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Beatty: [00:00:00.06] Hello, everyone. I’m Beatty Carmichael and welcome to another session of Get Sellers calling you. And I’m excited today because I get to interview a friend of mine, a friend that I learned to really admire and respect. And he’s a top producing agent out of Austin, Texas, named Knolly Williams. And just and you’ll hear this from Knolly in just a moment. But when Knolly started in real estate, he quickly became a really top producer with Remax, so much so that Gary Keller actually tried to and did recruit him over to Keller Williams, where he was a top producer, and now he’s moved over to eXp Realty. And everywhere he goes, he’s consistently producing strong volume. He has an impeccable character, has a story I want you to hear and a lot of knowledge to share. So Knolly, how are you doing?

Knolly: [00:00:52.25] I’m blessed, Beatty Hey, it’s so good to be with you again, brother. Good to see you.

Beatty: [00:00:56.48] Well, it is good to see you, too. It looks like you’ve been out of the beach or something. Looks like you got quite a suntan there.

Knolly: [00:01:02.42] Did you see that? Yeah. So I’ve been in Puerto Rico. We’ve been in we spent a week on the beach in Florida. And so we’ve got a lot of beach time in making up for the covid time that we didn’t go out. So, yeah,

Beatty: [00:01:17.00] For those who are listening to this and not watching it, that was kind of a joke with Knolly, because we are not of the same color skin as it. That’s right.

Knolly: [00:01:28.68] Yeah, but, you know, I do suntan and I almost almost got sunburned. I always tell my wife I don’t sunburn, but trust me, I do, you know.

Beatty: [00:01:40.43] Well, so without getting too far off the subject, we went to Canyon a few years back. My son, my middle son stayed seven months in Uganda. And you can tell Kenyans and Ugandans that because Ugandans are just really, really dark. And when you have a light colored African move into that area, I think they start to get burned. So I totally get it.

Knolly: [00:02:06.62] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jose was saying the same thing. She was he was like, look, if you if you lived out here on the beach because we saw a lot of very tan people, I mean, very tan, that may not be from the same ancestry, but they were really they were like darker than me. He said, you can you can you know, there’s almost no stoppin and how can you can get. But we didn’t take it to that limit. But I had a great time, I tell you that.

Beatty: [00:02:31.94] Oh, wonderful. Well, so we’re not I don’t I would love to talk about the beach, but let’s talk about real estate for a moment. So people are listening right now and they’re trying to figure out who is this Knolly Williams guy. So can you give us a little background of who you are as it relates to real estate and some of what you’ve done? Give people a reason why they ought to be able to continue listening to this podcast to learn from you.

Knolly: [00:02:57.88] Yes, so I’m a big lister. I’ll start off almost with the middle, I took over a thousand listings during my first 10 years in real estate, so I consistently took over one hundred listings a year. And I did that for 10 years in a row. And I teach this is what I teach with my book success with listings. I teach agents how to succeed in the listing game. Now, before that, you know, I got I became an entrepreneur at age 13. By the time I was twenty nine, I made my first million dollars. In fact, I made a I made two million dollars at the age of 29 that year. By the time I was thirty three Beatty I lost everything. Hazmi at a 6000 square foot home on ten acres with an office building and a recording studio. I was in the music business before real estate. You know, most of us did something before real estate and that was me. And so I found myself. I was broke, almost lost my home. And I said, what? What’s next? What’s next for me? And real estate was the thing that kind of reared its head as that that sort of that space where I could use a lot of my skill sets. And I really hit the ground running. I had a lot of great mentors along the way. And now I’m really dedicated to teaching training, paying it forward, giving back and helping other people succeed.

Beatty: [00:04:15.85] I love it. So that’s quite a history. So superstar now, I mean, not superstar in music, but superstar in business by twenty nine. And then you lost it all and then you came back into real estate and consistently 100 listings a month from I mean a year from your first year.

Knolly: [00:04:39.00] Well, my first year, so not not from my first year, but my first year, so I did over a thousand listings. My first 10 years of my first year, my goal was 40 deals. OK, so eight months into the business, I hired a coach and my coach asked me a question. She said, Nolie, why don’t you do a deal? I said, 100 deals. I want to do 40 deals. I’m good with 40 deals that will give me a nice, comfortable lifestyle, he said. But not only did you realize that if you did 100 deals a year, you would work half as much as if you did 40. And I got to tell you, Beatty, it didn’t make any sense to me, OK? It’s what I teach now that I’ve done it, but it doesn’t make sense with a lot of agents that I teach as well. But I said, you know what, this gal, she’s been in the business, you know, a lot longer than I have. I’m paying her to coach me. So I’m just going to do what she says. And so by my second year, I was doing over 100 hundred deals. And I’ve been my last year in, quote, active production. I did one hundred and fifty three deals. And but I still produce I mean, I still at our company, I still cap every year. I’m more in the training and teaching space because I like that more. But yeah, I mean, so a lot of people don’t realize it Beatty. But if you do a high volume business you’ll work a lot less.

Beatty: [00:06:01.73] You know, that is really amazing. Now I’m really curious on the impact of doing 100 deals. You work less than if you’re doing 40 deals, because I know for me, just like you mentioned for you, you know, it didn’t it didn’t correlate, didn’t register. And I’m assuming and also clarify, you know, so I will interview a lot of people and they do a lot of volume, but they have a team of people. Is this a team or is this all by all personal production?

Knolly: [00:06:32.84] Well, it’s quite interesting because it’s not a team, and I always use the Nolie team because I like the way it sounded, but it was my production with me and a and an assistant. Sometimes I had multiple assistants. So when we had like at one point we had 126 listings at one time. And at that point I had three assistants, you know, helping me run the business. So it’s really it’s leverage yourself and leverage. That’s it. But not really a team. Interestingly enough, the the concept of a team, really, it kind of breaks some people. I was just talking just coaching with a guy before this call. Actually, the reason I was a little late on this call, this guy has 10 team members and he totally doesn’t have any time whatsoever. He’s like slam. He swamped and he was trying to figure out, you know, how do I get out of this, you know, grind even though he’s making really good money. Beatty really good money. It’s a grind. It’s a hustle. And this is not what God intended. And so what I explained to him is that in this business, we will only ever have two problems ever.

Knolly: [00:07:43.46] We either don’t have enough leads or we don’t have enough leverage. I learned that from Gary Keller. We either don’t have enough leads or not enough leverage that this guy was blowing. He’s blowing and going. He’s got ten agents. He’s doing a crap ton of business. But he but he doesn’t have the right leverage because any time that you have a problem with your time, you know, when you when I was doing, you know, hundred. Plus deals, I got to a point Beatty, where I was working three hours a week in my real estate business. OK, and a lot of people don’t understand that. But when you have heavy leverage, you can do it that way. And a lot of people don’t realize it when you when you focus on listings. OK, I have a 46 step listing system and there are only about four or five activities on that list that require a license. OK, so what that means is that the listing business is highly leveraged. And ninety one point three percent of all activities on a listing can be done by someone else other than you.

Beatty: [00:08:43.68] Very interesting, so I’m going to love this interview. So talk to me, me from the beginning.

Knolly: [00:08:53.32] So you’re the living legend, Beatty we all we’re following in your footsteps, buddy.

Beatty: [00:08:59.08] Oh, hey, I may be a living legend in my own mind for sure, but I don’t do listing’s like you do listing, so I do. Well, maybe so maybe depending on these different sets you have on generating listings. So let’s talk about I’m really curious before we get into the listings. You shot out of the gate with him in the music business, you made a couple million dollars when you were 29 and then you lost it all. I would love to hear the big rocks that you took out of what catapulted you up and what did you learn that caused you to collapse, that now you’ve been able to learn from the past and do something with? Can you give me kind of those three big rocks?

Knolly: [00:09:47.96] Yeah, and I’ll I’ll I’ll start it off by saying that when I was you know, I start I became an entrepreneur partner at age 13, but I started my first real business, which was the music business at age 23, and I started a Christian rap label. This is something that God put on my heart, something that a ministry that I wanted to do. And I raised eight hundred dollars from friends and family just to help me launch my business. It’s the last time I had taken a W-2 or had a W-2 was when I was 23 and within five years I was making one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month in that business. OK, so you talk about taking a small scripture says don’t despise small beginnings and turning it into something, something pretty big. Well, when I lost it all the I’ll say some of the biggest rocks were and some of the things I’ve learned, No. One, I’ve learned to be debt free. OK, so this is something that of the Lord gave me an opportunity to be debt free in that business, a very specific opportunity. And I made a promise that I would, you know, essentially at that time, pay off my mortgage with the scenario. And I had an opportunity at age 29 to, I mean, pay off my mortgage multiple times. But when the money came, I wasn’t faithful to the promise I made. OK, so no one don’t break your promises to God. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to be debt free.

Knolly: [00:11:20.45] I like to be that way. That’s the way I live. But I think it’s I think for God’s children, the closer we can get to being out of debt, the better because it opens. See see what debt creates is lack or it creates it creates a scenario where you the lack is magnified. OK, so that was the one one big thing. The second thing Beatty was pride. OK, so my ego had gotten very big, had a lot of pride. I had the number one Christian rap label in the world. So it was in a small segment. I was known and I got very prideful. I was even though I was a, you know, walkin, talkin Christian Bible teacher since the age of 18, I thought of a weekly Bible class pretty much every single week. I’m fifty one now, so for many years. But I was prideful in my heart. And so, you know, pride comes before a fall. So that was another big and the pride did not allow me to listen to the people that were giving me sound advice about the way that the industry was going. And I said, oh, no, no. I pooh poohed it, you know, and pride will do that to you. I know better. OK, and so that was that was another big pillar, big rock. And then and then the third big rock that I really learned was you have to pay it forward. You have to teach others what you know, one thing that I didn’t do Beatty back then was I didn’t give away my secrets.

Knolly: [00:12:53.51] I said, you know, you know, I run the show. I had one artist on the label and I never taught them what I knew. Why? Because I felt like if I taught them everything that I knew, they wouldn’t need me anymore. Right. So so. So that was and that’s not the Jesus way. What what what Christ does and what he did when he came was he taught he teaches us everything that that we need to succeed. He doesn’t keep stringing us along. Right. And at some point we’re ready. We launch out on our own. So so I’ve made a practice getting in real estate to teach every single thing that I’ve learned to everyone else. People are like, man, why are you give away your stuff for free? You know, 90 percent of the stuff when you go to my website, it’s all free. You know, my books are free. The my trainings are free. I drop a free training every day on YouTube for free. And so I like the word free. I like free stuff, you know, really freely. It has been given freely give. Right. So, I mean, we have to make some income. So we you know, there’s there’s we temper that some. But so so I believe in really sharing the knowledge that God has given me with others. That’s that’s a real big that’s something I didn’t do before out of fear. So those were the big the really the big three rocks for me.

Beatty: [00:14:07.40] You know, that’s really interesting. So most people I don’t share much of what I’ve done in the past, but it’s so perfectly in alignment here. I started our business in 1997 and we were selling marketing services to professional sales agents to target and generate sales from consumers, which is basically what we do here. And within two years, I was making one hundred and fifty month, 150000 a month, and pride came in and within two years it was way down. And the Lord taught me, you know, pride comes before the fall. And just like you, I could see the trends. And yet I was kind of blind to the trends and I was, you know, look at me. I make so much money. And that was short lived as well.

Knolly: [00:15:04.56] So, yeah, yeah. It’s quite interesting how that happens. But hey, thank God we learn from our lessons, right?

Beatty: [00:15:11.91] Yes. So the. So let’s move now into real estate. So then you started with Remax and how many transactions did you do your first year?

Knolly: [00:15:24.60] Well, let me let me just share this with you, because I haven’t told you this side of it actually started and I don’t really share this much, but I started with Prudential, OK? I was at Prudential for 74 days, so I don’t really bring that into the story too much. But I did. I took 21 listings in 74 days. Are you serious? Yeah. To go anyone. And actually, when I left Prudential, I have the inventory sheet from the day I left it, how I know what my inventory was. I had closed on one deal and I had 20 deals either active or in escrow. And so but I hit the get hit the ground running, you know. Now the way I did this, though, Beatty quick story is I got a book called The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller, millionaire real estate agent. I read that book. I got my license in June of 2003. I pass the exam and everything, but I didn’t start practicing real estate until December of that year. Why? Because I was scared to death. This is something new. I’d never done it before. So I overtrained. I read the book three times. I underlined or highlighted. I got my farm ready. I got, you know, getting ready to get ready. But when I launched it, watch out. I mean, I like big and I did a lot of volume right out the gate and I never stopped.

Knolly: [00:16:46.92] OK, so a lot of agents go into this thing with which we call feast or famine. And what I like to teach agencies, you don’t ever have to have famine. Famine is a choice in this business. I had agent tell me the other day, well, this is there’s a lot of competition. There is no competition when you when you operate this business correctly, you know, this Beatty. I’m preaching to the choir here. So but but yeah. So so so then when I got with Remax, the reason I joined Remax was because I realized that I mean, I had a terrible split at Prudential and I realized that like Remax was only for those agents that could could be considered a Remax agent. Right. But it was a you had to pay I think fifteen hundred a month was the with what we would pay. And and it was actually a Remax agent that sold my property that was in foreclosure when I was in the music business. So I reached out to him. He said, now we’ll bring you on. Now, that Remax office had nothing but top producers, but they had seen my track record. They believed I could be successful. So they let me in the club, even though I was, quote unquote, unproven rookie.

Knolly: [00:17:56.61] Right. Not even three months in the business. And so and I did very, very well. I became one of became the number one agent in the office out of all the agents, you know, over time. And then eventually I became the number seven selling agent producing top producing agent in the city of Austin. Out of ninety eight hundred agents, Austin Business Journal, they put out a list every year of the top 50 agents. And I was ranked number seven that year. And that was when I got a call from Gary Keller’s office. Hey, Gary, when we happen to live in the same town, Gary lives in his houses about ten miles from my bigger house, by the way. But he but he that’s that’s when and I thought I was special. But now I realize that’s part of the game. Right. You know, you he he got the list every year, so he just made those calls. Right. And the thing that got me over the hump to change, I’ll just say this and I’ll bring it back to you. What got me to change the switch to Keller and from Remax was I was sitting I was I had a thirty minute interview or meeting with Gary, and I met with him because I respected him. But there was no way I was going to join Keller Williams.

Knolly: [00:19:10.29] I was happy at Remax. Everything was good. I was one of the top ten in the state of Texas for Remax. I was doing great. He said only where do you see yourself in three to five years? I said, Well, that’s the I see myself teaching, training and giving back. And so he wrote it down. I still have the paper where he wrote it all down, teaching, training, giving back. He says we want to do that now. I said, Well, what do you mean? He says, I guarantee you that, you know, we would hire you on the spot to become a trainer. So from day one, I became a trainer for Keller Williams and that was a carrot that I couldn’t let go. I was like, I love teaching. So that’s what really that was the rock that kind of moved it for me, to be honest. And I can’t say, you know, I didn’t know that there was money in teaching. I just love doing it. I like to do what I what I’m what I was put on earth to do. And in my philosophy has always been that happiness is a byproduct of living your purpose. When you live your purpose, you get up every single day and you do what God put you on this earth to do. You’re the happiest person alive.

Beatty: [00:20:19.36] Wow, what a story. I want to understand what you teach now, so teach me I’m a brand new agent. Teach me how do I go? Did 20, 27 listings or 21 listings in 76 days? You know, so many people. Here’s what I’ve learned. This this is the and this is why I love doing these interviews so much. Not only do I take a lot of notes, OK, and learn a lot, but there are so many people who are there living those lives of quiet desperation. They they’re dreaming just to be able to get to 40 transactions a year and try to pay all the bills that they’ve got and they’re struggling. And yet someone like you, you come through and you just blow through and it’s like no big deal. You’re working three hours a day and all of this stuff. So there’s something that you do different than what they do and. Right. Help me understand what it is that you do that’s different. You’re listening to the Get Cellar’s calling new podcast to increase sales from past clients and sphere of influence or from a geographic farm, learn about Agent Dominator. We guarantee your sales in writing or give your money back to learn more. Visit our Web site and get sellers calling you Dotcom and select Agent Dominator from the menu. And now back to the podcast.

Knolly: [00:21:42.97] Yeah, let me let me share a quick story, you know, people are always sometimes interviewers are afraid to ask me certain questions because my answers are so lengthy, but I try to unpack it. So I was at a mod pizza. We have a place here called My Pizza, and I went there, got my pizza. You get to pick all the toppings. I went out back, you know, and then I walked back in to get a drink refilled or whatever it was. And this guy, he stopped me, says A he says, You’re not Williams. I said, Hey, how’s it going? And he said, Man, we were in school together. I said, school. I’m trying to think like I know this guy from. He said, Yeah, we graduated from real estate school together. I said, Oh, yeah, well, Beatty at this time, they had been like 15 years, 16 years. And so I said, Hey, man, guy’s name is George. I said, Hey, George, well, how are you doing? He says, Man, I’m just trying to get to sixty thousand a year in commission. I said, Well, when’s the last time you did sixty thousand? He said, I’ve never done it. I said, we graduated from real estate school six years ago. You mean to tell me you’ve never had a year? He said, I’ve never had a year where I’ve made 60 grand Beatty I was doing that my first year, right. My second year. I think by my third year I was making a quarter million in a year. After that, I never made less than half a million in commission and I wouldn’t even know what it was like to not make that much money.

Knolly: [00:23:02.59] And so so the question is, what is it? We both took the same course. We graduate the same time, same day we graduated from school, from real estate school. What has allowed what allowed me to make, you know, six, seven hundred thousand a year in commission or more and get this guy stuck at not even making ten percent of that? Well, I can tell you, it’s really because he never understood the eight pillars. OK, so we so what I teach the core of the crux of what I teach in my training is that there’s eight pillars to business and there’s four bodies that we have as homosapiens. So I’ll I’ll just kind of krux it now. Putting it back to you Beatty by saying this. According to USA Today, they did a study and they found that eighty percent of small businesses fail. OK, they failed within two years, so let’s say I’m starting knowledge Chicken Shack, OK, I’m making chicken sandwiches and chicken wings, whatever you want. Chicken, I make it. You come to Knowledge’s, Chicken Shack. Well, the statistics are out that says I have a 20 percent chance of success at that. Now, if I if I actually start a Chick fil A, OK, according to Forbes, 80 percent of franchises succeed. So 80 percent of small businesses fail, whereas 80 percent of franchises succeed. So I started asking myself this, and this is I’ve been a 32 year student of success, kind of like you Beatty my life is and many of us that are of you that are even listening to this, your life has been a succession of learning.

Knolly: [00:24:44.09] What is success? What is it? Well, I’ve I’ve kind of boiled it down to eight pillars. There are eight pillars for success. And these eight pillars, every like major restaurant, like a Chick fil A has in place and most of these small businesses don’t have in place. And it’s the reason it’s the thing between success and failure, you know, if you will. So I created this thing that I call spiritual business mastery. It’s it’s, you know, the eight pillars in the four bodies. I can teach it here in probably about five minutes very quickly. But it is it is a study that I take the students in our in our group through. It’s a one year curriculum because we spend what we spend one month on each of the eight pillars and we spend one month on each of the four bodies. You know, we have a physical body, a spiritual body, a mental body and an emotional body. We are electrical beings. That’s how God created us. We have a an electrical system and we’re electrical beings. We’re made of energy. And so most of the agents that are listening right now are not edifying and building up the four bodies and they’re not putting in the time to really learn the eight pillars. And Master, if you master that, then the rest, then it makes it like a walk in the park, you know.

Beatty: [00:26:10.58] You know, that’s so interesting, I see so many parallels between your life and mine, my father in law was a physician. He’s passed now. He was an internal medicine. And he would bring every patient into his office and would talk to them and really dig deep into their life because he said, you know, not all sickness is simply physical, says your body, soul and spirit. There’s an emotion there. Spiritual, there’s physical. And if I’m going to heal you or if I’m going to help you get you get better, then you can’t just look at one part because you’re this big thing and that’s what you’re talking about from the real state. And it makes perfect sense when we want to grow our real estate business, we can’t simply look at one part and give me this one formula without considering all these other aspects going on as well. I think that’s what you’re saying.

Knolly: [00:27:09.77] Yeah. You know, Jesus put it this way. He said, love the Lord, your God, your God with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength. And he mentioned all four bodies there. So, you know, we have a visit. We have a physical, mental, spiritual and an emotional body. And so if if if if we don’t nourish all four of those, then we’re out of balance. We’re not in integrity. Integrity just means to be whole. And so we’re not Integris when we’re and by the way, we are holistic being. So that’s what your father in law was trying to get people to see, is that we the the the the homosapiens is Intec. We’re integral. Right. So we’re we’re we have many parts that make up. So it’s not just now most doctors. Ninety nine percent of them probably would have just brought that patient in and said, OK, what are the symptoms? Here’s the disease, here’s a pill. But what what what your father in law was trying to do was really to heal people, to give them the cure.

Beatty: [00:28:09.55] So I’m assuming I want to give your website where they can get this stuff, but I’m assuming these eight pillars and the four bodies is something that you either have on your website you teach or something that they can purchase, is that correct?

Knolly: [00:28:24.57] It’s free. Oh, wow. That’s a yeah. This is this is all free. I’ll just share with you right now.

Beatty: [00:28:32.58] So so we’re going to have to listen to the rest of this before you tell them where to get it. But you can show it to us, OK.

Knolly: [00:28:40.59] Yeah, I’ll just show it to you. So. So these are the eight pillars. This is kind of how I illustrate it. You know, it starts with mindset and then it goes. So this is key. You know, when you ask somebody, you know, how much of your success is is dependent on your mindset, most people will tell you it’s the majority. Right. So we spent a lot of time on mindset then its activities, activities really lead generation, you know, how are you going to go out and get the business? Then you got people, systems and tools. That’s called leverage. OK, then you got money, money, mindset. And what I always ask my students is, who taught you what you currently know about money? How much did they have? OK, so if they didn’t have the kind of money that you’re looking to achieve, then you’ve got to like I love my dad, great guy, wonderful person, but I can’t take money lessons from him. The man never had any right. So so you’ve got to be smart around that and then accountability. You got to have accountability to get, you know, very critical. And then training is very critical as well, you know, being in in a constant rhythm of training like what you’re providing right here, Beatty. And then this right here is a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional body.

Knolly: [00:29:51.33] And then what I’ve got for those of you just listening in, this is kind of a chart that I’m showing that you can download for free on my website. But right in the middle is you. And that’s got a question mark in the middle, which is what is your big why? What’s your purpose? What your reason for being here. Make no mistake about it, you’re here for a reason and you’re here on a mission. OK, so it’s it’s very critical to understand why you’re here, what your purpose is. But when you look at these Beatty, you can see it on the back here on the back of this. I kind of explain and I’ve got training around this. I’ve got like a one hour training, the kind of synopsize is it? But when you have a franchise like a Chick fil A, the first thing they do is indoctrinate you with the right mindset. Then they tell you these are the activities that you’re going to need to do to succeed at this restaurant. Then they’re going to get you with the right people, the right systems and the right tools to set up that restaurant and have it running right. They’re going to teach you what you need, how to how to run the books in the money.

Knolly: [00:30:51.81] Then you’re going to have extreme, not accountability, but extreme accountability. OK, so guess what? If you don’t start make if you don’t make your numbers that week, what’s going to happen? Phone call. If you don’t make your numbers for two weeks in a row, guess what? Or three weeks somebody is going to get on a plane and they’re going to be at your front door of your Chick fil A and they’re going to look at your operation and see what’s going wrong, because we’re not going to have a Chick fil A fail. OK, so that’s extreme accountability. And by the way, most people Beatty will be more accountable to someone else than they will be to their own self and their family. It’s sad, but it’s true. It’s the way it is. So accountability is very critical for humans and training that guess what? Chick fil A is going to give you lots and lots of training. It doesn’t matter what franchise model you buy into, you’re going to have all these eight pillars, OK? They may not get into the four bodies with you. The four bodies is really, what, more like life coaching? You know, I don’t want people to be millionaires and miserable at home. That’s critical for me. You know, I teach everything, you know,

Beatty: [00:31:53.11] So I’m over here thinking, this is brilliant, you’ve taken the art of growing a real estate business and you separated it from the steps of generating real estate leads and getting listings, which is what most people focus on. And you create a holistic approach that says when you do the whole thing right, the whole thing works.

Knolly: [00:32:17.95] That’s right, that’s right, that’s right, doing the right things in the right order, because a lot of people are doing the right things in the wrong order

Beatty: [00:32:25.21] And they’re the wrong person. They’re doing the wrong reasons. You know, this a similar but maybe a little bit different strikes me almost like someone wants to lose weight. There are two ways to lose weight. You either go on a diet and it’s a yo yo. You discipline yourself from the outside, you lose weight, you break your diet, you gain weight, you discipline again, you back and forth. OK, it’s feast or famine, no pun intended, right on the diet side. But then the other way that you lose weight is you change your thinking. You begin to say, I’m not overweight, you start to believe things differently, you you believe about food differently, and now the weight drops off and it stays off and you have a life of being a different person because you did it from the inside, inside the outside. That’s kind of what I say, Richard.

Knolly: [00:33:19.12] Yeah, yeah, you hit it right on the head, absolutely, one of my favorite books is this one right here by Dr. Joseph Murphy called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. You can see that those of you listening in the power of your subconscious mind and in this book, he proved that willpower doesn’t work long term. You know, and that’s what you just said. A lot of a lot of people are going at their real estate business with willpower. I think I can. I think I can. I’m going to do it. I’m going to make it happen. And then they’re in this constant. Got to have to. Must got to. Have to. Must got to. Have to. Must I want you to write down a new affirmation and that is I choose to make it fun and easy. I choose to make it fun and easy because either way, you know, like, like Ford said, if you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you’re right. And what a lot of people don’t realize to Beatty is that hard work is ingrained in them, like, oh, boy, you got to work hard. I was told that, boy, you’ve got to work real hard. You’re not going to have nothing in life. What I got to tell you, I’ve made the easiest money in my life not working that hard, honestly. I mean, right now I work my ass. Man was just here. And if you look at my office is like a little cockpit. That’s where I sit and work.

Knolly: [00:34:37.63] You know, this is where I make millions. I don’t have any dirt under my fingernails right now. You talked to you talk to a farmer out there and ask him how how hard you know Nolie Williams work. He’s a minute man. Doesn’t work at all, you know, according to how he sees it. You know, I’m saying I’m here working. I’m not saying that, but it’s fun and easy. I do the things that I love to do and I get paid for it. This is what we call permanent prosperity, permanent prosperity. And Mike Hancock wrote a book called The Secret to Permanent Prosperity. And it really is a secret. The secret is, if you don’t want to read, I say read the book, but if you don’t want to read it, the secret is to provide value and receive value in return. And if you do that over and over again is the third step, you’ll you’ll you’ll always have like like I’ll never have black. Never, ever, ever, ever. Because the mind has been changed like like I’ll never be overweight. My wife and I were overweight by one hundred pounds, OK. Between the two of us I used to weigh fifty pounds more than I do now and she used to weigh fifty pounds more. We will never be overweight again ever in this lifetime. Ever, ok, because it’s just a difference in the way that we think is the subconscious has been changed, the mind has been changed, renewed run as well.

Beatty: [00:35:55.69] So there’s another passion you have and I want to shift gears into that. We’ve kind of heard it comes through a lot. Know where I’m going right now. What’s your passion in life?

Knolly: [00:36:09.77] You know, my my biggest passion. Oh, Christ. Yeah, are we going to Jesus OK? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I tell people the three big best things that ever happened to me. Number one. Jesus. Number two, Jose, my wife of 29 years, only wife. And number three, you know the company I’m with now. And four, business, biggest business. So it’s like a spiritual family business, you know. But yeah, Jesus is the biggest. I love it. I’m like, where is he going? Of course.

Beatty: [00:36:44.69] Well, so let’s talk a little bit, because I don’t want to run one run out of time on this. But I know you got an amazing relationship with the Lord Mayor just flows out of your conversation already. Talk to me in terms of from a business perspective, I mean, if you can kind of narrow that way. But since we’re real estate agents are listening, how is Christ impacted you personally? How does that overflow to impact in your business? And just talk to me in terms of of what it means to carry Christ with you into your work as a real estate agent.

Knolly: [00:37:23.36] Yeah, well, I’ll be I’ll be honest and say that when Christ initially pursued me and he did pursue me, he wooed me. I wanted nothing to do with with Jesus. When I was 10 years old, my mom started going to church and I accepted Christ at age 10. Now, when I turned 13 and on into 14, 15, I started getting a little of the cares of the world, started creeping in. And by the time I was 16 years old, I left home. I was gone. I was I was in the far country, as scripture put it. The the I was wayward. I was practical and but but I came back to Christ at age 18, and I’ve been rolling with him ever since. Strong. One hundred percent. He’s he’s guided my life. He’s been the driving force for my existence. And so so he you know, for me, you know, my when I, when I when you talk about my overall purpose, my overarching purpose is to know Christ and to make him known that that’s been my overarching purpose from the age of 18 to know Christ and to make him known. And there’s many ways we can do that as believers in the in any industry, you know. But what I what I had to understand and come to learn Beatty was that God has people in a lot of different fields because I used to I like teaching the Bible.

Knolly: [00:38:54.44] That’s like my number one thing I love to do and I love to teach people how to how to have destiny, destiny, discovery. But I remember and I would always try to figure out like business is, I love business. Like I love the process of generating revenue and making money and how money is made and how teaching people how to be successful in in business. And so there was always this conflict. In fact, I did a YouTube video called Jesus and Money, where I kind of reconcile the content conflicts that I’ve had internally because my thing was like, God, maybe I should just be a pastor and go preach and just just do the gospel. And one time God took me on a on a ride. You know, we all have these moments where the Lord just speaks to us very clearly. And he took me for a ride and he said, What do you see on these everywhere you look? And I started looking around. I said, I see a lot of churches. He said, I got a lot of churches out there. Don’t worry about that. I got that covered.

Knolly: [00:39:55.07] I need you in the business arena. I need you in the business field. That’s where I need you to do your work. And I became very comfortable with it ever since then. You know, there’s there’s there’s millionaires and billionaires in the Bible, no problem. OK, I’m not into prosperity and all this kind of thing. But we have to understand that, you know what God created us to do and be in this world and be that. So, yeah, Jesus is everything to me, man. And I and the thing is, people are a lot of times people will applaud me because when I’m speaking, I mentioned Christ in my talks, but it’s not even by choice. It’s not like I say, I’m going to talk about Jesus during this time. I’m going to it just comes out. It’s just part of who I am. Since I teach. It’s just natural. And since I teach people to be Integris, it’s just, you know, now I do include everyone. So in our groups, we have Hindus, we have a couple of Jewish brothers and so on. So it doesn’t matter to me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to diminish or not be who I am and who God put me here to be. That makes sense.

Beatty: [00:41:03.17] That makes it makes perfect sense. Talk to me in terms of now maybe just kind of personally. Yeah. When you go through, you know, what does Christ mean to you personally in terms of I see how it can trace this up? Have you had any you know, I had an issue with someone that I have worked with for a number for a while recently, and she’s been going through some really deep personal issues. Her husband had lost a business. They just had to file bankruptcy. So she’s in this really emotional time frame. And and while she knows the Lord, you can tell that there’s something missing in that relationship because she’s so afraid and terrified of everything going on. Have you gone through difficult times in your life or had anything where if you were just a Christian but you really didn’t have that anchor in the Lord, that it would have been different for you? But now, because the Lord, it carried you through. And if you if there has been something like that, to whatever degree that you feel comfortable sharing, just for our listeners out there to know that, you know, what does it mean if you can really kind of cling to the Lord and carry you through some of these things? Is there anything you could share on that?

Knolly: [00:42:25.38] Well, I’ll tell you this, you know, I’ve been through bankruptcy, I filed bankruptcy, you know, transitioning from my previous business, I’ve been I’ve had a home foreclosed on me. I’ve short sold a home. So I’ve failed in every way. I’ve had businesses fail. Right. So I’ve failed in every way you can. And I don’t know how people do it without having the Lord in their life going through something like that. I remember when I was losing my my home and it was a beautiful home Beatty. I mean, it was beautiful. I have a couple of YouTube videos where I share the story around that house, show pictures of it, everything. And it was really my dream home. You know, I bought that house when I was twenty six years old and it was I never forget it. It was 6000 square foot home, seven bedrooms. It was a it’s a it was a colonial style. And I remember when I bought the house because I qualified to buy it, you know, no problem. I was making a lot of money at that age. I remember this guy, this farmer came to pick up because it was on ten acres. The previous owner said, hey, can we leave a tractor here for this next four? You know, we sold the tractor, but we can’t get it moved before closing.

Knolly: [00:43:39.57] We got a guy coming to pick it up. I said no problem. So here I come. Just think about this Beatty. I’m 26 years old. I’m moving into the house, so I’m grandey. I got a tank top and cut off shorts and, you know, just 26 year old kid comes out and I see the guy coming in for his tractor. So they told me, they said, hey, now so-and-so is here for the tractor. So I had some employees at the time. And so I walked up to, you know, all the way up to the front of the property. And I said, hey, sir, you know, can I help you? He said, well, I was hoping to speak to the owner. I said, Well, sir, I’m the owner. I said, I’m the owner. So he looked at me Beatty you should have seen it like he jumped out of the skin. It hears you talk about a crusty old Texan. You know, you’re listening to this right now. You’re not watching us. Just think in your mind of what a crusty old Texan this is. The guy the guy was like probably 70, you know, 80 years old, 70 some years or whatever, whatever it was.

Knolly: [00:44:33.69] You know, they all look older when you’re in your 20s, you know, and he he he was you know, he had dirt under his fingernails. He was crusty, old Texan was. But he looked at me and he looked at the house Beatty. And then he looked at me again and he looked at the house again and he looked at me again. And God’s honest truth, it stuck with me from that day forward. He just dropped his hand and he shook it back and forth. He said a man will work his whole life and never have something like that. And he pointed to the house. And it was the first time that I even realized what what God had given me. Like, to me, I was just rolling like, you know, we talk, we go through life and we just, you know, when you when you learn certain principles and you become very good and adept at what you do, you just take stuff. I don’t say I took it for granted. Right. And I looked at it. I was like, man, this guy here’s a guy that probably worked. He’ll never have a house like this. I’m twenty six years old and I don’t even appreciate the house. Right. And so so I remember.

Knolly: [00:45:33.54] Fast forward. I remember when I was losing that house, losing it, it was in foreclosure and one of my employees was out. I had to lay everybody off. I had fourteen employees, had laid down my last guy and I was laying them off. And he looked he said, Man, you’re going. I know you’re broke. How has this affected your faith? Has this affected your you know, your relationship with Christ? And I, I never really thought about it that way. Beatty I said, you know what? If I had if I lived in a cardboard box or a mobile home, I don’t care as long as I have Christ, I’m rolling with Jose, I’m good, you know, but without that, I don’t know where, you know, without the Lord in my life, man. I don’t know. I don’t know where I’d be. I’d be nowhere because. John John, chapter 15, verse five says, you know, I’m the vine, you’re the branches. You know, if a man remains in me and I remain in him, he can you know, he can do pretty much anything. But without me, you can do nothing. That’s what Christ is. So that’s where I’d be, man. I’d be nothing without Jesus. That’s honest truth for me.

Beatty: [00:46:42.35] You know, that’s so interesting. We’re going to wrap up because we’re about out of time. But I want to share. So just before this call, just as you were having a coaching call, I was teaching a radical faith call. And the whole topic was, how can you hear God speak to you? And I was making the comment that. When you if you’re like you’re on a tour trip and if you’re the leader of the group, maybe your family and the tar goes flat, you get lost, all of the responsibility is on you and your anxiety goes up because everyone’s dependent on you and you’ve got to make the right decisions. But if you’re on someone else’s tour trip and the tar goes flat or a bus stops working, whatever it may be, you’re to sit there and you’re you know, you’re fine because it’s not your responsibility. Does that make sense? Absolutely. And and what I’ve learned in Walking with Christ is while, yes, it’s kind of our responsibility, ultimately, if we’re walking with the Lord and he’s Lord over our life, then whatever happens is ultimately OK, because it’s not the it’s not the issue. He is still lord of our life. We can still rely on him. And we know that is all going to work out OK. I think that’s kind of and that’s kind of what I hear from you is even if you had to live in a cardboard box, as long as you had the Lord and Jocie, it’s all OK.

Knolly: [00:48:13.96] Everything’s good. Yeah, everything’s good. And so that’s that’s absolutely right. And you hit that right on the head. I love it.

Beatty: [00:48:22.17] Hey. So I want to find out. I want you to share. How can people get this free information? This wasn’t set up to say how can they coach with you? But if you do offer coaching and someone wants to coach with you because they want really to holistically turn their business around permanently, how do they do that? Where do they go? How do they contact you? Where do they go?

Knolly: [00:48:47.64] You have the best, the best way. And I will say this, I don’t really do a lot of one on one coaching, OK? Now, when we’ve got our mentorship masters group that I run through and I’m spending all my time there, so not to neglect the agent out there, I said, well, hey, how can I just give, you know, my stuff away so that they can just get it? Because my time is is pretty, you know, tied up with with with this group. We have almost two hundred agents in our group now. But so here, here’s what I did. I wrote this book right here because people were always wanting to pick my brain. This book is called Success with Listings. For those of you listening in, this is three hundred and eighty page book. You can download it for free at Nolie Dotcom if you don’t want to buy it on Amazon, if you want the printed copy, I like to have a physical copy in my hand to highlight and stuff like that. But this is really a resource book and the reason I wrote this is because people were always asking, hey, only can I pick your brain, can I pick your brain while I went ahead and picked it? Take three hundred eighty pages. But it’s all right here. It’s all picked. And this is a step by step system on how to have a and listening business

Beatty: [00:49:53.01] For those that are listening. Let me just spell this gnarliest k n o l l y knowledge economy.

Knolly: [00:50:00.45] Yep, yep, yep. It’s spelled the wrong way. But hey, that’s how that’s how we do it in our family. And then triple my listings. People kept asking me Beatty, how do I generate listing leads like where do I get all these leads. So I wrote another book this one hundred and fifty four pages and this is in 2007. Marketing Ideas for free. There’s a word free again seller leads. This is another free ebook. We ship it to you, you just pay the shipping and you can get that on Nolie Dotcom as well. Can o l l y I always tell people you can spell my name, you can find me. If you can’t spell my name, you never have to love it. Yeah, well

Beatty: [00:50:37.65] This has been so enjoyable and what a refreshing conversation. And I’m looking on the detail, guys. I’m constantly looking for details. I didn’t get many, but I know where to go get the details off the website and the books. But just an amazing track record and the thing that impresses me so much. Now, I’m not trying to inflate you by any means, but I think you’ve mastered the art of it’s who you are now, what you do that accomplishes your outcome and that eight pillars and four bodies just kind of and what you’re doing with your training, with your own group, just really kind of encapsulates how to become who you are so that they start to get the outcome that you produced. And I know you’re not going to say this, but I will. You can probably join nahles training for free if you join his group. But that wasn’t the purpose of this call. But just let me know. Follow the person who is where you want to be and learn from them and you’re more likely to be like them. So not only thank you so much for your time today.

Knolly: [00:51:47.94] Thank you so much, Beatty It’s been a real honor, real honor. Thank you all for listening as well.

Beatty: [00:51:52.83] All right. Y’all have a blessed day.