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One aspect many Realtors overlook is the consistency of their marketing. Consistency is as important in the big scheme of things as the content itself? Why? Because your contacts are making sub-conscious decisions about you based on it, and if you start and stop it sends the wrong message. Watch this video to learn more.


When trying to double sales and referrals from your personal contacts, your consistency is as important as what you do.  Here’s why…

As a realtor, one of the most important questions you ask yourself is how to get listings. Consistency is as important as content when you are trying to real estate lead generation. What happens is, subconsciously in the homeowner’s mind (those people on your list and in your sphere of influence), if they see you start selling and then stop, they really don’t think you are all that professional.

Using Agent Dominator to consistently send realtor postcards and boost real estate lead generation from clients on your list

We’ve had clients in the past who would only send out simple realtor postcards every single month and, because real estate agents were consistent with it, they would get calls later from motivated sellers in their sphere of influence. Homeowners would say, “I love the fact that you are consistent in sending a postcard every month like clockwork. I don’t get that from some of these other agents so I would like to talk with you about selling my home.” That’s just an element of how consistency works.

What happens is this. When real estate agents come to us for Agent Dominator, it’s really for two things. First, they want to do things that they can’t do, like creating content. But the other thing that I hear a lot is simply the fact that our system fully automated and fully consistent when it comes to sending real estate mailers including just listed postcards, just sold postcards, and email campaigns that boost real estate branding for your business. I’m talking about agents who do 80 and 100 transactions a year. I hear this from real estate agents who make a lot of money. Their number 1 complaint is, “I know what to do. I’ve done it before, but I keep dropping the ball. My real estate agent marketing is not consistent.”

Real estate branding with real estate postcards as a part of your real estate marketing strategies

Here is what happens. Let’s say you are writing your email campaigns and sending them out or you are doing your realtor postcards and sending them out. You are consistent with your real estate mailers, both digital and physical, every month or every three weeks, whatever the consistency is. Then life gets really busy. You start to get a lot of motivated seller leads that are getting you transactions; you get other things going on in your life. Then, these pieces of your real estate marketing strategies are the easy things to push off and say, “Well, I’ll do them next week instead of now.”  Then next week comes and you push it off another week. You keep kicking the can down the road and eventually it just falls off the list.

In the beginning, you are consistent, consistent, consistent staying top-of-mind and working on your real estate branding then you are gone. Four or five months later, here you come again… consistent, consistent, consistent, then you are gone again. When you are up and down and up and down, you lose credibility. You need to keep that consistency, that automation. That’s one of the things we do with Agent Dominator.


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