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Open houses are a great way to generate seller leads. There are 3 ways to maximize the sellers leads you can generate from open houses. The first way is to drive in traffic by making phone calls into the surrounding neighborhood and promoting it. Watch video for more details.




Get Real Estate Seller Leads with Open Houses: Part 1 – Realtor Phone Calls

So you are going to do an open house, right? Now you must market it to find motivated seller leads. Here is the fallacy that most agents make because they don’t understand the power of marketing for real estate agents.

When real estate agents do an open house, what they do is put out signs that say, “Open House Sunday 2- 4.” Okay? They put out balloons to draw attention because they think this is sufficient real estate marketing. Then they just sit. And they wait. And they play solitaire, or they text while no one is showing up. That is not the best real estate marketing strategy for finding motivated sellers.

Realtor Prospecting and Lead Generation with Open Houses

Successful open houses allow you to identify the sellers and get listings. If you really want to get people at your open house, then you need to be proactive. There are several ways to do this, and the way that I’m going to tell you about today involves real estate prospecting.

One way to be proactive in your real estate agent marketing is that you pick up the phone and you start prospecting by calling the residents of the neighborhood where your upcoming open house is located. You let them know, “Hey, I don’t know if you know it or not, but the Joneses are putting their home on the market. I’ve got an open house this Sunday.” If the open house is on a Sunday, be sure to call on a Wednesday or Thursday to give them plenty of time so that you can maximize the potential to gain motivated seller leads. You might say, “I’d just like to invite you because it’s a beautiful home.  Maybe you know someone who would like to move into this neighborhood. Maybe if you are thinking about selling your own home, you can see what homes are selling for and how they are fixed up. The open house is going to be Sunday from 2 – 4. I hope you can come.”

Finding Motivated Seller Leads with ‘Circle Calling’

Then you continue calling neighbors, what I call ‘circle calling,’ to maximize your motivated seller leads. As a realtor, you want to put a dot in the neighborhood where your current listing is, the one where your open house is located, and then you call all the people right around it and try to hit the closest 100 homes. Realtors who do this will get a lot more potential sellers.  And the most important thing is that the people who are coming are usually the people thinking about selling and you can pick up more listings that way.


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