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What’s the BEST way to market to your sphere of influence and past clients? There are so many things you can do, but in our opinion there are only a few things that can really generate the ongoing, sustainable source of new business you’re looking for. Watch this short video for more details and how to do it.




Sphere of influence in real estate – the BEST way for a real estate agent marketing to a SOI list

What’s the best way to market to your sphere of influence? You know, that’s a loaded question because there is so much you can do.

Let’s talk about the fundamentals of marketing to your sphere of influence list for just a moment. Let’s don’t talk about tactic; let’s talk about overall strategy. It’s the strategy that wins the game. The one fundamental that you must have if you want your personal contacts in your sphere of influence list to always choose you as their realtor, to always get their real estate referrals, to always think of you when brainstorming about real estate agents, is what I call your inside reality. It’s the prospect understanding why they should remember you when choosing a realtor.

Real estate branding and educating sellers are the key real estate marketing strategies when convincing sellers that you are the best real estate agent

I’ve got a friend who sells real estate. I’ve got another friend who sells real estate. I like them both. The first friend I know sells real estate, but I don’t know much about them. I don’t know much about what they do. I don’t know much about their skill level, volume level or expertise level. I just know that they sell real estate and I get touched by them periodically through various real estate marketing products.

The second friend, who also sells real estate, I know a whole lot more about. I know how much education they’ve gone through in becoming a realtor. I know how much skill and expertise they bring to the table as a real estate agent. I’ve seen examples of where their skill and expertise have demonstrably increased their value return to their sellers. I know how hard they work to get homes sold for their sellers. I see what they do in terms of marketing. Maybe I have an inside scoop with their assistant and that assistant is always telling me things that my friend is constantly doing to stay sharp and at the top of their game.

Sellers will always choose the real estate agent they know most about and this is the biggest reason why you need to start marketing to your sphere of influence list

Now when it comes time to choose a real estate agent, which one do I choose?  I choose the one who I know the most about every single time, the same goes for all sellers. Knowing something about them gives me increased confidence that I’m going to get my home sold faster, for more money and with less hassle. If any problems come up, I know my sale is in capable hands that my chosen real estate agent is going to overcome all issues.

So if you don’t have that, then all you have is an ‘I’m like any other real estate agent’ top-of-mind. This is the challenge to personal marketing to any consumer. Those sellers out there look at all real estate agents as ‘I’m like any other real estate agent’ types.  They wonder, “What separates one real estate agent from another? I don’t know. They all do the same thing for their sellers. They stick a sign in the yard. They list it in the MLS. They wait for someone else to bring a buyer.”

If you can’t differentiate yourself to sellers demonstrably and verifiably beyond that perception, then it’s just a crap shoot of whether you even get chosen as their realtor.

When you start marketing to your sphere of influence list, the most important thing you can do in the entire process is to start to separate yourself out from the crowd as a unique real estate agent so they have reason to know why to choose you as their realtor.


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