s called the “self-selection” postcard. Designed to get sellers to identify themselves, you can use this approach to generate seller leads from almost any list you target — from a personal list to geographic farming. Watch the video now to learn more.



Real Estate Postcard Marketing – How to find the best direct response offers to generate seller leads

Well, that’s a good one. How do you find the best direct response offers when using postcards in your marketing to generate those seller leads? First off, it just comes with a lot of thinking. What you end up doing is you end of thinking through all kinds of real estate agent marketing ideas of things you can offer sellers that they would want to know. What happens is, most real estate agents say, “Well, there’s only one thing sellers want to know and that’s ‘What is my home worth?’” I keep going back and saying no, that’s not the only thing a motivated seller wants to know.

Sellers want to know how long it’s going to take to sell. What can they do to make it sell in a shorter period of time? What can they do to get more money for it than what it’s worth? How much is that stuff going to cost? Sellers wonder, “If I’m going to fix up my home and put money into it to get more money out and treat it strictly as an investment, what things do I do that are going to get me the most money for the least amount of cost or the least amount of time or the least amount of effort?” There are all kinds of things that motivated seller leads want to know. If you just step back and put on the home seller hat and take off your real estate agent hat that says there’s only one thing they want to know. We have done this.

How to find motivated seller leads in three simple steps

First off, you create a whole bunch of offers that will attract sellers. Use creativity in your real estate agent marketing to come up with all types of ideas.

Number two, come up with different ways to say those offers that will attract the attention of a potential motivated seller. “The five most important things to do when selling your home.” “The three most important things to do when selling your home.” “The three most important things to do when selling your home to get the most money and sell it in the shortest amount of time.” These real estate marketing strategies allow you to use different ways to say the same stuff.

Then, the third step is you’ve got to test your marketing ideas. This is where what we call split A/B marketing tests come in. In my geographic farming I select a group. I’m going to mail half the farm with one offer and I’m going to mail half the farm with the other offer. Then I’m just going to measure how many sellers respond to this one versus this one. If I get a lot more responses with this one versus this one, then I know that this one is a better offer. More sellers are going to respond to it.

These are effective real estate marketing strategies that you can use in your lead generation. Through a series of testing and elimination, we can test lots of offers and come up with the best. I think we’ve done like 21 split A/B marketing tests identifying what offers work best. We’ve got all kinds of marketing offers that just didn’t pull at all and we’ve got some of those that pulled better than anything you’ve ever seen.

That’s how you find the best offer to identify motivated seller leads.


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