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Not all Just Sold postcards are the same! If you’re sending out Just Sold postcards, then by taking a little extra effort to write killer copy you can dramatically increase the number of new clients you ultimately generate. Learn what works by watching this short video.


Real Estate Postcard Marketing – Writing killer copy for Just Sold postcards

As we are talking about just sold postcards, the real estate marketing strategies that most agents do is very simple. They just put a photo of the home and say “Just Sold.” Then they send out these real estate mailers. Sometimes they put a little message that says, “I just sold this home. If I can sell yours, please let me know.” They send something like that. But, it doesn’t do anything of significance or add value to potential sellers to say why they should choose you as their realtor.

These above average marketing postcards start to drive in maybe 20 or 30% more sales. There are things you can do that turn your postcards into just sold postcards on steroids (I’ll talk about that in a moment), but the first simple step is to tell a story. People, including your motivated seller leads, love stories. When you tell a story about the sale, it tells potential sellers not that you just made a sale but it brings them into the sale when you tell them about some of your real estate marketing strategies that got it sold. They start to get impressed and that story stays in the minds of sellers.

What we do and what we suggest our real estate clients do is take their just sold postcards, and rather than putting a photo across the whole front of it, slide that photo over a little bit. Put a descriptive headline up top and then use the section on the left-hand side to tell a story. Write something like, “This home had been on the market for 187 days with another agent who could not sell it. The homeowners were getting frustrated because they desperately wanted to move. They had heard of my reputation, so they gave me a call. Great decision! I looked at their home. I asked them to do a few quick updates that cost less than $1,000. We went back on the market for the same price and I sold it in only 5 days. If you are looking to sell your home, give me a call.”

When you do send out real estate mailers like that, what happens is, a potential motivated seller is reading it and goes, “Wow!” This is because now you have let them into the inside story of what went on with that house. Using real estate marketing strategies like this does something great.

For those homes where nothing dramatic happened, the ones that had an average days on market, and an average sales price (it’s just an average sale, cream of the crap, crap of the cream), you can talk special about it.

Here is what we have learned to do with our real estate clients. It’s really fun. Let’s say I’ve got a home that sold in the average amount of time for an average sales price and nothing was spectacular. Then I just simply say—and this is if I’m writing this for a real estate client—“I sold this home in only 36 days.” The days on market is 36. The homeowner, or potential motivated seller, doesn’t know it. Just say on your real estate mailers, “I sold this home in only 36 days for the top market price.”

This is what is funny. Whatever price you sold it for, even if it stayed on the market for a while, is the top price you are going to get. The market will pay what the market will bear. So, I can honestly say, “for the top market price.” Now when sellers receive your postcards, they are thinking, “Wow, he sold it for the top market price.” It’s a fun way to do it.

When you start using these real estate marketing strategies and take blasé marketing postcards and ratchet them up some, your realtor leads will go, “Wow, this is impressive, let me give him a call. I want him as my realtor.”


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