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What’s the best real estate postcard to get the most listings? Out of all the things we’ve tested, only one type of card stands above all else to make that happen. We call it the “inside reality” postcard. Use this in your marketing and you’ll generate the most listings over the long term with it. Watch video to learn more.



Real Estate Postcard Marketing – the MOST effective realtor postcard you can use that gets the MOST listings

The most important postcards you can send in real estate lead generation, I would probably think, are the inside reality postcards if you can do them well. This is actually what we’ve been working on with our real estate clients. What the inside reality postcards do is take advantage of a marketing concept known as outside perception versus inside reality. Let me see if I can make sense out of these very effective real estate marketing strategies.

When you sending real estate mailers into a neighborhood, the outside perception of these homeowners, including potential sellers, is typically that every agent is the same. All their real estate marketing strategies are essentially the same. All they do is stick a sign in the yard, list your home in the MLS and wait for another realtor to bring a buyer. As long as seller leads believe that to be true, then it doesn’t matter which agent they choose. They can call any agent to sell their home and their home is going to sell in about the same time for the same amount of money.

The inside reality is how good you are as a realtor and how you know that you can typically get more money for that home. The inside reality is going to be your skill and expertise and the real estate marketing strategies you use to get the job done. As long as a motivated seller thinks you’re just like every other agent—their outside perception—he or she has no reason to choose you as the preferred realtor.

Think about this. If everyone in that community understood the skill, the expertise, and the drive and tenacity that you bring to the table with your real estate clients to get them the most money in the least amount of time, with the least amount of hassle to make sure that transaction closes quickly, if they understood at the same level that you understand it about yourself, would motivated seller leads realistically choose any other agent besides you? Of course not. So, that’s the challenge. What we have to do is we have to take your inside reality and transfer it to become the outside perception of sellers and then they call you every time.

We take a very sophisticated real estate marketing approach in doing this with our real estate clients to boost lead generation, but here’s a very simple way you can start doing it on your own. If you simply take your listing presentation—hopefully you have a listing presentation, like either a flip chart or a PowerPoint or something like that and it’s customized to you where it walks you through those things that you do exceptionally well—what you do is use it as basically a sales pitch for you. At the listing appointment, you’re selling them as to why they should choose you as their realtor.

All the inside reality postcards are is that sales pitch broken up into segments and sent out every three or four weeks. The simple way to do it is that you take the listing presentation and each section, you turn it into marketing postcards.  Now you send real estate mailers on section one. Then, you mail section two. Then you mail section three. You then mail section four and like that. Over time, sellers are understanding specifically why they should choose you over another agent. It’s taking your inside reality and moving it to become their outside perception and now, they choose you as their realtor.

When that happens, you own the market because these motivated seller leads choose or refer no other agent. They chose you. That’s why it’s these marketing postcards are the most powerful cards you can use in real estate lead generation.


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