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There are lots of postcards you can use when marketing to your past clients and sphere of influence. In this short video I go through and share the TOP 10 postcards that can help increase sales and referrals from your sphere of influence and past clients. Watch this short video now to learn more.




The top 10 prospecting postcards to use with your real estate sphere of influence list to generate sellers

How many types of real estate postcards can you use for sphere of influence marketing? There are quite a few. I can think of eight to ten types of real estate postcards off the top of my head. Let’s go through these real estate postcards quickly and I’ll describe each one.

First you have what I call the series of just listed postcards and just sold postcards. These include ‘Coming Soon’, ‘Just Listed’, ‘Under Contract’ and ‘Just Sold’ real estate postcards. We have four real estate postcards here that allow you to maximize the number of touches you do if you have low volume. The great thing with each of these real estate postcards is that you can include information about yourself to build your real estate branding and you can also educate seller leads in your sphere of influence about your skillsets and your expertise. These real estate postcards give a fuller version of who you are. Each card educates your prospects.

Identifying sellers in your sphere of influence early by marketing to seller leads with real estate postcards

Next you’ve got the ‘Inside Reality’ real estate postcards. These are all about educating people in your sphere of influence on why they should choose you over someone else.

You’ve then got ‘Home Valuation’ real estate postcards. These are sent when you are using a home valuation website and you are saying, “Hey, do you want to find out what your home is worth because you are thinking about selling?  Go to this website.”

Other types of real estate postcards you can use to help you identify sellers before they come on the market

After that, you have ‘Free Report’ real estate postcards. This puts us at number seven. The ‘free report’ is a type of direct response that allows you to identify sellers.

If you want to use the ‘I Have a Client’ type of real estate postcards, it’s also used for identifying sellers. That’s eight.

You have a ninth one which is the ‘Market Snapshot’ where you do a general snapshot of what is going on in the market of your sphere of influence.

Number ten would be if you do ‘Personal Snapshot’ real estate postcards. Maybe I want to send a personal snapshot of the last ten sales that I’ve made, both buyers and sellers transactions.

All of these real estate postcards are things you can do that are at the core of the types of realtor postcards you can send out.

That’s ten of them right there.


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