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What are simple, powerful touches you can do with your sphere of influence and past clients? This is Part 9 of 9 in a short series of touches you can do. On this post I’ll share about the value of the personal phone call. Just the impact of reaching out and touching them personally makes a huge impact in feeling appreciated by you, and rewarding you with their business. Watch video to learn more.




Simple real estate lead generation touches for your sphere of influence – the personal phone call or handwritten note

There are so many real estate marketing tips you can use to create successful touches to your sphere of influence list.  An effective real estate marketing tool you can use is a sincere, personal heartfelt real estate letters.

But, if you can’t use letters as one of your real estate marketing products, go to the next step down. Use a simple, handwritten real estate note or a personal phone call.  These two real estate marketing strategies are basically the same so you can intermix them. First, send seller leads in your sphere of influence a handwritten note, then give them a personal phone call.  With either just say, “Hey, I just appreciate you and I value your friendship.  Just thinking about you.”  The real estate letters don’t have to be anything special or heartfelt. It just needs to be something personal because these are the potential sellers in your sphere of influence who know you.

Sending real estate letters to solidify your relationship with seller leads in your sphere of influence

Your sphere of influence is made up of past clients, friends and family.  These people are your acquaintances.  They are the people who have met you. You want to nurture that relationship and just pick up the phone. Ideally, if you know when their birthday is, you might reach out to say “Oh, hey, I understand you have a birthday this month.  I was just thinking about you.”

Make a list of notes about your seller leads in your sphere of influence and be strategic.  Every single day, you want to be sure you have two or three real estate leads that you are going to personally touch.  If you use this real estate marketing strategy consistently and make it part of your routine, then you’re building relationships with your sphere of influence. After that, the business from sellers just starts to come in.


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