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After years of study and testing, I’ve concluded there are three things you can do that are the TOP 3 most powerful ways to get more listings from your sphere of influence and past clients. What are they, and how do you apply them to your business? That’s the focus in this short video. Watch it now.


3 ways to get more listings from your personal list

When you’re thinking of how to get listings from your personal list, how many ways are there do this? I would say that if you put them in broad category groups, there are probably three things you can do, as a realtor, to get real estate leads from your personal list and sphere of influence.

Staying top-of-mind through real estate branding products and real estate marketing products such as just sold postcards

The first one is the easiest and the thing that most real estate agents do, or attempt to do, all the time. It’s simply staying top-of-mind and staying there. By this I mean, whether it’s a refrigerator magnet, an email campaign, always being in the mailbox, or a mix of these things, always stay in front of your prospects with real estate marketing products and information that helps your real estate branding. Always staying top-of-mind will ensure that when it comes time to think about a real estate agent to use or to refer then you are more than likely going to be the realtor chosen.

Educate sellers about what makes you the best realtor through real estate mailers including just listed postcards, email drip campaigns, and just sold postcards

The second thing that gets you listings from your personal list is going to be what I call the ‘inside reality’ concept—and we do all of these with our Agent Dominator clients and mastered the whole art of doing this technique when marketing for real estate agents. In other words, it’s educating those people in why they should choose you. So being top-of-mind is great, but if they don’t know why they should choose you, you are not going to get as many listings out of it as you would if everyone understood your expertise and chose you.

We actually go through and interview our clients. We have professional copywriters who create custom content specifically for each of our real estate agent clients on what they uniquely do so that the homeowner is always seeing them and understanding why they should choose them. So that’s the second way to get sellers to choose you as their realtor.

Encouraging sellers to self-select so that you can identify sellers and improve your chances that they choose you as their realtor before they come on the market

The third thing is identifying sellers before they come on the market. This is a concept in marketing called ‘self-selection’ that I’ve previously mentioned. This is one of the real estate agent marketing tips allows you to be proactive. If you think about this, being top-of-mind and increasing your trust level (having homeowners knowing why they should call you) are both reactive processes. You are sitting back waiting and hoping that sellers are actually going to call you before they call someone else. But if you can identify those sellers on that list who are actually thinking about selling before they contact any other real estate agent, then you can be proactive and actually engage with them first. According to a NAR study, two-thirds of all sellers choose the first real estate agent that they interview. So if you get to engage with them first, right off the bat you have a two-thirds chance that you are going to earn that sellers listing. And the fact that they are your friend, in your sphere of influence, means they trust you so you have even a higher chance of getting the deal right off the bat.

Those are the three ways of getting listings from your list.


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