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If you would send only ONE type of real estate marketing postcard to your sphere of influence and past clients, what postcard would it be? After testing a TON of different cards and tracking the results, there is only ONE card I would choose, and you’ll learn more about it on the video. Watch it now.




The absolute BEST real estate prospecting postcards for sphere of influence

What’s the absolute best postcard marketing ideas for real estate agents looking to market to their sphere of influence marketing and their personal list? If I could just pick one of my real estate marketing tips for lead generation out of everything we’ve talk about, it’s the types of just sold postcards we talked about last.

These types of realtor postcards are the ones where we ratcheted it up all the way. These postcards are where you pull out one of your very best sales—we call it a Wow Sold—and you highlight the power of your real estate marketing strategies.

Postcards like these may read, “My aggressive marketing sold this home in only 7 days. We got 5 offers and sold it for $2000 over asking price.” Then you share some part of your inside reality to enhance your branding with your seller leads. If this is all you do, then all of your real estate postcards going out are creating this wow factor with your sphere of influence.

How to use value-add touches to generate motivated seller leads in your sphere of influence

We talked earlier about there being different types of touches when doing real estate agent marketing to generate seller leads. Some touches are neutral or negative. Other touches are value-adds. What happens is, the success of lead generation depends on what you do with the touch. It’s the content that’s valuable to you as a realtor, not the fact that you are mailing a real estate postcard. The value is in what you print on the postcard. It’s not the fact that you send an email when you are prospecting, but what you put in the email that counts.

Content is king. If you get the content right in your real estate marketing products, you will win every single time. And the best postcard for real estate lead generation is one that has a powerful sale that is greatly articulated and highlights all of the value of the real estate marketing strategies you used to make the sale happen.

This type of realtor postcard also shows off your inside reality and ties your expertise back into the sale being highlighted on the card, strengthening your branding in the minds of your realtor leads. Now that seller is going, “I get it. His marketing expertise is driving these sales.” Every real estate postcard your motivated sellers in your sphere of influence get, they think, “His expertise is driving that sale.” What happens is, now they get it. Now, they are connecting real estate tools that work to your skills as a realtor and they say, “Your expertise constantly driving these sales is amazing; therefore, when I sell my home, I want your expertise.”

These are the best real estate postcards you can ever do.


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