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Beatty: [00:00:02.84] Well, hey, there, everyone, this is Beatty Carmichael again with Get Sellers Calling You, and if you’re listening to this podcast audio, this is actually a video interview I’m doing with Chuck and Angela Fazio. Just an amazing couple, and you’re going to love this. So I like to just kind of throw out real quickly. They were broke about to leave the real estate market, and it’s never as dark as you think it is. Something clicked in their life. Their business started to grow. And now just a number of years later. But now they oversee 40,000 home sales a year and over $9 billion in transactions. And they’ve got just an amazing story, so I’m excited to do this call with Angela and Chuck and guys, how are you going? How are you guys doing?

Chuck: [00:00:55.22] Awesome. It’s a blessing to be here.

Angela: [00:00:56.81] Yes. Thank you for having us. Yes.

Beatty: [00:00:58.67] Well, as you see, if you’re on on video that Chuck is a beast, it looks like he’s got a beast life short. So we’ll probably talk about that a little bit later. But as far as real estate, he is a beast, is what I understand. So. And Andrew, let me just have you guys share a little bit about who you guys are, where you’re from, and and then we’ll kind of move on into short story and real estate. I know kind of where we want to end up, but we’ll we’ll start that story in just a few minutes. But let’s talk a little bit, just some highlights with your what’s happened and your real estate career and how you got started that type of stuff.

Chuck: [00:01:37.04] So you want me to go back to to pre real estate or

Beatty: [00:01:42.20] Just whatever whatever works with you?

Chuck: [00:01:44.81] Well, I grew up, I’m from New York originally. I always say I grew up on the streets, and maybe that might come out a little in the in the interview, but moved out to Arizona the end of ’98. And that’s why I got to meet my beautiful wife. You could say where you’re from and what you do.

Angela: [00:02:08.27] I’m not from the streets. I moved. I’ve been in Arizona a long time, but I’ve lived all over the United States. I was a schoolteacher before I got into real estate and my very first day in real estate, I actually met Chuck.

Beatty: [00:02:21.23] Wonderful. Well, I’m I’m really curious. Tell me about your life on the streets.

Chuck: [00:02:27.23] What’s so? Yeah. You know, I got caught up real early on, 16, 17 years old. You know, working in in bars and then quickly, you know, got hooked up with a bad, you know, character. So to make it simple is I ran strip clubs for the mafia. I was a bodyguard. I was a drug addict, the drug dealer. I was a degenerate in every sense of the word should have been dead ten times over. Just my life was was hell, and I thought I was chasing everything that the world had to offer. Power, fame, control women, women and you realize that there’s nothing in this world that satisfies. And what created a hole in your heart that could only be filled by Jesus? So, yeah, and I know we’ll wind up getting into how the Lord found me. But yeah, real radical past people say, Are you embarrassed of your past or what you’ve done? And you know, I’m not proud of it. But if if I look negatively on it, then I would say that God was never in control. God had a plan and his plan’s perfect.

Beatty: [00:03:46.25] You know, I think that’s so true. And I think, you know, there are a lot of people listening to this. They’ve gone through challenges. They’re going through challenges and to be able to look at those challenges and say, God has a plan. God brings you through. And and I just love to encourage and I think this will be a really encouraging call as we learn more about you guys story and just how you can go from the pit of where you were to the epitome of where you are and what’s the path to get there? Because, wow, what an amazing story. So I can’t wait to hear it some more. Tell me about you, Angela. So you traveled around. You obviously don’t look like a thug on the streets.

Angela: [00:04:28.94] So I’m really tough for you. I didn’t grow up knowing Jesus, either. In fact, when Chuck and I, when Chuck and I met, neither of us knew who the Lord was. So I was a school teacher, got into real estate because I didn’t want to be a broke single mother. And that’s where our story began. And now that was back in two thousand one, the beginning of two thousand one when we first met. And all of these years later, literally, he’s my best friend. He’s been my. He’s been my business partner the whole time. We’ve never spent a day apart, literally. Together, running everything together, which has been a joy and a privilege and polar opposite of the independent, strong headed woman that that I grew up to be to be in this wonderful relationship with my husband.

Chuck: [00:05:14.52] You’re still a strong headed boy.

Angela: [00:05:15.96] Yes, I am.

Beatty: [00:05:17.85] You’re just stronger and stronger headed through. Probably, right?

Chuck: [00:05:21.34] Yeah, she is. She is a female me. It’s the truth. Yeah, but the local girl?

Angela: [00:05:28.50] Yeah. Well, we met when we met in two thousand one in real estate, we were broke as broken. Be complete failures in real estate. And like he had said before, we almost either moved in with his parents. You know, I was twenty nine years old. He was a lot older and we we were just complete failures and real estate we had. We just did. We were trying to reinvent the wheel. We didn’t have a lot of guidance. It was tough. Not much support. Not much support yet. And I think unfortunately, that’s the experience of a majority of agents who are in this business as they’re trying to figure this out on their own and with not a lot of support, but that almost ended our career pretty quickly. But God had other plans.

Beatty: [00:06:09.96] So, so what? What triggered the change? I mean, you obviously almost went out to then something started to happen.

Chuck: [00:06:18.47] Well, I guess what triggered triggered the change is God has wired us a certain way. So, you know, we didn’t know about the risk assessment back then, but we understand it now and on the personality profile of the desk where we’re both like, if you looked at her desk at my desk, you would think it’s the same desk. It was identical people and we’re both drivers. So we’re wired, we’re wired to deal, we’re doers. And so we were also seeking God at the time. That was a spiritual thing. And and I believe like the plan and the will of God was it was going to make a great testimony about how when the Lord shows up, miraculous things could happen. And so we were at the first company we were at and we were broke, but we were wired to work and and I think it was just more of a leap of faith and trusting in God to because I think first and foremost, it was a journey on the spiritual part. And we prayed and we’re like, God, what do you want us to do? And I don’t think we were believers yet, but God was tugging on our heart. And you know, we were both brought up Catholic background. So you have the idea of God, but really not the relationship of God. And we were we were broke like, Angela said. And we’re basically like, God, tell us, do we need to go a certain path or what do you need to do? And there was a couple of signs. Let’s just say that God says you’re going to move brokerages and trust me. And we were looking at brokerages and the brokerage that we felt were God had us was a brokerage that did no trading. Yeah. Like it was a flat fee brokerage that mostly you wouldn’t go there for the training and the experience, but to go there to get the lower fees. And I’m like, You sure we want to do this? We don’t know what we’re doing, and we made the move

Angela: [00:08:22.68] And then I know I can put my finger on it now because hindsight’s always 20 20. The difference between being broke and because that next year, like when I say broke, like broke terrible. And the next year we sold 12 million in real estate. Wow. And if you went from broke to 12 million first year, 17 and a half million the next year, twenty two million the next year and 40 the next year. And the key the linchpin was we realized what massive acts massive action looks like and prospecting.

Chuck: [00:08:53.61] Yeah, and working. I think one of the main things is you get caught up with when you’re what I look at now because we speak all over now is who you surround yourself with matters and when you’re when you’re around the company of people that are just gossiping around the office and complaining and bringing you down, you start to realize, Wow, we’re not working, we’re not doing the things that we should be doing. And I think it was part getting out of the environment we were in and and trusting into what God has put instilled in our life as workers get away from these, the people bringing you down. And and it was just really it was nonstop working. And the ironic thing was when we were leaving that first company, remember what broke? We were not selling any real estate. There was two girls also on that same team at that company, and they said, Hey, we want to go with you and be part of your team. And I’m like, What? That really was it?

Beatty: [00:09:57.30] And I was curious, why would they want to be on your team? That’s.

Chuck: [00:10:03.24] We Beatty we ask them, and this is what they said. They said we just want to be around you guys because of your energy. And it was the first experience because, like I said, I’m a street kid, I don’t know business, I don’t understand all this stuff about energy and power of proximity, and you know, we learn that way later on. But it was we were still upbeat and we were positive. And so we started a team at the same time. And as we grew, our team grew not only an aging count, but in production. So, so our team was was doing about almost 90 million a year, just the team, not counting. That’s not counting all production.

Beatty: [00:10:51.78] Wow. So now let me let me back up and ask for my benefit. When you made the move and you went from zero to 12 million in production that year. That was your personal production, right? Yeah. Ok, that was not the team,

Chuck: [00:11:06.75] Certainly not the team.

Beatty: [00:11:09.81] You mentioned you did not know the Lord at one at one point and then you met Jesus. Was that in the same timeline or was that later? Yeah.

Angela: [00:11:18.30] Same timeline.

Chuck: [00:11:19.02] Same timeline.

Beatty: [00:11:19.98] Ok, so what?

Chuck: [00:11:20.85] We had left the first brokerage we let’s buy by purpose of of definition. We were not saved. Ok. But but we were still seeking God. And I never forget our very first marketing team marketing piece. It was me hiring these two other girls, and none of us are really doing business. But the motto was, and I actually marketed this. The motto was We walk by faith, not by sight. Yeah, they’re going to trust that this is going to work.

Beatty: [00:11:54.09] Yeah, I love it. I love it.

Angela: [00:11:57.18] So I once got a hold of us. You would appreciate this because we’re we’re radical. We’re extremists, right? And so when we as soon as Jesus entered our hearts, we were like, Oh my gosh, this is amazing. And so we painted Jesus on our cars. It’s going to be nuts. You can’t mix Jesus with business and we are like, Yes, you mix Jesus with everything.

Chuck: [00:12:18.89] No, we said, You’re right, you can’t make no, you can’t mix religion.

Angela: [00:12:22.69] That’s what they said. Their religion.

Chuck: [00:12:24.15] And they said, You’re right, you can’t. They go. But this is not religion. It’s a

Angela: [00:12:27.66] Relationship. Yeah, yeah.

Beatty: [00:12:29.91] Well, keep going and tell you all just flow with or whatever, whatever comes to mind. Because this is fun and and instructive at the same time.

Chuck: [00:12:37.68] So we quickly started to realize, you know, being radical for the Lord and living for Jesus, and he’s blessing us and we never forget we finally one day we will like get out of debt and we were making money and I looked at her and I go, Are we really making it in this business? And so so I want to backtrack when we went to that brokerage, when we were so broke. Well, we were broke. We were dating at the time, so we were not married. And I never forget. We walked into the office and the company had six offices and they were the largest independent brokerage in Arizona. They had about 3000 agents. And so when we went in the office, there was a plaque on the wall. Behind the front desk where the manager was because we were interview and talk, what about your company? And then I said, Hey, what’s that plaque? And she goes, Well, every year we put the top producing out of three thousand agents is on that plaque. And I said to her, I go, I’m going to be on that plaque. And meanwhile, she’s dating me. She should have ran. She goes, My day, we’re broke.

Angela: [00:13:46.47] How you see on that plaque?

Chuck: [00:13:48.83] Well, needless to say, within within three years, we were on that.

Angela: [00:13:53.87] I think the second year we were on that black,

Chuck: [00:13:56.03] It was the 40 billion oh, so in three years we were the top agents of that company. Yeah. And on that plaque, and it’s kind of funny because I don’t I don’t get dressed up. I don’t own suits and I don’t wear ties. And I still had my thug background. I used to wear cut up shirts, and the agents would all complain to the manager, who is that guy that was kind of shocked that because he’s only the top producer of the company.

Angela: [00:14:27.92] That was cool story. So when we were the last year, we were independent, you know, not owning a brokerage. The year we sold 40 million, our team sold about 90 million. We thought the next logical step to help more people was to open up a brokerage.

Beatty: [00:14:42.62] Before we go there, I got to come back. You go from zero three years later, your personal production is 40 million. Yeah, and your team is an additional 90 million. Yeah. What did you do so?

Chuck: [00:15:00.08] So for three years straight, we work seven days a week. We we worked from 8:00 in the morning to like 10:00 11:00 at night, and the bulk of our business was open houses and door knocking. So, so now, mind you, here’s the thing most of those first few years we were dating. So I love being around her. They were like, Yeah, we were like, it was like, I didn’t look at it as work. I looked at his hanging around right with this girl that I was attracted to that I loved. And we did it all together, so we would doorknock for like five six hours and the day before we do the open house in that day. But then we hit the open house from eight o’clock in the morning till seven o’clock at night. We looked for vacant home so we could just sit and we just sat there all day long and picked up client after client.

Angela: [00:15:58.46] And just to give you like the flavor of how extremely prospected when, he says doorknocking there was a year and a half straight that we personally delivered six hundred thousand fliers a week all week.

Chuck: [00:16:11.57] It was like 5000 a week.

Angela: [00:16:13.13] No, because we had the we had the pagers at the time, you know, pagers?

Beatty: [00:16:17.30] Oh yeah, I remember those days.

Angela: [00:16:19.55] And then we had the little eight hundred numbers and dial this code. If you’re interested in this or whatever and our pagers go off and pick up our big phones

Chuck: [00:16:27.68] And we’d show houses together. So it was almost like we forget there was people in the backseat that were our clients. We just enjoyed each other’s company. I mean, you know, we quickly realized that this is my best friend, the love of my life. You know, I go from being a womanizing degenerate that made fun of married guys if they weren’t faithful, if they were faithful to. We’re never apart. Zero like people joke around and don’t even believe she has a driver’s license because she sits next to me all the time, you know,

Angela: [00:17:02.69] And people used to say, Check and Angela, if you divide and conquer, you’re going to get so much more done. And we never did that. Just we enjoyed every minute of it, of the hard work. Yeah.

Chuck: [00:17:12.26] Mm hmm.

Beatty: [00:17:13.37] It sounds like the hard work was. It sounds like dating. It was almost like, Hey, let’s go on a date. What do you want to do? Let’s go door knock five hundred homes. Yeah. Yeah, that sounds like a great date.

Chuck: [00:17:24.80] That’s exactly exactly what it was. We had DVD players because it was before guys, laptops and stuff and and we’d watch movies in the open house. So it was like, like drive the movie theater. I don’t know. I love it. I love it. And so the way we and is the funny thing, the way we ran our team because we’re not, we’re not. Nobody ever taught us this. We’re not really business people or business minded at the time. So we’re going people go, What do I do today? Like, I don’t know, just do what we do. And so really, what made our team successful is we trained them to work. You know, what would open house did you doing?

Beatty: [00:18:03.38] That is so that’s so interesting because I think everyone’s looking for the magic bullet. And I know and I remember one of my friends years back made the comments that timid salespeople have skinny kids. And it’s just like, you know, the secret is just go do it, go do something, and y’all just did. A lot of it on. And the other thing that’s hitting me right now is these numbers 12 million, 17 million, 40 million. That was 20 years ago when those are, you know. Yeah, I mean, almost double what it is today. That’s just tremendous.

Chuck: [00:18:40.42] People use people used to say, how many luxury homes did you sell? How much commercial did you sell? No, most of them were, what, one hundred and fifty thousand homes?

Angela: [00:18:49.06] I think that was 40 million. I think if I did the math, it was it was over three hundred homes and we weren’t we weren’t even keeping track.

Chuck: [00:18:56.50] I never forget when we sold a three hundred thousand house, I thought I was rich.

Angela: [00:19:02.16] And so we’re like, Oh my God.

Beatty: [00:19:04.60] Wow. I love it. So this is really hard. This is real work that you guys did. Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah. You know, I guess I guess there’s just no real mystery. How do you how do you grow right?

Chuck: [00:19:17.56] You know, it’s actually funny. I always think of the analogy of weight training. You know, back in the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Colombo, there were basic benches with weights on them, and you could do this same thing today and get the same result. But now you have all these high tech gadgets that say, we’re going to make working out easier. It’s funny. It’s the same. It’s the same logic. No, there’s no easier path. It’s it’s hard work. Do the work put in the work? You’ll get the results. And so I always think of that analogy when when I think of that analogy,

Beatty: [00:19:59.14] That is a great analogy. I heard that I a

Angela: [00:20:02.26] Very good job. Yeah.

Beatty: [00:20:05.35] Well, it looks like you work out a lot for those who are just on the audio. Chuck is the type of guy you do not want to meet up with in the dark. Chuck is the guy you want to go in a dark alley with, but you don’t want to meet someone that looks like him in a dark alley.

Chuck: [00:20:19.18] No, you want to meet me. I’m a nice guy.

Beatty: [00:20:21.67] That’s right. That’s why I said something that looks like you. You definitely want to meet you, but not someone that looks like you. That’s not you.

Chuck: [00:20:31.21] Yeah, so. So we love this industry and we thought, like Angela said, the next logical step was owning a brokerage. And so we opened up our brokerage in two thousand five in a temporary location in an area that was still being built out. And we said, what’s going to make us successful is just to be there for agents because we start to realize that the industry is full of people that will tell you a bunch of crap and don’t deliver on it. You know, and I think one of the things that we realized when we were at the first company that was supposedly the best training and mentoring company out there, it’s a large company when one of the people doing the training was our team leader and he was training for the company. And it never forget because we were friends with him. And he said to me, he goes, Oh man, I got to go teach that stupid class again. I don’t want to teach that class. Like then it hit me. I go, You got no passion for helping people. You’re checking off the box because maybe what this company is giving you for doing that and we start to realize that’s that’s the industry.

Angela: [00:21:47.84] And we were always wired to be filled up when we could find people who needed help had goals and that if we could come alongside them, help them achieve it. That is just how God wired us. So that’s what we applied to our yeah.

Chuck: [00:22:01.45] So our first year in opening the brokerage at a temporary location. So it was like an executive suite. Me and her and we did it all. We recruited 90 agents and just the first year into a temporary spot, and here’s what we recruited them into. I’ll tell you right now, here’s the secret our vision and we believed in our vision. One hundred percent. I always say you don’t try to get people to believe what you’re saying. You want to get people to believe, you believe in what you’re saying. And we believed in what we were doing. I believed I, we would offer them more. We were selling them a company that when their clients came in, the front desk person greeted them, got them coffee. Like just this super intentional of of relationships because God created us to be around each other.

Angela: [00:22:59.08] And my husband is has a gift of vision. So he he envisioned something the Lord gives him and it comes to fruition. You know, all of these years later, it’s happened over and over and over in our in our walk together. And that’s been extraordinary to watch because it’s always with that vision. It comes from the vision and then we play it out and then we get to see it played out and. People are blessed.

Chuck: [00:23:23.86] Yeah, we just go. Lord, let us walk in your will because if if you’re walking in God’s will, there’s nothing, nothing that could happen, will will deter you. Now I’m not saying walking in as well means you’re going to get prosperity and everything good. You just know if it’s God’s will. It’s perfect. In his plan?

Angela: [00:23:45.10] Oh, believe me, we did a lot of things that didn’t turn out so great.

Beatty: [00:23:48.85] I know I can. Wonderful. Yes, I can imagine any business owner is that way.

Chuck: [00:23:54.19] Yeah, yeah.

Angela: [00:23:55.90] So we grew our brokerage for 15 years and we ended up always in one location. We ended up with nine hundred and six agents and we were closing over six thousand homes a year. And you know, for all intents and purposes, we really felt like we had made it.

Chuck: [00:24:11.39] And well, I think I think let’s just backtrack a little bit because as we started to walk with the Lord more and more and we’re not these baby Christians, you know, we started to understand purpose, OK? And we started to understand business in and because I’m working with my best friend and my partner and we’re both equally yoked. We we I believe I tell everybody, one of the number one reasons why we are radically successful is because our home life is perfect. And I know people, they go, there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage. No, no. We have a perfect marriage. We have that marriage where when God says three strands can be broken and marriage where we we are two people working as one unit and it’s we there’s nothing that could stop us. So so working under this with more of a purpose on going, OK, this is our ministry and we’re watching people come to the Lord. And, you know, when people walk into our building, the they used words like, it feels different than here. Every time someone walks it, they don’t go, Oh wow, look at look how nice this looks. Every one of them uses the vocabulary. Word feels it’s a feeling its spirit filled in the building that we were in. God gave me the vision about six years ago to build one of the most incredible real estate physical spaces ever in in real estate, and I thought he was nuts because we no one have the funds. Number two is that that was like kind of out of our league. But four years ago, it came to fruition, and our physical space where revelation was was is twenty one thousand square feet. It’s got a full event center, bar, café, patio, game room, esthetician, pod like it’s when people walk in, they’re just blown away. And that was revelations office

Angela: [00:26:28.54] That was the name of our brokerage revocation.

Beatty: [00:26:30.04] Real revelation brokerage. Ok?

Chuck: [00:26:32.35] Yeah. And we were watching people get saved all the time. Like to to have your agents whenever we we spoke in front of them or do events or have office meetings, and we had hundreds, hundreds of agents. We’d always pray at the end in the name of Jesus, always. And there were some agents that were offended. Some agents left. But I can’t tell you how many agents because they knew our heart would come to us when they needed prayer and no God or come to us when they were down and out and say, Tell me about this Jesus that, you know? So when you come a place of servant, truly serve it. Not what you hear out there in the world sometime. And they truly see your heart and you don’t force your faith on them. They feel the love of Christ. You can’t help but not feel the love of Christ like when and we would do all the cooking like we would at every step.

Angela: [00:27:33.64] He’s so nice. I don’t cook at all, so he would do all the cooking.

Chuck: [00:27:38.14] She would cheer me on.

Angela: [00:27:40.22] I love it.

Chuck: [00:27:41.20] That’s all. But, but so we would cook for two or three hundred agents. Yeah, I would cook full Italian meals and then we’d serve it because we knew that’s how you share the love of Christ without saying it. And I had Muslims at my company that I would purposely go to the Muslims and say, I’m making you something special knowing that you you might not be able to eat the pork or the meat I have and I make them their own food. So you see how and so and they knew I was praying that Jesus name and they were they loved us and our heart because we didn’t force our faith on them. And when you share the love of Christ, that spirit moves, and I’ve watched people gush just recently, just recently, a girl was five years on step because we pray all of our staff literally having a husband just accepted Christ that got baptized. Yep. Wow. And her husband was agnostic.

Angela: [00:28:42.14] Yeah, it’s such a pleasure to see that because we we don’t. We mix, you know, our faith with everything because, oh,

Chuck: [00:28:49.94] Even even our our pre licensed instructor, you don’t know a real estate school. He’s been with me for nine years, 11 years, Jewish man, and I’ve always shared Christ with them. I spoke at the church. I think it was a couple of years ago at night, and he had come to watch me speak. He’s never been in a church. And he said something moved him. He came back to church service the next Sunday. After that church service, we were walking out. He had his arm around me and he goes, Chuck, how does everybody not know Jesus? And I go, Tell him, Tell your

Angela: [00:29:28.37] People all your people, tell

Beatty: [00:29:29.96] Your people, I love it. I love it.

Angela: [00:29:32.87] So we work heartily under the Lord. Like, we’re wired to work hard. But we we love it because we know there’s a purpose like going back to your your idea of purpose. And so the most exciting thing that God has done in our recent history and he’s always doing exciting things is literally two years ago. And I’ll let you tell the story. We shut down our church well.

Chuck: [00:29:55.79] Three and a half years ago, I was approached by about XP and by gender. Michael Reese and one of my agents, Curtis Johnson, and I had no intention because I’m like, I own one of the most successful brokerages out there. Why would I want to go to this no name cloud based brokerage? They had no traction at the time, and they said, Chuck, you really need to. You really need to see this model. So now remember when you have a purpose of life and you funnel everything under the purpose, things become clear. Now, prior to that is I, they had me interviewed on the 700 club, and that’s a worldwide show. They shared my testimony. And after that aired, I had real estate agents from all over the world reaching out to me. Hmm. Go and do you mentor in real estate? Are you guys ever going to open a revelation office near us? My God. How do we? How do we get around you? And I’m like, You know, I mean, I don’t.

Angela: [00:30:58.05] We’re in Chandler, Arizona.

Chuck: [00:31:01.53] Yeah. So so when this was brought up and that was said, I sat and I said to Angela that night, I go, That’s crazy. Is this an answer to gods, to my prayer about how how god could you use me bigger than just Arizona? And is this the platform? And I’m like, Yeah, probably not. I go, I’m not closing down the brokerage. And then they said, Well, what if we can get Glen Samford, the owner of XRP, on the phone with you and just have a conversation with him about his vision? And we did, and Glenn knew who we were. And, you know, he said it would be good for us to have someone like you at our company. You know what, if Angela stays keeping the brokerage revelation and you come over and build and help us build that XRP? And I said, you know, I go, Let me think about that, you know, it never crossed my mind. So we asked the staff and we prayed over it and I said, You know what? It might be risky because when an owner of a brokerage moves to another brokerage, you’re going to get backlash from your agents because the recruiters will pounce on them.

Chuck: [00:32:07.52] And I said, God, I think this is this is might be the next step you have for our ministry. So we did it and we got backlash. And I think the hardest one for me to swallow was when the rumor started that me and Angela were getting a divorce. That’s why I left. And that really bothered me because I don’t like what anything interferes with this. But but God had a plan. But you know what? Maybe I wasn’t passionate about it. I had to be passionate about what I sell, and I love my company. So for the first year, I really did nothing but, but all of a sudden I started watching this movement, and we know the industry really well. Like we know all the moving parts because we see it at a level most, most people never see it at the industry and I’m watching them self pain points in the industry, and me and Angela just kept having these conversations. And then finally, about two and a half years ago, we said, Do we close down revelation?

Angela: [00:33:03.26] We’re like, Lord, is this is what you’re asking us to do

Beatty: [00:33:05.57] Because y’all are making a lot of money with. I mean, I would think that to have your own brokerage and then go elsewhere, that’s a huge potential drop.

Chuck: [00:33:15.74] And especially the fact Beatty that they weren’t paying us, they weren’t. We weren’t selling the company, we’re literally closing it. I’m hoping people follow to rebuild on this platform. So for six months, we were in prayer.

Angela: [00:33:31.39] We didn’t sleep.

Chuck: [00:33:32.38] Oh my gosh. It was

Angela: [00:33:33.55] Hard. We’re like, Lord, you gave us this office. You told us to do this. Are you really asking us to shut it down?

Chuck: [00:33:39.94] Yeah. And and you know, I would wake up in the middle of the night with panic attacks because all I’m thinking is we’re living a lifestyle. We’re blessed and we get to bless others and we do and we’re serving God and we got a beautiful building. And you know, just to put in perspective, our monthly overhead on the spaces is probably about one hundred and fifty thousand a month. Wow. And so, so to walk away from that kind of income to go, how do we recoup that income

Angela: [00:34:11.59] And cover that overhead? Yeah.

Chuck: [00:34:13.42] And and God kept saying. Yeah, you’re doing this. And up until the last minute and the numbers didn’t jive. Don’t get me wrong. Like when you looked at the numbers, they don’t work at all, even though some of the top guys were showing me. I’m like, Don’t don’t pinch me. I know the industry real

Angela: [00:34:33.48] Well, and we were pretty much a hard know. We really were.

Chuck: [00:34:36.05] At the last minute of February, two years ago, we, we got confirmed, got confirmed. Now we go, how do you tell nine hundred and six agents, you’re closing down the brokerage? I hope you come with us to a brokerage that still had no name like they didn’t have a good reputation. And so without getting into all the details, there’s no way you could do it. The we made the announcement. The recruiters pounced all over our agents. Gossip lied and we we lost six hundred agents out of about 900. Yeah, and most people in the industry laughed at us. They thought it was the biggest catastrophic fail. They they thought, Did we absolutely lose our minds?

Angela: [00:35:22.27] Yeah. Like, Are these people crazy?

Beatty: [00:35:24.78] I want to break for just a moment. I want to pull out something for our listeners and just to confirm as well. You know, sometimes the Lord calls you to do something that makes no sense. Think about Abraham Abraham. I want you to sacrifice Isaac. It makes no sense. Everything is about to be at risk. And what gave you guys the confidence? Because I know there’s people listening right now that the Lord has called them to do something and they’ve been resisting because it’s too risky. What if it fails or like you? You put it on the sheet of paper, and it just never makes economic sense. What’s going to happen to their business if they step out and do what the Lord is calling them? What gave you the confidence that this was actually what the Lord is calling you to do when you know, right up front? Everything you’ve worked for is going to be wiped out and it’s going to be unrecoverable.

Angela: [00:36:23.67] He might have a little bit of a different answer, I don’t know, but I’m going to tell you that a lot of times we had this conversation and we said, Hey, babe, when the Lord asked you to do something, there’s no guarantee. It’s not like a guarantee of success. It’s obedience. And so we looked at each other and I said, Hey, you know what? You’re you’re you’re all, you’re my best friend. We’ve got Jesus, you’re my best friend. If you and I end up in a paper bag, if that’s what we’re supposed to be doing, then we end up in a paper bag.

Chuck: [00:36:46.92] Well, I think that’s a little Pollyanna because I don’t want to end up at a paper bag.

Angela: [00:36:51.90] No, but we we determined that. But if that’s what Lord has.

Chuck: [00:36:55.86] Well, yeah, and kind of just elaborate, just a little on that. And and we go around speaking about this all the time is here’s what I put stuff under. No one is am I in my purpose? What is what is my? Why life and my why in life is number one is to glorify God and everything I do to reach as many people because I’m going to share a vision I had prior to us making the decision. The second thing I always say is we serve a great God that we die one day. You know, people look at death as such a negative thing. And I go, We serve a God that does not keep us here. We go home one day, we go to paradise. Whatever, what, whatever you’re dealing with here on this earth is temporary, period. We all go. So I go, I hate living a casual life. I think people who live a casual life, a life and safety, a life thinking there’s comfort. I feel bad for them because that’s more hell than anything else. And if you’re not taking in challenges addressed now, no granted what we did. I don’t know how many people could do that, but but you should be taking chances at risk. There is not a day. I don’t get up and I thank God that I’m breathing, not thinking because I’m still here. I love being here to do his work, but it’s a gift. And I think too many people, especially Christians, do not understand the gift of life. So my question is, is what are you doing with that gift? And if you’re not taking risks and chances to grow and get out of your comfort zone, I feel bad for those people. So, so when I think of things like that, that’s what I put it under.

Chuck: [00:38:51.75] You got people on this call today. Go, and should I do this? Should I go? What’s the worst that could happen? You lose your money. Look, if you know you, if you if you believe in yourself and then and the gifts God has for you, I’ll make it. I’m going to make money doing something. I might not be making that kind of money, but I don’t need to be making that kind of money. So, so that’s when we wouldn’t be in a paper bag. Believe me, I know my skills that I’ll go sell real estate and be a top producer again. Do I want to do that? No, I don’t. So but here’s here’s the vision God gave me a vision, and when God gives me visions, they’re very clear. God’s showed me literally me and her on a stage in front of thousands of agents speaking in Jesus name all over the world. He gave me that vision. So here’s what happened. We made the move, and all of a sudden, I think, called the pandemic a few weeks later. Wow, it was coming. That was actually the best thing that could have happened to us, because no one is it distracted everybody that we made this huge move. Number two, the platform of the app is conducive for not working in an office or being out and about which would have been catastrophic for our company because we didn’t have that capability. So do you see all sovereign and good God was to us? So we actually built and we built enormously when the pandemic lifted. So let’s say, lifted a little bit there. So in what was it, March, April, May? Which month when we didn’t come out, March?

Angela: [00:40:38.25] I think it was May, I don’t know, March

Chuck: [00:40:40.08] Much of May we got invited. Yeah, this year was this year we got invited to speak in Cabo at any XP event. No, I didn’t know what kind of a speaking thing was and we don’t. All we ever spoke to is in front of our own agents. Yes. So, so we got to speak on stage and there was five agents there, and we only did we only know to speak one way because we owned our own company. And that’s a Jesus’s name. And that’s quoting scripture, and that’s talking about the Lord and giving him the glory sharing our test. Do you know what the end of our spear there was like? Fifteen speakers there that that that weekend, at the end of when we spoke, we got a standing ovation. We couldn’t walk five feet without someone stopping us bawling, telling us how God just work through you. I started recording to get testimonies. I had one gentleman literally say to me, he goes, When you started to speak, he goes. The room shifted and the spirit came up the whole room. He said, I was watching

Angela: [00:41:50.07] This real estate convention

Chuck: [00:41:51.26] While I was bawling, crying uncontrollably. I had to leave the room. And so, so we spoke then. Then a month later, we were in Scottsdale. Thousands of agents. Same thing. People coming up to us ball and crying. Then we got it to speak with Tony Robbins and Dallas seven thousand agents. We were watching people give their life to the law at a real estate convention. Let’s be real awesome. The people I got Beatty, I’ve got probably about 50 testimonials when we speak. That was the vision God gave. Yeah, it was crystal clear.

Angela: [00:42:35.60] I know in this case, Beatty. It was enormous success because it took us 15 years to get to nine hundred and six agents at our independent brokerage. And it’s taken us less than four years to get to sixty two hundred

Chuck: [00:42:47.33] In seven countries,

Angela: [00:42:48.83] Helping people all over the United States live out their dreams, their dreams and make their goals happen.

Chuck: [00:42:55.28] Have we got to partner with them?

Angela: [00:42:56.60] It’s awesome.

Beatty: [00:42:58.22] Hey, I want to break out of your story for a moment, and I want to you just to the people listening right now are going to be probably one of two main categories. I like this, but what’s this Jesus thing? I keep hearing about it, but I don’t think I know him like you know him. And the other category is, I know this Jesus person, but help me help me go further. If you’re if those are the people you’re talking to. Just run with it to help share what’s on your heart on that.

Chuck: [00:43:32.95] Well, let’s start with the people who go, I don’t really know, I’ve heard of this Jesus, but I don’t really know this Jesus. You know, here’s what I say. If you dabble in anything in life, anything you’ll never either know or get good at. So if somebody called you up once every two years and you answered the phone, you’re not going to recognize that voice when you call. Well, it’s the same thing with with God, it’s same thing with Jesus. If you don’t constantly seek and get into his word and understand who this Jesus is, you don’t know. You won’t hear his voice. Jesus is clear. Jesus, because my sheep hear my voice. He taught them parables for a reason. So unless you seek so, so I share a quick story with this my friend who’s agnostic. They both just got baptized. So we were friends with them for years and we were more friends with her. This is her husband. So whenever we go to dinner, I get to chat with our husband, great guy. Then we never knew where they stood with God, and one day I just got pointed and we talk about Jesus, and they never objected. And I said, Do I go, Do you know Jesus? You have a relationship with Jesus? And he goes, No, I’m agnostic.

Chuck: [00:44:45.04] And I go, Why are you agnostic? And he goes, he goes, Well, I don’t understand how you guys can understand and believe in a book that was written thousands of years ago by so many different people and think it’s the word of God. So I looked at him. I go, Have you ever read that book that you think that way about? And he goes, No, I go, How could you judge a book you never read? And you know what, that was the turning point to make him start reading it. Wow. So for those people who don’t know Jesus, I’m going to ask you something. Process this for a minute. There is nothing you can do in your life, material wise, person wise, that will fill you up one hundred percent that will make you content. You can go to the richest man in the world, and sometimes they’re the most miserable. But but nobody is 100 percent happy. Like I said to you earlier, because the Bible is clear. Bible says you’re created with that hole that that void that could only be filled by Jesus. And once you find that and you can’t live passionately for them, you’ve got to question your walk.

Angela: [00:45:51.42] Well, you spent thirty six years chasing after something to fill you up.

Chuck: [00:45:55.08] Yeah, until till God radically had a. Literally just throw the spirit at me. Mm hmm. And for the people who do know Jesus. I’m amazed when people hears what people say to us a lot. They do say this to a lot. You guys are bold for the Lord. Don’t look, I don’t put down people who are not bold. I don’t. It’s God wired me a different way. I know I’m bolder in everything I did. But my question is my question is if you’ve got the answer to the world’s problems and you don’t share it. What kind of person are you? Or do you really believe you have the answer for the world’s problems? Then you need to question how well you know, Jesus.

Angela: [00:46:41.75] I also look at it like, my gosh, he created everything like everything and gave every good thing. Oh, my gosh. When they talk to them all,

Chuck: [00:46:52.14] Well, talk about apologies. We just heard the sermon just the other day. That’s our father. If you think of your biological father. Would you trust him now? I might say everybody, but let’s say as a kid, when you’re around your dad, you trust your dad because your dad will be there for you. He will protect you as a kid. That’s how you feel when you’re around your dad. We have a dad that is the creator God who could who sustains everything. How do we just not go just bask in joy and go? Father, you’re here for us no matter what I do.

Angela: [00:47:30.33] Do you love me? Yeah, it’s it’s too much to deny. We can’t can’t possibly shut us up about it.

Beatty: [00:47:37.41] I can tell. And I love it. What I found is when you know, you can tell how close you are to your father. By your language and how much you think about him. And if everything you do is always about the Lord and focused on the Lord, you really know the Lord. I’ve come across a lot of people who they there’s the passion isn’t there. I think that’s the best way to describe it, and it’s easy to see that the passion is with you guys. So keep keep talking anything else that you know, we’ve got a few more minutes, probably five or 10. So, you know, Jesus spent three and three years with his disciples. And then on the last night, he saved. The most important message on the last night. So we’ve now had a good period of time pressure Beatty. Yeah, we got we’re on the last moment. So what would be your last thoughts, comments, anything that you want to share that is probably most impactful for the people listening?

Chuck: [00:48:47.86] I’m going to let Angela take this because I’m going to close it out with mine because I know exactly how to close it out all the time.

Angela: [00:48:54.32] Yeah. Also, I don’t want I don’t want to give the wrong impression. We don’t have it all figured out. Beatty, we do not. I mean, we love Jesus all our hearts, but we screw up all the time, right? So you know, when you said you act like your father and you talk, you know, nobody has it all together, we learned that a long time ago, but it sure is a lot more fun while you’re trying to work things out to know your creator. That’s for me. It’s just a comfort knowing that you’ve got that rock, that solid foundation to go through life with and to feel your passion. And then I want to get really practical because I know there are people listening and they’re like, Wait. Go back to that real estate thing. Can you guys help us? And and I I know that we do have a practical resource that we want to offer to anybody listening, please, as we did write this book and I will give it to you, I will send it to you. You can get it on Amazon. If you want to listen to it, it’s on Amazon. But this book is it’s not perfect, but is a really good quick, fun read that we wrote that helps you to get into the right mindset for success in real estate. And if anyone wants it, it’s called mastering your real estate career. Chuck and Angela, as you know it is on Amazon, like I said, but if you reach out to us and let us know you want it, hey, you can just say, I don’t want to pay for it, just give it to me. We’ll just send it. Absolutely, we’ll send it to you. And I think this can be very helpful, practically speaking with your real estate.

Chuck: [00:50:13.24] I think the other thing Angela says to a lot is, is the myth of Work-Life Balance. We use words. You know, I think the words we use, sometimes convoluted people think they try to fit into what these words supposed to mean and just drives you crazy because it’s life. Look, you live life. But here’s what I. Whenever I speak, people ask me, Give me one thing if you were to say, What’s the most important thing besides Jesus? Let’s put that aside.

Angela: [00:50:48.00] You got that. Yeah.

Chuck: [00:50:49.67] The most important thing you can do in your life and over all the years of what I’ve experienced and what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown. Is I learned one thing. That’s the most important thing who you surround yourself with matters. You know, my favorite verse. Proverbs 20, seven 17. As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. God’s clear throughout the Bible, he says, you hang around with fools, you become a fool. What I’m going to question people and I always do this is if you’re at a place in your life, you’re not seeing the success, you’re not having the joy, you’re not where you want to be. You need to question who is around you. That’s pouring into you because believe it or not, just and watch it could be family members. It could be old friends. It could be people who are negative, who are gossipers who bring you down. You go down to their level and they’ll steal your joy all day long, the power, you know. Tony Robbins talks about the power of proximity and when you start to live your life like that. I can’t be around physically. I can’t be around negative people. I feel that energy. God created us with energy, and you need to evaluate who you’re around, right? Right down to. Even from your financial standpoint, you want to make more money in life. You hang around the people that are doing way better than you. It’s not accidents, guys. It is that important. And and also get your life together. Look, if you’re married and your marriage isn’t what it should be and perfect, everything else will suffer. Look, if if we get into an argument, you think about it, am I functioning my day for business the best I can be? If I’m in an argument with Hulk or I don’t trust her or we have a bad relationship, or I’m worried when I get home, what’s going to be settled by vice versa? Guys, this is my best friend.

Angela: [00:52:54.58] Guess who’s in control of this relationship here?

Beatty: [00:52:57.51] Sounds like her, right?

Angela: [00:53:00.01] We have a choice.

Chuck: [00:53:01.55] And I always go, Look, there’s always two sides to a story I learned. I’ve learned by studying and and living life that an argument. She’s right and dying, right.

Angela: [00:53:14.14] Sometimes I’m wrong

Chuck: [00:53:15.43] Because she was right. But but here’s what I always say. But when you’re under the umbrella of Jesus Christ and I do this all the time, if I’m angry at someone, even if they’re wrong or do something. I sit and I go. If Jesus judged me like, I judge people, I’d be going to hell all day long. And if I don’t act like Jesus, then I’m saying, Am I better than him? And when you start to live up to that boy, you feel condemned. Does it matter if she screwed up? I sit and I go, Look. Our life is our choice. I don’t know. I use words that our life is our choice. Nobody else. If we want a perfect marriage, it’s just between us.

Angela: [00:53:58.40] We have a choice

Chuck: [00:53:59.15] And we want a perfect marriage. We hate when we’re in arguments and we do. I mean, we run all companies. But you’re not living joyfully when you’re sitting miserable with each other that we know eventually when to clear up because we’re not leaving each other. So why hold on, let go of your pride and ego? That’s that’s what.

Beatty: [00:54:17.99] That’s really. That’s really great. I don’t know the answer to this. We didn’t talk about this, but. If some of the listeners want to reach out and just contact, you guys, get some help, either spiritually having personal challenges. Help with growing the real estate business or anything. Is there a way that they could contact you guys?

Chuck: [00:54:39.04] Well, first of all, we’re very easy to find on social media. Ok, go to Chuck and Angela Fazio or the iconic power couple. You’ll find out our business page on Facebook. That’s the best way to connect Instagram, but you don’t want guys.

Angela: [00:54:54.17] If you if you Google, you’ll find our phone numbers perfect.

Chuck: [00:54:57.58] Ok, great. Your phone number or go to the iconic power couple a website and you’ll learn more about us. And we’d love helping people and we love sharing the love of Christ.

Angela: [00:55:12.28] And don’t forget, if you want a book, we literally will give it to you if you don’t want to pay for it.

Beatty: [00:55:16.42] Right. So and do they? Would they request that from your site? How did they request that or just track you

Angela: [00:55:23.65] Down on Instagram if you messaged me on Instagram? Yeah, iconic power couple.

Chuck: [00:55:28.24] Well, you know our Facebook

Angela: [00:55:29.59] Page, our Facebook page, or in any way we’re going to get it.

Beatty: [00:55:33.04] Ok, so just just go on social media. The book is called The Tell Me the Name Again.

Angela: [00:55:37.89] So your real estate career, it’s blue and it’s your blueprint to move from struggle.

Chuck: [00:55:43.15] It should be called Work your butt off if you want to succeed.

Angela: [00:55:46.24] Give me call. Don’t be a weenie. Get out there.

Beatty: [00:55:47.80] That’s right. That’s right. Don’t be timid or yours or your kids will be skinny, right? I like that one. Yeah. Well, Chugg definitely is not timid because you can say he’s not skinny either.

Chuck: [00:56:00.16] So pretty. But that’s why I’m a good cook. I figure I’m just going to make it for myself.

Beatty: [00:56:06.31] I love it. Well, guys, this has been just a wonderful time with you guys. I love hearing your story and the growth and and and I’m really encouraged with just how much Jesus means to you. Because when it’s all said and done, that’s it. Ok? All right. And I certainly have gone through similar type of things with you guys, with, you know, Lord says, to do something and it makes no sense. But I like to encourage our listeners, if you know the Lord is directing you, the safest place for Daniel to be was in the lion’s den because that’s the center of God’s will. So stay in the center of God’s will and it’ll be amazing and amazing, right? So Chuck and Angela, thank you so much. And for those listening, be sure to subscribe. If you haven’t and tell others about the podcast that get sellers calling you, and we will talk with you guys later.