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What’s the absolute BEST real estate marketing postcard you can use for geographic farming? The answer may surprise you! I’ve been testing different types of postcards for years and what I believe is the absolute BEST is a type most agents have never even considered. It’s absolutely amazing, and you’ll learn more in this short video.



The absolute BEST real estate postcards for geographic farming to get motivated sellers leads for realtors

We’re now ratcheting up marketing ideas for real estate agents. You’ve asked me about the postcards. You’ve asked me how many postcards. Now you are asking me about the best types of just sold postcards.  Thank you for this last question.  What’s the absolute best type of postcards you can send in lead generation? That’s different than the best types of just sold postcards. Let me explain.

In my experience, real estate agent marketing really depends on where you are in geographic farming. There are so many variables here. If I were to pick one example of postcard templates that are effect, it would be what we call our true, custom inside reality postcards. There are actually three ingredients in this type of marketing, what we call ‘The Three S’s’ marketing approach.

Using the Three S’s strategy in effective real estate prospecting

Showing off your realtor sales is the first. You are showing off the secrets behind those agent sales and you’re showing off any special real estate marketing strategies and services that you do. I’m not going to talk about services now. That’s a whole other topic. In context of what we’re doing, and maybe a realtor can duplicate this on their own, you take your postcards and it’s a combination of what we call wow sold postcards where you’re showing off a sale that has some sort of a wow factor that you’ve been able to craft out of the message. You then link that to something that makes your real estate marketing unique on your own. Let me set this up for a moment.

Let’s say you have a list of eight things that are special about you, special real estate marketing strategies. These skills are things that, if potential sellers understood these eight skills you have and the level that you carry with those skills, they would choose you as their realtor every time. We’re going to take those eight things and we’re going to match that with eight agent sales that you’ve done or as you’re doing as you go along.

We are then going to create amazing inside reality postcards that marries a wow sold to a great sale, with an inside reality. Now, postcards come out that shows off the house. Here’s an effective real estate marketing tip: Use a smaller picture so you have room on your postcards for content. You have a powerful headline like, “Sold in seven days.” Then, you use some sort of, “My aggressive marketing” or “My premarketing” or even “My skill in getting the word out,” whatever you want to use.

You start to write one or two sentences about your marketing and that sale that describes what actually happened. “My aggressive marketing got twenty two buyers before the home went on the market.” I’m just actually making this up. “My aggressive marketing got seven buyers coming into the home on the first day it was on the market. We got three offers and we sold it in seven days.  How do I consistently do things like that for my clients? Well, one reason is…” Now you pull one of your eight things out and you plug it in. That becomes the basis for your postcards.

Now what happens is that all of your postcards like that that go out and are hitting on all eight cylinders of what those motivated sellers want to know when they choose an agent. Are you selling and why should I choose you over someone else as their realtor. Your real estate marketing postcards have got it all there.

The third “S” I was talking about is some sort of service that you do. Basically, for those of you who are involved with marketing you understand what a USP, a unique selling proposition is, that’s basically the service. The third S, if you have a unique selling proposition, paste it on your just sold postcards or just listed postcards so it’s there every single time.

You’ve got those three S’s as part of your real estate marketing strategies: Your successes, your secrets, and your services. You’ve got the best postcards that I’ve ever tested that drive in real estate leads like you wouldn’t believe.


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