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What’s the BEST type of Just Sold postcard you can use with sphere of influence and past clients? This post is Part 2. When you focus on your “inside reality” you begin to differentiate yourself from other competitor Realtors they may know, increasing sales and referrals to you. Watch video to learn more.




The BEST type of Just Sold prospecting postcards for your sphere of influence list – part 2 your inside reality

The second way you can do just sold postcards to your past clients list and sphere of influence is heads and shoulders above what the real estate competition is doing. These types of real estate postcards will include real estate branding information about you—what I call your inside reality.

We talked about the first way to do just sold postcards where you highlight something in the sale that works toward branding you as a top realtor. For instance, “My marketing skills sold this home 10 days faster than the average agent. I used such aggressive marketing that we got three offers. Our seller was able to pick the very best one.” That’s one of the first real estate postcard templates that realtors should use when marketing to find motivated sellers.

Marketing to your sphere of influence using just sold postcards that share your inside reality as a realtor with seller leads

Now let’s go to the second of your real estate postcards and see how we can boost this up a notch for impact. The impact we want to make is to get that motivated seller to go, “Wow! I’d be a fool to choose any realtor but Beatty.” How can I use real estate postcard templates like just sold postcards to generate seller leads? I can add examples of my inside reality—some of my real estate marketing strategies that I have used with previous sellers—that show off my successes.

I’m going to say something like, “How do I consistently sell homes faster and get more money for my clients? One secret is….” Then I’m going to share one of my real estate marketing skills. “I do extensive, marketing of the home before it goes on the market. I post the home on over 100 different websites, including all the major ones and minor ones that drive traffic. The number one key to selling your home fast and for the most money is to get the most buyers looking at it and coming to it. I do a lot groundwork and aggressive marketing to make sure that happens.” Isn’t that impressive?

Identifying seller leads in your sphere of influence before they go on market with just sold postcards

Then, when I send future just sold postcards, I’m going to talk about something else that shares with homeowners my inside realty. What begins to happen is that the motivated seller leads go, “Wow! This real estate agent gets it. This realtor is actually going to do something more than just stick a sign in the yard, list it in the MLS and wait.”

That’s the second way to create powerful just sold postcards.


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