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Beatty: [00:00:02.48] Well, hey, there, this is Beatty Carmichael with another edition of Get Sellers Calling You, and I have just a really special guest right now that I am super excited to share. And this is Tammy Burnell. She’s actually one of our clients, but she’s also a coach and she’s been coaching for a number of years. She’s a strong producer. She used to be involved coach for, I think it was five years with the Tom Perry organization. And the reason I wanted to have her on is as we work together, both individually working together as vendor client and also as I’ve been on some coaching calls with her and other agents and just the input that she’s brought to the table. I’m going like, Wow, this lady understands it and I think you’re going to get a lot out of Tammy, whether you’re a newer agent still trying to really grow your business, or even if you’re a tenured agent doing 15 or 20 million a year, I think you’ll get a lot out. So Tammy, let me have you say hello and tell us just a little bit about you.


Tammy: [00:01:05.95] Yeah, well, thank you for having me, Beatty. It’s an honor and a pleasure just to know you as a as a person and your company. So I will say that a little bit about me. I’m a mom. First, I’ve got five kids and ages from thirty two to 14, so I’m still in it as far as being a parent. That never goes away and been involved in real estate since 1988. If you can wow that I am dating myself a little bit.


Beatty: [00:01:41.72] 1988, I think I was still in high school then. Oh no, no, no. I just I just gotten out of college. That’s what it was.


Tammy: [00:01:49.07] Yeah, it’s it’s all good. I skipped the college thing and went right into real estate. I actually have a funny story real quick. If I might share on, please. I’d love to hear real estate business, but I got a job at 16 working at Magic Mountain and I loved working at Magic Mountain and I loved it so much I would forget to pick up my paychecks. Well, I got out of high school and I was still working at Magic Mountain and come from a very blue collar background. My mom was a manager for B of A and my dad worked for Lockheed and they said, You need to get a real job. And I’m like, Oh, OK. And I didn’t have anything lined up. It’s going to community college, but I really wasn’t thinking that. And so my mom, you know, graciously got me a job as a teller at a bank. And I was the worst teller that they ever had. And I don’t know if you guys even know what the word shopper means. But back in those days and they may still do it, I don’t know. But they would have be they employees come in as customers. And pretend and make sure that you’re doing your job as a teller.


Beatty: [00:03:06.39] Right, I’ve heard of that.


Tammy: [00:03:08.10] Yeah. And so it was Friday and it was super busy and there was this super cute guy in line. So there’s five of us on the teller line and I’m trying to strategically plan. So I get this guy and I’ll remind you, I’m like 18, 19, right? I get it. So my my focus is totally different. And anyways, long story short, I ended up not getting the hot guy in my line. I got the shoppers and I got written up. And got sent to the Sherman Oaks new training per say and did not dress appropriately, blah blah blah. It was a whole mess, completely embarrassed my mom. And so I had to be on my best behavior. So this amazing gentleman came to my teller line and he says, You don’t like it here, do you? And I said, No, I don’t. And he says, Well, I have a job opening for an executive assistant. And I thought, Wow, that sounds super fancy, right? Right. And lo and behold, he was one of the top brokers in my city who was a project developer, developing estates, owned an airplane, owned three brokerages. And that’s how I started. He goes, I’ll pay for your your license, just come in and interview with me. So I learned he owned rental property. I learned everything. By the time I was twenty one, it was crazy. And that’s how I ended up getting into real estate and ended up working for him for, like 10 years. Wow. His personal assistant and being able to to buy and sell as well. So that’s how I got started. But everybody has their their own story on how they got started.


Beatty: [00:05:06.26] I’m curious. I’m curious with that just real quickly. Yeah. So he is this super successful guy. You were there with him for 10 years. What would be the top one or two big takeaways that you learn from him?


Tammy: [00:05:24.04] Oh, the biggest takeaway, I remember him saying I want you to be. Where I am at 40, at 30. And lo and behold, I was certainly not at his level because I was raising a family. But the the knowledge that I gained and the the wisdom and one of the most important things is which I made the mistake. More than once and many realtors do. And that’s why I hired a coach mid-career was, you know, don’t waste a good real estate market. Don’t blow it because we all pray God. Just give me one more good real estate market. I promise to save my money in. Realtors are notorious for for, for not. And I learned my my lesson on on that. I’m just I’m just like all of you guys. You know, I I had early in my career made like fifty thousand in one month, which is a lot of money. And this was like maybe 20 years ago. I took my family on a cruise. I paid off some credit cards, you know, bought myself some nice things and 90 days. I did not have any of that. Yeah, yeah. So I and I can go on and on about my mistakes, but we’re here to I just want people to know the real list in me that I’m very much like you, even though I’ve been training for the last 15 years on what to do and what not to do and coached. Let me ask you a question. Thousands of people.


Beatty: [00:07:09.42] Yeah, I’m real curious. So you know, you go back to Gary’s book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. One of the things that always impressed me was said when the average person, when they hired an administrative assistant to focus so they could focus on what they do best, their volume on average doubled that first year. But I’m curious as to what happens with coaching. Ok, so you mentioned that you were just these are my words. You just kind of floundered to a degree on your own until you got a coach. And and I’m making the assumption that just turn your business around. What was your real estate business before coaching and then after coaching a year or two? And what was the big difference?


Tammy: [00:07:56.33] That that’s a really powerful question, and I have a really powerful answer. I had started my real estate career in Los Angeles and work for 10 years, and then I moved after the 94 earthquake in Northridge and boogied out to Colorado and built a very successful business there for nine years. But I got homesick, so I’m back thinking it would be easy. Oh, I know where everybody I’m from L.A. and a seasoned agent now. And it wasn’t like that. So I hired hired a coach. I was I literally had made that fifty thousand because the prices were so much higher. Right. But then I was broke, broke. But I certainly didn’t have the 50 grand, you know, and I was doing the real estate training that we so many of them do is you process prospect, prospect you get some things in escrow and then you close and that’s a 90 day cycle


Beatty: [00:09:02.60] And then you’re back at the beginning without a pipeline.


Tammy: [00:09:04.96] Yeah. So what my coach taught me and what I teach is, I don’t know. I don’t allow you to get on that, that roller coaster. You know, it’s got to be a consistent day to day of prospecting and then follow up. If you have no business, then you we work on four different sources of lead generation that could be anything from open houses to to farming to working your sphere to working social media. I don’t put people in a box. That’s the big difference between me and the other coaching programs out there. Everybody has a system. And I will tell you that the systems work. But most people don’t work the system. So with my coaching and what I’ve learned over the years is I want to I want to learn about you. I want to learn about what your skills are, what you’re willing to do, what makes you excited to get out of bed during the day because nobody wants to get up and cold call. Nobody wants to get up and say, Oh my God, I have to prospect. But if we can make prospecting fun where you’re going now and you’re talking to people and you’re not, I like to say, not verbally vomit all over them and say, Oh, we don’t want you to do show up into really? Yeah.


Tammy: [00:10:28.10] There you go and engage and make it fun. You know, this business can be fun. It certainly can be grueling. And there’s a lot of suffering with real estate agents because they don’t have the guidance of a coach. They don’t have the guidance of a mentor. They’re kind of floundering around, you know, I don’t know what to do and when this market changes and it will, we’re going to see half of them gone, which is sad because there’s a lot of newbies that have came in the market that are that are brilliant and good, and they just they’re not being pointed in the wrong, the right direction. Right pointed for and I’m saying that old school is is is wrong, but some of the brokers need to step it up, just to be honest with you. They’re not, you know, tied into technology and what there is to offer. So it’s it’s it’s a challenge. It’s going to continue to be a challenge if you don’t hire a coach that works for you. Yeah, I’m not for everybody. And I love to interview and if I’m not that I will find you a coach that works for you.


Beatty: [00:11:40.04] Let me talk, you know, so we are going to we’re moving into, I think, another market shift of possibly really large proportions where right now, as we’re recording this depending on when someone actually comes back to our channel and listens to this if it’s been an older one, we’re just moving where interest rates are now starting to grow back, go back up. Inflation’s and is increasing. And this puts a totally different market dynamic to what’s going on. And one of the things I’ve seen just over the years is every time the market shifts, it’s like you’re riding in the back of a truck, you’re riding on the edge of the pickup truck, you know, sitting on the back edge of the pickup truck in the in the Bay Area, and it hits a big bump and you bounce out, OK, and you have all these realtors sitting on the back of that truck. And most of them are just kind of sitting there like, like you say, you sometimes just laborers and his his great big bump. And there goes another third of the realtors because they don’t know how to shift with the bumps. Yeah. And others are locked down and they hit the bump and they keep writing


Tammy: [00:12:52.79] So great because they don’t know how to shift or like. I like to say they don’t know how to pivot. Yes, or worst of all, they’re not. They’re not prepared to have that, you know, savings account or back in money. The biggest mistake I see. Is agents not being prepared to market?


Beatty: [00:13:15.62] Yes. So let me ask you a question.


Tammy: [00:13:17.50] Some marketing budget.


Beatty: [00:13:19.27] Let me ask you so to best weather a storm. I did a one of my clients I interviewed, he’s a top producer and he was sharing. He’s been in the business for 40 some odd years, so he’s been around for a while. He said every single market shift from the super high interest rates of the Carter years all the way through. He said every single one, he entered the shift, earning more money and he exited the shift, earning probably 50 percent or 200 percent, you know, 50 percent to 100 percent more than he earned going in. He said there’s a pattern in the simple pattern that he did was always have your business, always have a source of business coming in and not lose sight of that. And you mentioned four things open house farming, sphere of influence and social media. If I may, if I’m a lower volume agent, probably a newer agent, you know, three or four or five years, maybe three to five million in volume. What would you suggest if you’re coaching me, if you’re if you’re guiding me to to take my business to the next level and to secure it against a shift? What do I do? How do I do it?


Tammy: [00:14:35.73] Well, I’ve always said the fastest way to a buck is through Open House, really what most agents need now money?


Beatty: [00:14:42.23] Ok.


Tammy: [00:14:43.18] Ok, so that’s the fastest way to get in front of buyers and sellers.


Beatty: [00:14:48.18] So talk to me. I have a lot of agents that tell me Beatty. I used to do open houses and it’s just a waste of my time, so I don’t do them anymore. And I say you grinning because I’m grinning as well, because I’m I’m saying, you’re doing it the wrong way. So tell me. Let’s talk about open houses.


Tammy: [00:15:08.23] The Tammy’s secret. I tell you. Okay? I literally had been a new agent three times. You know, he’s a new agent. In nineteen eighty eight, I moved to Colorado. His new agent. Then I came back. I was a new agent again, and then it just renewed my my license to just kind of come back in the market. So I get the new agent. Open houses are the best thing that gets you in front of buyers and sellers. It doesn’t cost you any money because you time. Ok, so let’s say you’re brand new. You know, you borrow some open house signs. You you call listing agents and say, you know, do you mind if I sit your house open? They let that OK? So you borrow some open house signs if you don’t have the money for it, but you should invest in open house sites. What? Let me give you the mistakes of why they give up on open houses and their solution, if that’s OK. Yeah, perfect. So typical open house you sit them Saturdays and Sundays. Ok, one to four. Here’s the problem you can. Still, you should always do them on the weekend. That’s good. I advise you to do them. Maybe after school, I can give you some more ideas on on what to do with those. But what happens is you sit it from one to four. And for whatever reason. All your traffic seems to come between three and four. Right? It’s a notorious I don’t know why it’s Murphy’s Law. So now you have to figure out who that buyer is or who that potential seller is. Who’s my client? So what most agents do, they’re kind of scrambling, you know, will you sign, you know, here’s a flier, right? They never get information that’s accurate.


Tammy: [00:17:03.44] Ever. So don’t even worry about assigning don’t just blank it out, don’t even bring it. I’m going to show you how to do this. Ok. Ok. And then you end up talking to the person, you know, that is the neighbor that’s never going to buy or sell. But she’s got a sick dog. But you don’t want to be rude and you’re just end up talking to her and saying hi and bye to everybody else that’s walked through and left. Ok, so here’s the solution. When you have an open house, somebody walks in the door, this is all you do and it’s so simple. I say, Hi, I’m Tammy Brunelle with the X% Realty. How can I help you today? That’s it. Nobody ever says that. Now, why would I say that that seems odd, right? Right? No, they’re going to tell you, Oh, Tammy, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Beatty. You know what? I just happen to be the neighbor around the corner and saw that they were putting in a new pool, and I just wanted to check it out. Awesome. Beatty go ahead and take a look. It’s stunning. It’s absolutely beautiful. You’re not my client. Now, if there’s nobody else there, I continue to talk to you. We have small chat, but guess what? There’s another person and another person that comes in. So this person comes in. I say, Hi, I’m Tammy Brudenell with the X% Realty. How can I help you today? Oh, Tammy, you know what? We live on the east side.


Tammy: [00:18:33.47] But my kids, all their games and all their practices are on the west side, and I’m just really tired, so I saw you open up, but you stopped by. I’m like, Great. I said, who? Who is your real term? I don’t ask, are you working with the realtor because they’ll lie to you? Now, like I say, yeah. Who is who is your realtor? They can’t lie. It’s brilliant. People just can’t. They’re like, Oh, I don’t have one. Or if they do, they say, Oh, I’m working with David over it, you know Remax. Oh, I love David. Great guy. Anything else I can help you with? You know, and then you maybe continue because you don’t know that they’re committed to David or not, but you’d want to be at a level of integrity. Sure. Right. So they’re already working with somebody. Ok, so just to review person, another person walks in. How can I help you today? Ok. Then they tell you if it’s a good prospect for you, then you’re like, great, who’s your realtor? Oh, tell me, you know what? We’re not working with anybody. Oh, awesome. Tell me who is your lender? Nine times out of 10, that perspective person that’s walking through your open house has already met with the lender, OK? Almost always, you know, because they’re they’re kind of looking. They’re actively looking. They want to know. So would you want to do? Is never ask them, Oh, what did you qualify for? That’s rude and invasive. What you want to say is, oh, that’s great that you’re working with Mark over at ABC Mortgage. What price range are you looking at?


Beatty: [00:20:29.10] Great question.


Tammy: [00:20:30.68] All right. So just to review, there’s three things that you only need to say. Introduce yourself, how can I help you today, identifies the prospect. Who are you working with as a realtor? You want to know, are they working with a realtor or not? Ok, if they’re not. Who is their lender? And what price range are you looking at? Boom, boom, boom. You just identified a prospect in about 60 seconds.


Beatty: [00:20:59.79] And I love that because you don’t get caught so much in conversation with those who aren’t you? Great. Take a look. It’s stunning. And call me if you have any questions and you just wait for the next one, just keep moving them until you find that one. I love it.


Tammy: [00:21:16.65] That’s it. So you do, too. You know, a week that’s eight, that’s eight possible clients that you’ll get if you promote your open house correctly. Ok, now how do you every person listening to this, could you? Eight prospective clients?


Beatty: [00:21:33.10] Absolutely. Talk to me about promoting it. So most agents that I’ve seen, at least here in my area, when there’s an open house, they’ll put out a sign open house this Sunday or Saturday, and then they’ll put out directional signs with little, you know, open house and a little balloon or something. And that’s the promotion that I get. Do you how do you recommend promoting?


Tammy: [00:22:01.62] There’s a couple of different ways you can promote, you know, old school is to just people don’t like to go door to door anymore because of the Kobe thing. So that’s invasive. That’s what we used to do. But what I like to do is have my agents go out. Maybe the day before, like on a Friday, typically almost all houses or by a school, an elementary school and just pass out fliers, meet the people. So you just pretend like you’re walking your kid from school or what? I mean, dress professional but comfortable. You don’t look too invasive and just say, Hey, I’m having an open house around the corner, so that’s a great way again. Getting in front of people for free. Right, OK. So that’s one way to do it. Directional signs if you’re doing an open house on Sunday. Start from the church.


Beatty: [00:22:57.45] Oh, that’s a great idea.


Tammy: [00:22:59.01] Yes. People don’t think about that. I don’t know why. Think about where’s the closest church? What time is service and you want your open house to start right after that service and you put an open house sign in front of that church and then directional signs all the way there.


Beatty: [00:23:20.20] You know, I was one of our clients a while back that I remember talking to. He was saying that his he averaged one new listing from every open house that he did with. Do you have any, any data on or as you’ve coached people to do this and you’ve done it yourself? Are they getting mostly buyers? Are they getting sellers as well? What’s kind of the mix and and what do you say on that?


Tammy: [00:23:49.93] Well, it depends on the price range. Ok. Ok, so if you’re in a first time home buyer price range that the open house that you’re sitting, you’re going to attract more buyers, which is fine because those buyers are eventually going to be sellers, right? It’s all about building your database. Ok? If you’re in a mid move up price range, you’re going to attract buyers and sellers. Ok. So would you want to do as well? As far as going back to the marketing, let’s say I have a home that is mid range, OK, it’s a move up. Ok, so you want to go to the townhomes? Maybe, and you can promote a flier there saying that you have an open house, OK? And then those people typically in the town home will be moving into that, that mid area. You want to look at where I live. We have an Air Force base here. So that makes it really easy for people that are coming and going. But look at industries that are moving people in and out, sheriff’s departments. I just went to the sheriff’s department booster two nights ago. Those are great things to get involved with your communities, teacher organizations, you know, PTA school board. Even though I know school board meetings are kind of the hot topic on the news right now, but right now, not the best one. But, you know, people that have good income and that need to buy housing. So you have to. And that’s what I teach my my clients. You really need to think outside of the box. I just met the captain in the sheriff’s department, found out one of the sheriffs is my neighbor. You know, I had no idea. So those are, you know, and you just you pass out your cards and say, you know, how can I help? How can I search you? Let me. That’s it. But I mean, I could go on and on about all the marketing strategy.


Beatty: [00:25:48.50] Let me share one thing out of the box, because what I find is so often realtors get what I call it myopic. They get focused on one channel, and it’s because the way it’s the way it’s always done, but they don’t go outside of that box. One of the things that happens in marketing is specifically telling your prospects why and how to do something. So back in your day. In my day before the internet, everything was done through the mail and they were things were sold through the mail and through catalogs. A lot. And I don’t know, have you ever do you ever remember like you’d open up a magazine and there would be this article and there’s a coupon that you would cut out to send in and request that whatever you were trying to purchase from that article, do you remember that? Do you remember those days? Okay? Do you remember there used to? They would have a little dotted line around the article around the coupon with a little scissors on it?


Tammy: [00:26:47.33] Yeah.


Beatty: [00:26:48.23] And do you? I don’t know if you remember this part, but all of these? Here’s where I’m going. They used to put the coupon without a dotted line and scissors, but they found that when they put a dotted line around it and a scissors, it prompted people to cut it out because it instructed them specifically what to do. And then the first words on that coupon was Cut out this coupon. Fill it out and mail it in. In other words, they gave very specific instructions and they saw, I think it was like a 20 or maybe as much as a 25 percent increase in purchases and coupon redemptions. So taking that concept, here’s what we find is that prospects a lot of times they don’t understand why they should do something, and you have to be very clear. So one of the things you can do outside of the box is when you have those fliers that you’re handing out or if you’re not door knocking, you can at least go door handle door handle hanging fliers out about the open house and make the comment. If you’re thinking about selling your home, see how other homes are upgraded, updated, how they’re looking. Say what the price is. Come look at the homes that are on the market to get a better idea how to fix up your home before you sell it. What that does now is give them gives them a reason to come, because if I’m if I got a flier about an open house, I already live in the neighborhood. I don’t care to go there. But if I’m thinking about selling, someone prompts


Tammy: [00:28:28.49] Me love


Beatty: [00:28:29.18] That come, look at this, then I’m more likely to show up. And now when you say, Hi, I’m Beatty with the PXP Realty, how can I help you? Oh, I’m just a neighbor where I got the flier and wanted to see what the house was looking like. You know, we’re thinking about selling cars or something like. So now you’ve got not only buyers coming through, but your focus on sellers within that same community. And as you do that, this is what my friend my client was doing. And he started to build a brand in the community because every time he would list a home, he would get another seller. He would list that get another seller, and people kept seeing his name in that community and it helped him farm.


Tammy: [00:29:10.25] Yeah, I’ll piggyback on that because I love that idea. Great. Something else that you can do, because that’s a fabulous idea, and this just popped up into my head that I would take. Five or six homes and call it an open house tour and rent party bus and say, I’ve got room for 20 people that are looking to put their home on the market sometime in the near future. And if you want to take a tour of some ideas for upgrades and what the competition might look like. Come join us at 12. And I don’t know how much a party that a family cost. Maybe, right? I don’t know 20 bucks and then throw in some, some other, you know, incentives, lunchbox included or whatever. It’s all about coming and meeting your neighbors. I’m all about getting more for the buck. Like, it’s great to do one one one, even on the open houses, which you should do. And this is another thing is book five showings at the end of your open house that are in surrounding neighborhood. Buyers aren’t coming in to buy that house, right? Then once you identify who they are because again, they’re going to come at the end, then you say, you know what? Beatty therefore houses that might meet your qualifications. I can show them right now. If you’ve got about another half hour, forty five minutes, you walk up the open houses and you go show those four houses below the point made before you even do the open house.


Beatty: [00:30:55.59] I love it. I am. I love your open house tours for prospective sellers. I’ve never heard that. But man, you do have a group of prospective sellers for, you know, half a day, all with your attention. How do you promote that? How do you get them there?


Tammy: [00:31:15.65] Well, you do by your farming. Ok, you know, so you can do it by your your farming, do you? I mean, social media is the easiest one your next door app and there’s a million ways to to promote that. And then you get all the neighbors talking. Oh, you didn’t get on that party bus? Oh, it was so fun. Even if they don’t even care, you’ll have people. I have no interest in listing, but they want to get out for a Sunday afternoon.


Beatty: [00:31:43.76] Yeah.


Tammy: [00:31:44.96] You know, to get out right now.


Beatty: [00:31:46.70] I remember years back I was I worked in the attraction industry agent attraction, basically. And one of the big ways that they would get new prospects to take a look at their business is invite them to a white tablecloth place for lunch. Okay. Anyone will come for a free lunch. I’m thinking this tour bus approach. You know, you have the party bus, you have a lunch at a nice restaurant someplace, and maybe you can even dare do the short presentation about things that are important when you’re putting your home on the market. And you know, I don’t care what it costs, but you could never buy that level of influence with new people to be their agent then than to do something like that. But you mentioned promoting your farm. I want to shift real quickly because the second thing you mentioned was geographic farming. And and I love the party bus approach, especially if it’s being promoted in a farm because, as you know, we’re big proponents of farming and I want to get your take on farming, what you teach on it, how you what you would recommend for a new person getting started in farming and why, you know, tell me, tell me what farming is and why and how to get it started.


Tammy: [00:33:06.60] Ok, so farming and I’m just going to do a shameless plug for you. All right. Beatty.


Beatty: [00:33:14.21] I’m all ears and listeners, so stop whatever you’re doing, so you’re not distracting and listen to the shameless plug about it.


Tammy: [00:33:24.80] I am a fan of farming, but not for new agents, necessarily.


Beatty: [00:33:33.23] Totally agree. I totally agree with you on that.


Tammy: [00:33:37.38] When you get started, you know, it can be expensive and it costs two or three times much than you actually think it was going to before you receive a check. So farming takes a while to be able to identify farming is a long term solution. To financial freedom, in my opinion. Mm hmm. Ok. But it’s not getting the short results, so I would tell my agents before I met you. Don’t send a mailer once a month if you’re going to do marketing. Send it once a week. I don’t care if you have to hand carry it. You want to bombard them that you are the expert in that neighborhood, then you back off.


Beatty: [00:34:28.98] Right?


Tammy: [00:34:29.95] Sending one a month kind of just trickles and you will eventually get a deal from that eventually, but you might not see it for a year or two with your system. What I loved about it because I’m like, You know what? I’m going to do a farm. I have the time. I have the money. I’m already kind of known in this in this neighborhood. And I’m just going to give it a shot because guess what? Everyone has stopped doing in my neighborhood


Beatty: [00:35:06.47] Farming in the mailbox, I bet


Tammy: [00:35:09.80] I’m not getting anything. Yes, amazing. And I’ll get a little trickle here and then they quit. I get another little trickle and then they quit. Excuse me. And it just floors me because it’s a long term thing. So I’m like, I’m going to do that. And with yours, it was so much more fun because you basically set up my entire 12 months. I’ve never seen anybody do that before. In your marketing department’s spot on, the communication is amazing. And you gave me some really great ideas, but also didn’t put me in a box. Um-hum. Because it’s like, OK, this is what you send out because I’m like, No, and I’m still changing things just as your staff notes, because I’m like, Oh, this is working, I like this. The personalized, on the flip side, has been golden.


Beatty: [00:36:10.35] Heard me. Tell me what you mean.


Tammy: [00:36:12.68] The front is all about what I have to offer an agent and my company. And then the flip side was just a little thing about my husband and I going to Vegas to see the Elton John concert. And then the next one was my boys because it’s writing season, which I heard that your boy might want to take a ride with my. Absolutely, absolutely. So, but it just makes it so much more personal than just sending, you know, here’s the neighborhood sales. You know what, with the internet now they can go, look that up themselves. What is what is the value, the proposition factor that you as an agent? Because let’s be honest, realtors are a dime a dozen. You want to be known as the go to person, you want to be known as the one that you know is serving the community that’s making people aware, maybe some neighborhood problems, maybe having, you know, another thing you could do a progressive dinner for your farm. So now you’ve sent out maybe three or four of my newsletters and hold a progressive dinner. What is a progressive dinner? You do it with your farm. You send out letters to your neighbors and say, I’m looking to host a progressive dinner. What is it? You know, we pick five houses. We do wine and appetizers. That one house. We do a main meal. We do a dessert and we just start at one house and it’s for three hours. Come meet your neighbors, you know, things like that. So in incorporating. The farming and the mailing with other things that you can do to get to know your farm. Hello, promoted neighborhood garage sale and bring all the coffee and donuts and do all the promotion for it in the springtime. That’s, you know, I mean, I could go on and on about things that you can really do to up the ante with mailers and Inc and making that good use instead of those just being tossed in the trash and your company, great job with that.


Beatty: [00:38:42.99] Well, I appreciate that. I’d like to ask you in a few minutes we have remaining. This is interesting because most of what we teach is on the farming side, on the past clients sphere of influence, but mostly at a higher level, because most of the clients that we’ve worked with in times past as a kind of a premium boutique operation over here are more the top producers. But we have a lot of people who come through our ranks and listen to our podcasts that are the the smaller agents. I’d say probably, you know, up to three, four or five million. And you mentioned that farming is not the right approach for someone that’s just kind of getting started. If someone is out there getting started, either chronologically, just getting started or economically, they’re still growing and they’re not at the level of of a heavy investment in farming outside of open houses. What’s the next thing that you would recommend they do and how do they do it?


Tammy: [00:39:47.85] The next thing that I would recommend besides open houses is that you definitely need to work your sphere of influence. Social media is free.


Beatty: [00:39:58.05] Ok.


Tammy: [00:39:58.47] Ok, so what you want to do is advertise other people’s listings. Ok, you can do that super easy. Our company offers a service that we can go ahead and advertise any XP listening that we want. I’ve advertised other Century 21 or Remax or Keller Williams because I’m like, Why isn’t that property selling? That’s a fabulous way to do it. And it’s not. It’s not unconventional.


Beatty: [00:40:28.07] Right? So let’s be really simple, OK, because sometimes I need it really simple for me to advertise someone else’s listings, and we’re talking about sphere of influence and social media. Tell me what you mean. What do I say? What do I do? And are you just saying, you know, just say, Hey, here’s a home for sale over here. Call me if you if you know, what’s the process?


Tammy: [00:40:50.39] Oh, OK, so I’ll give you an example. There is on the not on the center of influence. Another agent who has this fabulous listing and I don’t have a buyer for it. So I called him up and I said, Hey, Beatty, it looks like you did a phenomenal job buying and flipping that place. That place is stunningly gorgeous. I’m like, how you do it on buyers because you always want what else is going to make a new agent feel good is feeling like you’re part of the crowd, OK? The tour that you’re in the game and when you’re not doing any transactions, that kind of makes you feel not good, right?


Beatty: [00:41:32.03] I get it.


Tammy: [00:41:32.51] Your colleague and you’re going, Oh, tell me, I just can’t believe I’m having some challenges, you know, selling this. I’ve gotten some activity, but you’re talking and that makes you feel good and you say, Hey, Beatty, you know, I got a system that allows me and I’ve got a pretty good following on social media here in our area. Would it be OK if I advertise it there? Like they never say no? I know. So now you just developed a relationship with an agent and now you just put out a listing. That’s not yours. You know, and you just put it either on Facebook or Instagram. You have to disclose that it is listed by Beatty with ABC Realty or whatever. But those are all things that I show my agents how to do. Okay. So, you know, step by step on on how to do that as far as center of influence. You want to let people know. The easiest way is just to let them know that there’s a new listing in their area or there’s a new sale in their area or there’s a new pending. Ok. Agents won’t call unless they have an excuse. You do not want to call and say, Hey, I’m Tammy, I’m brand new to real estate, I haven’t talked to you for a while. I knew you from high school. You know, that’s you know. But if you have people center of influence that are in your area or people that you meet through networking events or what have you? You know, stay on top of that. You know, spend part of your week saying, OK, I got one hundred people that I know that, you know, care about me.


Tammy: [00:43:12.82] Trust me, let me find out what’s going on in their neighborhood. Hey, Beatty, did you know that that house over on Apple Street, it just went into escrow yesterday, just wanted to give you a heads up. How’s everything going? You know, the real estate conversation’s always going to be a topic, especially these days. Yeah. You know, do you guys, you know what’s going on with you? What’s going on with the kids? Maybe they have kids leaving. Maybe they’re moving in a mother in law. You know, people, people want to talk right now because we’ve been kind of in lock up, don’t talk to anybody. And it’s just nice to, you know, see how people are doing. So that’s a, you know, a simple thing to do. So open houses, center of influence, advertise other people’s listings. And what was the other one? I said. Farming precisely. Yeah. Minor detail. Minor detail. Yeah. Yeah. So in farming. So those are the the main things. But there’s there’s it’s really just depends on what type of personality you are and what you like and to to make it fun and make it easy. I make it easy for my coaching clients because it has to be something that you’re willing to do. And I will push you a little bit out of your comfort zone because you’re going to have to do things that are going to be uncomfortable. But after a while or oh, they’ll say, Oh my God, that’s so easy. I didn’t even know we could do that.


Beatty: [00:44:52.89] So let me ask you in a few minutes we have left. I want to talk to you about coaching. What does it feel like to be coached? If I’m an agent and you’re going to describe to me what you do in coaching for me? Give me kind of a snapshot of what does that look like for me in terms of engagement, accountability, what I need to do, how our calls go, anything like that?


Tammy: [00:45:20.58] Ok, so first of all, coaching with me is very different than some of the bigger dogs I learned. What works and what doesn’t work for a client? Mm hmm. Ok. What doesn’t work? Is it called every other week? You know, that’s an entry level that gets you in, that doesn’t work. Ok. Right. So your calls? I like to boost it up a little bit so you don’t get one call a week you get to. Two a week Friday. Yeah. Wow, OK. Because I want you to succeed. Now, the first 90 days, we do two a week until you get it. And then they don’t want to talk to me anymore. No. Yeah.


Beatty: [00:46:10.55] Then they’re too busy to talk to you, right?


Tammy: [00:46:13.14] And they are and they know their routine and they know the system because they are accountable to me every day. You know, so by six o’clock that night, they have a report card, they just text me what it what it is. Some people, you know, photograph there, take a picture of their deck with a deck is a daily accountability checklist. They write it out. They don’t type it, I don’t I don’t allow it because there’s something about writing it out, so they have a daily accountability that look like this. Call my top 10, call my five follow ups. You know, go in preview five properties. Write a contract. If you’re new, I make them write a contract. I’m like, Pick a house. Go take a look at it and write a contract on it. They’re like, why would why? Because you’re going to freak out when you have a real buyer and you have no idea how to write a contract? Hmm. So those are some things that that I work on, and then they they have a little calendar and they give themself a grade every day, a two and a half. How would you do? And then at the end of the month, we look and we average it, and if there are C minus average, do you get C minus income? Pretty simple. That’s the best thing ever, because people do not want to write a C on their daily report card, so it’s awesome. I’ll have people say I’m going to be a little bit late. I’m striving for a B. What you push it push does. Yeah, yeah. So I’m all about making them money. Whether you’re new or seasoned agent, it’s about getting now money for the new agent and for the seasoned agent. It’s about consistency. More money. Less time.


Beatty: [00:48:05.97] You know, I. I have a friend that has been an agent for years, and he always hovered at around three or $400000 a year. Take home and then he decided to actually use a coach and the coach was a once a week holding accountable. And I think it was step the first year he broke a million dollars take home pay.


Tammy: [00:48:32.69] I love it.


Beatty: [00:48:33.29] And then he stayed there for a couple of years coaching and he said, I can do this on my own because I see the pattern. So he quits the coach and the very next year without the coach. I think he drops to like 600000, OK? And then he realized, I need to get the coach again. He gets back to the coach and back over a million


Tammy: [00:48:50.24] And seen that happen. Yes. And I will tell you, we are in November. Twenty twenty one start now. Yeah. You know what? Don’t wait because you were not going to have a paycheck until April. You’re going to get going about January 15th. Prospected might get a deal by March. That’s an April closing. You don’t want to do that. Ok, everybody is going into turkey mode right now, right? Ok, half of your competition is gone. Ok. Do your open houses now there are no looky loos around the holidays. Those are buyers.


Beatty: [00:49:34.40] True. Absolutely. Well, if people wanted to get in touch with you, Tammy, and learn more about coaching with you, how do they do that?


Tammy: [00:49:49.12] So the best way to get a hold of me is just call me or text to text me six six one two two zero zero seven eight for my coaching website is turning a passion into profits, but then asked turning kids into profits. Yeah, maybe we do another call. We get into that story. Yeah, OK. But that’s my coaching website that gives you a little bit of information about me and how I got started. It’s a super simple website because I like to talk to people. I don’t do any free. Here’s the script because it just it doesn’t work. You can get that all day long


Beatty: [00:50:33.52] When you can.


Tammy: [00:50:35.50] And so I do a free strategy session. So give me a call. And if nothing else, you’re going to get a boatload of information that’ll help you grow. And then hopefully I can earn your business. So.


Beatty: [00:50:48.73] Great. Well, so let me repeat that out, and I’ll put this in the show notes as well. So six six one two two zero zero seven eight four And you can also go to the website turning passion into profits. And that’s profits fights, not profits as in the Bible, profits turning passion into profits. Dot com. That’s correct. All right. Great. Well, Tammy, this has been really wonderful. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been taking notes and I’m thinking, Oh, I’m going to add a few more things to my repertoire of what I teach on farming this. This is great. So thank you so much for your time and your expertize and write you guys out there listening and watching. You all have a very blessed day.


Tammy: [00:51:36.37] All right. Thanks, Beatty.