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When promoting an open house, if done properly you can generate seller leads with no extra effort. There are actually 3 ways to maximize the sellers leads you get from open houses. The third way is by promoting it with postcard mailings in advance of the open house. Watch video for more details.




Get real estate seller leads with Open House Part 3 – realtor postcard mailouts

In parts one and two of this series, we talked about finding motivated seller leads with open houses by implementing realtor phone calls and prospecting through door knocking and using a real estate flyers template. Today, we will talk about the third of these real estate marketing strategies used in tandem with your open house: real estate postcards. Now sending these personalized real estate postcards obviously takes a little bit more time. As a realtor, you have to spend the time to put together just listed postcards and just sold postcards. To do this, you have to get the addresses, you have to locate real estate postcard templates, you have to print the real estate postcards, and you have to mail the postcards to prospective sellers and buyers. Even though using this as one of your real estate marketing ideas can require more effort, it presents another easy method of marketing your open house.

What this means is that you must plan. As a realtor, you can’t simply say, “Oh, it’s Thursday. I want to do an open house on Sunday” and think that you are going to be able to send out real estate postcards in time. Instead, you have to plan your open house ahead of time. Marketing for real estate agents can be maximized by using these key real estate marketing tools.

Marketing for real estate agents through real estate postcards

Again, your goal for the open house, as a realtor, is not to sell the house; it’s to get more sellers. Now you may sell the house and that’s a secondary benefit. The primary benefit and number one reason to do the open house is that it will identify motivated seller leads. In essence, these real estate marketing ideas will show you how to get listings. That is really the power of these real estate marketing tips.

So what you need to do is you create real estate postcards. You talk about the open house. Give them reasons why they should come. Once you identify prospects in your sphere of influence who you’d like to have attend your open house, you give them a reason to come so that you have a better chance of identifying a motivated seller.  There are two key reasons you, as a realtor, might give people to entice them to attend your open house.

Number 1: “You might know some friends who want to live in this area, so have them come look at the house or you come look at it.” By saying this, you increase your chances at real estate lead generation by increasing the pool of possible sellers who attend your open house.

Number 2: “You may be interested in selling some time in the near future, so it’s very important for you to find out what homes are selling for in your neighborhood and how they are fixed up. So, I invite you to come look at this house so you can get some ideas.” When you indicate how they could benefit from preparing to become sellers themselves in the future, they will be more inclined to attend your open house. This will help you identify real estate leads as well.

Using personalized real estate postcard templates to maximize real estate leads

After you pinpoint these reasons on your just listed postcards, which you’ve created using real estate postcard templates, you mail them out. You want to mail your just listed postcards out so they arrive some time mid-week, Wednesday or Thursday. That way, it’s in the mailbox in time for them to come over on Sunday. This will maximize your chances to convince those in your sphere of influence to attend the open house, which in turn will allow you to identify real estate seller leads.

Remember to always put your photo on the real estate postcards because when you come in the door and you say, “Hey, I’m Beatty Carmichael,” they’ll say, “I know you, I got your postcard.” It’s key to be sure they know you as a realtor. That’s what you want because real estate is a relationship business. The stronger you can build the relationship between realtor and sellers, the more likely you are to get business. By putting your photo on the just listed postcards you are able to do just that.


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