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What are simple, powerful touches you can do with your sphere of influence and past clients? This is Part 8 of 9 in a short series of touches you can do. On this post I’ll share about the power of the handwritten letter. Staying personal with your personal list is critically important to maintain the relationship and encourage them to remember you first. Watch video to learn more.




Simple real estate lead generation touches for your sphere of influence – the personal handwritten letter

Another really impactful realtor touch that you can use in lead generation doesn’t cost much money, but it does take more time. The impact of real estate marketing strategies, like the one I’m about to share, is huge. This touch is the ‘Personal Letter’.

Personal real estate prospecting letters can go, “Dear John and Sue, I was just thinking about you and I really value your friendship. Thank you so much. Beatty.” I’m going to get some brownie points for that and increase my real estate branding.

However, if you take some time and say something specific, the impact of realtor letters to prospective sellers will be better. Consider boosting your real estate letter templates to include more personal information.

“Hey John and Sue, I just want to let you know how much we really value your friendship. I don’t know if you remember this, but five years ago when our little Tommy was having problems, you guys came over and helped out. I want you to know how much that really touched us. We remember it to this day and we greatly value your relationship. Among all of our friends, we really count you as two of the most special, sweetest friends. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know.”

Real estate prospecting letters like this one take a little more time and thought, but can you imagine the impact of getting that type on potential sellers? If you were to include real estate letters like this in your real estate lead generation campaign twice or three times a year, what you’ll be doing is nurturing a relationship. That’s the whole idea of the personal letter, to nurture relationships. This, in turn, increases your branding in the minds of potential motivated sellers.

How to generate real estate leads by personalizing real estate prospecting letters

Let me ask you a real simple question. Let’s say that I’m a homeowner. I’m going to start thinking about selling my home. I’ve got a really good relationship with two realtors. I’ve got one agent over here that I know really appreciates me because he makes it apparent in the real estate letters and cards he sends. I appreciate him for appreciating me. I’ve got another agent over here that I like and he likes me, but I get these Christmas cards that are obviously templates from him every year.

Which one of these realtors am I going to call?  The answer is obvious. I’m going to choose the one sending me real estate letters that are personal every single time.

You can tilt the success of real estate lead generation in your direction just by taking time and sharing your heart—if there is something to share about—and being sincere and authentic.

Be sure to add the personal letter to your arsenal of real estate marketing tools that really work.


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