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After looking at hundreds of postcards Realtors use for postcard farming, there are only four that I consider the BEST postcards to use to generate seller leads. We’ve mailed literally millions of postcards for our clients, and the four have consistently been the best we’ve found. Watch this short video to learn more.

The 4 Best Ways to Identify Sellers Leads Before They Come on the Market

How many ways are there for real estate agents to find sellers leads or identify sellers before they come on the market in a certain geographic farming location? Gosh, I could probably come up with 10. I know I can come up with three or four ways to generate real estate leads right off the bat because it’s really easy.

First off, let me explain the method to the madness, the method behind effective lead generation. If you want to identify sellers before they come on the market, it’s a simple process to incorporate into your real estate marketing strategies. You have to have something to offer when you are marketing to potential real estate leads. You have to get motivated seller leads to respond. You also have to be able to track which of your sellers responds. That’s it. Offer. Respond. Track who responds.

Think about it. What is it that a motivated seller would want to know? Well, it’s funny, because when I ask an agent this, he or she tells me, “All sellers want to know is ‘How much money am I going to get?’” No, many real estate agents get that wrong. That is not what all sellers want to know.

How to find motivated seller leads by sharing your marketing skills and expertise

If a motivated seller is going to get $150,000 for their home now, but a realtor can get them $225,000 if they put $10,000 into it, sellers are interested in the real estate marketing strategies that can get them there. You know what I know? That motivated seller leads will probably want to put $10,000 into it. They want to know how they can maximize how much money they can get for their home. And how they can minimize the amount of time it is on the market. That’s really what they want to know when marketing their home.

While there are a lot of ways to identify sellers, here are just a few specific real estate marketing tips you can use when prospecting. Use a home value website as one of your real estate marketing tools. Entice sellers to find out what their home is worth. Another way is to let seller leads know that you, as their realtor, can probably get their home sold immediately. Tell them, “I’ve got a client looking for this area, exactly where you are.” Put real estate mailers in the mailbox and say, “If you are thinking about selling, call me, text me, let me know because I have someone looking for your street.”

Use your buyers in lead generation to find motivated sellers

Narrow it down. Suggest to these possible realtor leads, “I have someone who is interested in your house.” In fact, a simple way to appease your buyer and attract seller leads might be to drive your client through the neighborhood. Point to the houses that, if they were on the market at the right price, they would likely consider buying. Have the client just point to them. Then you can honestly write real estate letters to potential motivated sellers that say, “I have a client who has driven through your neighborhood. They are interested in your home. Are you thinking about selling? If so, can you call me?” Just put that out there as one of your real estate marketing.

So that’s the second of these top real estate marketing strategies. It gives you a process on how to effectively incorporate real estate lead generation into the buyer side of your real estate business.

Using the ‘Free Report’ in marketing to generate real estate leads

Another real estate marketing tip to help you identify sellers for your real estate business is to use what I call the ‘Free Report’. The ‘Free Report’ is one of those real estate marketing tools that is free (or costs very little) and is very effective. For example, you can say to potential sellers “I’ve got a free report that, if you are thinking about selling, gives you 5 ways that will get you the most money in the shortest amount of time. You have to do these things before your home goes on the market. So if you are thinking about putting your home on the market in the future, do these now. Call or text me.”  You want to find a way to somehow get that report to your motivated seller leads.

How to generate real estate leads by holding an open house

Another way to identify seller leads when you are doing geographic farming is to hold open houses. As soon as you get a listing, one of the more successful real estate marketing strategies you can use is to hold an open house. But, market it to all the people in that community because all of those real estate leads who are thinking about selling like to go see open houses in the community.

These potential sellers want to see how they are priced and see how they are fixed up on the inside so they can get ideas on how they can do it. That now brings possible seller leads in that you can identify. Most of the time, the people who come to the open house are motivated seller leads who are thinking about selling their home, not people thinking about buying that home.

All of these real estate prospecting ideas are great ways to find sellers when you are marketing to your geographic farm. I could go through variations of all of these things, but this probably gives you four or five things you, as a realtor, can take home with you and add as one of your real estate marketing tools.


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