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What’s the BEST way to touch your sphere of influence and past clients? We’ve found that not all touches are the same. Some actually lose your business, while others will noticeably increase the sales and referrals from your personal contacts. This short video walks you through what makes a great touch. Watch it now.




Sphere of influence in real estate – what makes a GREAT touch to generate the most real estate seller leads?

The most important way to create a good touch is to look at it from the eyes of the sellers, not from your own eyes as a realtor trying to get seller leads. We have to look at what real estate leads want. Here is a simple value-add. This is something my real estate agent client has been doing for years. It’s disarmingly simple, but it’s powerful because it’s what people want. He gives seller leads what they want: human interest stories.

Sending human interest stories to real estate leads in your sphere of influence helps real estate agents get listings

If you are old enough, you may remember Paul Harvey. I used to love listening to Paul Harvey and his ‘The Rest of the Story’. The rest of the story was always something fun, uplifting and warm-hearted. These are the types of stories our realtor clients have been successfully sharing with their real estate leads.

If you don’t remember Paul Harvey, let me give another analogy to help explain how these real estate marketing ideas can help you find motivated sellers. If you watch the local news, every now and again they put on some sort of human interest story. It could be something about someone who saves a puppy or an eleven year old boy who raises money to put flags on all of the tombstones in the local cemetery. It’s simply a story that’s warm and uplifting and makes you think, “Oh, that’s so nice.”

Positive stories like these are refreshing because everything else we get in the news is mostly negative. These stories catch the eye of seller leads and help real estate leads build a positive association with the realtor.

Sending seller leads in your sphere of influence real estate letters to get listings

Sending human interest stories is another way of using real estate marketing strategies to your advantage. This is something we do for our clients. We package them as ‘Monday Morning Coffee’. Every Monday, an email goes out containing a human interest story. When seller leads read it, it’s something warm, uplifting and encouraging. It sets the tone for the rest of the week and they love it. They eat it up.

Ask yourself, “What are those things?” You can probably find a book of 1001 human interest stories. Take one section of the book every Monday and send it out to your sphere of influence list through digital real estate mailers.

Here is another type of touch you can do when marketing to your sphere of influence list. You are looking for those things that add value to your seller leads. Let’s say you are in the second-home market. We have one such real estate client who sells down in Marco Island, Florida. Most people don’t live there because it’s a second-home market. They are all up north or west someplace.

Let’s think in terms of using an email campaign as one of our real estate marketing products for just a moment. What type of touches can you create marketing to your sphere of influence list with an email that gives these seller leads information that they want to know? How about giving them information about what’s going on in Marco Island and sending it once or twice a month via real estate mailers?

Marketing to your sphere of influence through real estate mailers that provide local news

“What’s Happening in Marco Island” is the subject line. When seller leads in your sphere of influence open the real estate mailers, they’ll find smaller headlines of the various things going on that may interest them. The bridge is closed; it’s down for repairs. It’s planned to be opened by this date. A new facility is being built over here. Give them information like this that keeps your sphere of influence plugged in to your real estate marketing products.

You can take this type of touch into a local concept. I was talking to another real estate agent in town about things you can do to touch seller leads. I told him that one thing you can do, because you are looking at it from the consumer side, is to provide information about what is happening around town. Once a month or twice a month, put together a little list of fun things that are going on and send it out in your real estate mailers. Give them information about what’s going on at local venues like concerts, theater, craft-shows, etc. When using this as one of your real estate marketing strategies to target your sphere of influence, you want to give them information about anything that might be of interest because most of us don’t read the local newspaper anymore.

How do you get the local news? It’s difficult. Do the legwork for them. Dig it up and send it out. Think about me for a moment. I’m married. I have kids. My wife and I still go on a date night once a week and the question always arises, “What do we do?” “I don’t know, honey, what do you want to do?” “Should we go out to eat?” “Where should we go?” We generally go back to the same spots over and over again.                                  

Using real estate mailers to entice seller leads in your sphere of influence to have a positive association with your real estate business

Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of all the things going on throughout the month so we could look at it and say, “Let’s do this.” Now what happens is that the email from their local real estate agent becomes welcomed information. It’s going to come to me. It’s going to be opened by me. I’m going to look at it. It’s going to be adding value. When that happens, all of the credit goes back to the real estate agent who is sending it to me and they are earning brownie points.

That’s how it works.



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