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What’s a great, beginner type postcard you can use with your sphere of influence and past clients? It’s the “market snapshot” postcard. But rather than doing what most agents do and showing off a list of all sales in the area, make a simple change and you will drive more results. Watch video to learn more.



Sphere of influence prospecting postcards – getting sellers with the real estate market snapshot approach

Another type of real estate postcards you can do—and this is actually what a lot of real estate agents do—is probably the least effective. I’ll call it average. Forgive my verbiage on this. I heard it from someone else, but it’s so appropriate. Average is the cream of the crap and the crap of the cream.

I hope I don’t offend you, but this basically describes market snapshot realtor postcards. There are a whole lot of real estate postcards you can do, but the market snapshot is the first—and the lowest—level of real estate postcard marketing that is going to be effective.

Basically, the market snapshot is just another real estate postcard you can send out to your sphere of influence list. It provides a list of real estate activity that is going on in your local market.

Sending real estate postcards to your sphere of influence to show real estate leads that you are actively selling

There is something you can do to take a market snapshot and increase its effectiveness. You can make it into a real estate branding ‘Beatty Carmichael’ snapshot. These type of real estate postcards will say something like, “Let me show you a snapshot of all the homes I’ve sold in the last year.” Don’t talk about the buyer’s side or the seller’s side. Leave that off if you are doing a lot of buyer-side transactions. Leave it up to the consumer to have their own perception of what this is.

On the realtor postcards you send out to your personal contacts list, just say, “These are the homes I’ve sold.” Show the sale date and the price and boom, boom, boom. Your sphere of influence will receive the card and say, “Wow, this guy is actively selling. Look at this. He’s selling, selling, selling!”

That’s the market snapshot realtor postcards. They’re simply to use as one of your real estate marketing products. These real estate postcards are more of what I call a filler card, but they can be effective. If you get it out there, it at least shows your activity and that’s impactful.


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