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Here’s another great marketing postcard to use with your personal contacts — your sphere of influence and past clients. It’s the Just Listed postcard. The key is to not do it as most agents do. With just an extra moment’s effort you can tell a short story and make a bigger impact in your contacts’ minds, leaning them towards you. Watch video to learn more.



Prospecting postcards for sphere of influence – getting sellers with the real estate Just Listed card

Another type of the real estate postcards you can send out to your personal list and sphere of influence are just listed postcards. Now, just listed postcards aren’t as good as just sold postcards, but they are part of the sequence. You basically are saying to your sphere of influence, “Hey, I just listed this home.” What this does is, it shares with your prospects that you are actively doing something as a realtor.

What happens is that people see just listed postcards with your real estate branding information and in their mind they are going, “Ah, Beatty is actively selling homes.” If I can get them to remember that “Beatty is actively selling homes,” then what happens is they remember that “Beatty sells homes. Beatty is a real estate agent.” This keeps me top-of-mind with my sphere of influence. It’s a reminder through my real estate marketing products.

Using just listed postcards as one of your real estate marketing strategies when targeting your sphere of influence list

There are things you can do with just listed postcards that makes it even better. Why not share some of your inside reality of what real estate marketing strategies you used to get it listed? Say something like, “Just listed! _________address. If you know anyone thinking about moving, we had this home prepared three weeks before we listed it to make sure it came on the market ready for a hot sell. Here is what we did.” You then list the things that you did to help prepare the home on that real estate postcard.

Now what happens is that when your personal contacts get the real estate postcards, they go, “Wow, look at that! Beatty really knows what he is doing. He took time before he listed it to make sure it was well prepared.” Why? Because a well-prepared home sells for more money in shorter time than a poorly prepared home. You see, I educate people through marketing with real estate postcards.

So that’s what your just listed cards can do. That’s also how you take normal, real estate agent just listed postcards and you notch it up one or two notches by giving some of your inside reality.

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