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What’s best — mailing jumbo postcards or regular size postcards? If you research the internet you’ll hear everyone say “jumbo” … but we tested it and the conclusion might surprise you! Learn which one is actually best for which type of mailing … and why. Watch the video to learn more.



Real Estate Postcard Marketing – jumbo vs regular postcard … which is best?

Which is better: Jumbo versus a regular real estate postcards? Ah, now that’s a great question. I have to tell you a story about real estate postcards because when I started working with real estate agents, I guess back in 2012, I kept hearing all the agents saying, jumbo is best, jumbo is best. I said why? I’m the one that always wants to know why. Well, because that’s what I’ve heard other people say. And I go, well, that’s not good enough for me. Then, another realtor says jumbo postcards are better than regular in lead generation and I say, why is that?  He said, “It’s because I’ve gone online and I’ve looked at studies and that’s what other people have said.” I don’t buy real estate marketing strategies such as these.

What I do is I test it. Here’s what I’ve found. Jumbo postcards are not always better than regular in real estate lead generation. If you understand where jumbo is not as good a regular or maybe equal, then it allows you to save money or spend the same amount of money and do more marketing touches in geographic farming and to your sphere of influence.

Here’s what we’ve found. I’ve put everything to a test. I do split A/B marketing tests all the time, trying to figure out which one is best and what is reality. What we did is we tested jumbo postcards versus regular postcards. We are testing it in a direct response format. If I didn’t find sellers sending out an offer, we would send the same offer on jumbo. The same offer on regular. We would send it into the same areas and we would track which sellers responded to which one. Here’s what we found.

With the exception of Florida—and we did this test probably three or four times with thousands and thousands of postcards, all over the country in all kinds of communities—we found there’s no noticeable difference between jumbo postcards and regular. In Florida, jumbo, I think, outperformed regular marketing postcards in real estate lead generation by something like maybe 25 or 30 percent in the direct response world. Let me explain what’s going on. After we got that, it made sense. Now, a lot of times, it doesn’t make sense until you see the results and then you analyze it and go, “Well, now that makes sense.”

Why jumbo or regular does not always matter when using marketing postcards in lead generation to find sellers

Here’s what’s happening. If you send out a direct response postcards trying to identify seller leads: “If you’re thinking about selling, read this postcard” may be is the headline. Then it doesn’t matter if it’s small or big because that reticular activator that’s looking for things related to selling is going to hone in on that postcard.

For example, it’s just like a woman. Her boyfriend pulls out a little ring. It’s just a little ring, but as soon as she sees that, her eyes go straight to it. She knows exactly what it is because it’s important to her. That’s what’s happening with sellers. It doesn’t matter if it’s little postcards or if they are big postcards, the results are identical.

Where the jumbo postcards do better than regular is when you’re trying to educate that potential realtor leads on something, like what we talked about. The inside reality postcards where I’m trying to explain my inside reality of my real estate marketing strategies and convert it to their outside perception so that they know why to choose me as their realtor. That takes space to write enough information that I can convey thoughts, convey expertise and reasons why. In that case, jumbo postcards are a lot more effective because I get a lot more space to you, the motivated seller.

That’s the difference between jumbo and regular size postcards. One of my real estate marketing tips to you is that it all has to do with the content and the purpose of your marketing postcards.


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