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[00:00:00] This is Beatty Carmichael and I wanted to just give you a quick introduction to this audio before you hear it so it starts to make sense. I try to reach out to our clients and just touch base with them make sure that they do the best practices to get results because best practices generate best results with our service. And so this is one of these what I call a client engagement call and the focus is how to do best practices in the personal touch as you do with your personal contacts. But I want to expand your thinking that it’s not just your personal contacts if any contact that you’re marketing to. What are the best practices to be able to reach out and touch them so that you can nurture the relationship. And that’s what this call is about. And I hope you enjoy it. All right. Well very good. So what I want to do on this college is I just want to cover best practices to make sure yeah. Because if you do best practices you’ll get best results. And if you don’t do best practices you won’t get results.


[00:01:02] It makes it right. Right now. Yes. So I’m familiar with the Popeye. What is it usually. I guess if you could. Elaborate a little bit I usually like popping by. Or is it kind of their home in the evening and just dropping off like a bottle of wine or what is the best practice for CROSSFIRE.


[00:01:27] The key with a pot buy is you’re looking them face to face in the eye really kind of depends on what type of prospect they are what type of relationship they are. That would determine if it’s a personal friend and they love wine might drop by an evening. Hey I was just at the grocery store I was thinking about you guys picked up some bottle of wine for you guys. Hope you enjoy it and they go Oh thank you that’s so great Ryan. But if it’s the teller at the bank that you built a relationship with but it’s not that personal relationship I’d pop by at the bank rather than home home is going to be OK.


[00:02:04] Got it.


[00:02:05] Yeah of course I may say. I was just down the street I thought about you and the donut shop was there so I picked up some doughnuts for you guys and you just bring some doughnuts in and say no now these are your Suzy and you tell all the cash registers their cashiers at the bank. These are Suzy. If you want it you gotta ask her Is it only for her and her friends. Did I make a big deal and she laughed and laughed. And now she really feels special. Okay. That’s the pot.


[00:02:39] By God it does help. Yes absolutely.


[00:02:44] Okay. Then let me also let me give you kind of a real short list of best practices. Yeah that’ll be great. Okay. And they’re all personal touches. Okay great. So number one make sure you have a list of all the people we’re targeting so that you can strategically talk to everyone Don’t just wing it. Make sure that Okay I need to be talking to Bill and Tom and Sue and I’m going to make a go this week that I’m going to talk with them so strategically you’re going through the entire list every time you do a personal communication you speak with them. You see them at a party. You do a pop by. Anytime you’re looking them eyeball to eyeball at the end of that day. Write a note on a thank you note or just a note card that you have. That’s branded to you as a real estate agent. Okay so it’s a personal note but it’s on professional stationery and the personal notice is going to be hey I really enjoyed seeing you. That was a beautiful dress. I hope you guys enjoy the doughnuts and I hope you get a pay raise for giving them out or you know just do something fun and you drop it in the mail.


[00:04:07] And now it’s another personal touch solidifying. You’re a really neat guy and they appreciate you but now it’s solidifying that you’re real estate agents coming from your real estate. No card and you might even know one guy has some sort of a little sticker that he always sticks in his communication that says something like You know I love referrals please send me Please refer me. Anything like that. That just kind of prompts him to refer what you’re doing is you’re letting your professionally printed information say I’m an agent and I like referrals but the actual note is all personal. So you’re not saying hey don’t doughnuts please refer me and you don’t want to do that that’s self-serving but you just want to keep that relationship nurtured so anytime there is an eyeball to eyeball. Or better yet. Anytime there’s a voice to voice that ball or phone. Always a quick handwritten note as a follow up. Drop it in the mail. And now you’ve gotten more than double whammy on that touch because they appreciate it.


[00:05:19] Right. And then you’re Popeye’s identify those people on your list that are strategic and strategic for the most part is likely going to be those people who are connectors.


[00:05:34] They deal with a lot of other people and can connect you with people like the cashier at the bank. Deals lots of people all day long and they’re always the same people especially if it’s a local branch then they are in tune. People come in and make deposits withdraw money. They’re talking with investing Oh hey Julie how are you doing again. We’re doing great. How’s life. Oh you know it’s getting busy we’re thinking about selling their home this summer. So trying to figure that stuff out. So now you’re a little cash register gal picks up the phone and says Ryan this is thinking about selling you need to call her and identify those who are the connectors on the connectors you want to then go out and stay do is do more pot buys. Really engage more and do what you can to really nurture that relationship because they’re worth their weight in gold. They can one connector can send you several deals a year. I know one of my clients one of their connectors. You know it’s like four or five or six or 10 deals a year. So make sure you nurture them. They’re really good really important outside of that then just the handwritten note is not. Hey enjoy visiting with you. But just as another touch sometime just say Hey I was thinking about you I loved our time out on the golf course a few months back. Let’s do it again just a little note. That is another personal touch that may not be tied directly to a foisted voice type of touch.


[00:07:12] Got it. Got it. And then I have a quick question that I was a little confused about to back up on the set eyeball to eyeball. We’re going to write a thank you note that’s branded to me as a realtor.


[00:07:27] Hi.


[00:07:28] My question is I am I am not going to put anything about I love referrals. These are for me.


[00:07:34] You’re saying that self-serving not in your handwritten note but you want something that is preprinted. It could be a sticker that you stick on it. It could be a business card that says I love referrals. It could be anything but just not handwritten in other words when they get a handwritten note do you want to go. He thought enough about me. He wrote me a note. You don’t want them to go Oh man look at this note he’s just asking for business. It’s okay to let your preprinted material ask for business just don’t let your personal handwritten note directly ask for business. That’s what I’m saying.


[00:08:17] I hear not not in that touch.


[00:08:20] Now obviously know some other day you may call him up and say hey you know anyone thinking about selling. I mean if you’re if you’re going to ask for business make it a business related call but don’t accept personal touch for your nurturing and relationship with business because then it comes across as insincere. So make sure you nurture the relationship the most and only periodically if you do it all as your business. Most of the time. Okay so now if we look at what we do with Agent dominator here here’s how people make decisions. Here’s how a homeowner chooses an agent. They know and like you they know why did choose you and you happen to be top of mind at the time that they’re thinking about choosing an agent. So those are the three legs to a stool if you take one of those legs off the stool doesn’t work. So all of this nurturing is your part. They know you and like you. And then once they know you and like you and they know that the relationship is sincere then that’s where then agent dominator picks up the other two legs of the stool. With our custom content we educate them why they should choose you. And we keep you top of mind so that they think of you all the time so when they’re thinking of choosing someone you happen to be there. So it’s all mixed in one big one big pool. Does that make sense right.


[00:09:46] Yes absolutely.


[00:09:49] It’s great. And the last thing I was talking about is strategic. Let me give you some ideas on being strategic. Make a list carry a list with a list that is printed on paper that you can check off. I spoke to them. I did a pop by Mark the date so keep keep your records accurate basically that way as you go through that list. You know your first goal. So if you look at our guarantee you got to personally touch your list twice a year. First time right within your first couple of months second time in the first couple of months of the second half of the year. So that means you have to know who you need to be contacting and when you when you touch them and what you did because we asked you. Email us the list of people you spoke to or contacted the date that you contacted and what type of contact it was. So we can verify that you did it. So to be strategic you have your list. Maybe it’s only 15 or 20 that you can carry on at a time and you’ve updated your entire list and whenever you have a free moment you’re at a stoplight you’re in a traffic jam. Pull up your list and say Who have I not personally touched that I need to be personally touching and that way you can strategically touch everyone. Make sure you highlight those people who are your connectors and your high value prospects and make sure you’re touching them even more frequently. And that’s strategically how you get it all done.


[00:11:23] Yeah what I have is a Google document that I have my I have on my computer and on my phone at all times. I don’t.


[00:11:34] That way. I have a piece of paper. It’s the chances of it.


[00:11:41] I love that Google sheepdog. That’s perfect because it’s always updated. And then you can simply copy and paste that to an Excel spreadsheet and email that to us. Okay here’s what I’ve done and here’s my validation on it exactly. I’ve always got it in front of you and you can sort it sort by date last contacted and anyone that hasn’t come up. Those are the people you need to be contacting. I’d love Google Docs content.


[00:12:09] Yeah yeah yeah. That’s just the way I was like How am I gonna do this. And you will see I was like Well I’m always on my phone with me so I’ll always be able to you know if I get a hold of somebody I just put in the Google she made a call this day or if I send a note I have another column for notes date notes sent and I just when I send a note I put the date in there. So. That way yeah that way. It’s all. Documented.


[00:12:43] I think that’s brilliant I think that’s a super way to do it. Now do you have any questions for me on anything.


[00:12:49] My only question for you is I’ve been working on also I know another aspect of the deal is also the app which I think is great.


[00:13:01] The most important use of the app is going to be with your active clients because you’re active clients become past clients and your recent past clients are the ones most likely to refer business to you. Okay so let me rephrase that. Of all people are most likely other than your Connectors you’re right. So make sure you do that personal visit get to your connectors on the app and then that way they can just be that little cashier at the bank. Oh well you need to call Ryan and be let me tell you this information because he is a great guy and if you’re looking for an agent they call him. So now she is texting everything right then. So you use it with your connectors. That’s great. But that’s how you do it.