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The hardest part of any real estate marketing is to persuade a homeowner to choose you to sell their home over other agents. If you can differentiate yourself from other realtors you can generate three to four times the number of listings. Learn what homeowners are looking for and how to differentiate yourself so they choose you first. Watch the video the learn more.



Real Estate Postcard Marketing – how to set yourself apart from other Realtors so you get the listings

One of the hardest things for most real estate agents to do when building their real estate branding is to convey what makes them different to potential seller leads in geographic farming.  I think the reason for that, believe it or not, is that most real estate agents don’t know what makes them different.

Here’s a real story. I was selling my home a while back, so I called in three real estate agents. The number 1 selling agent in my suburban city, the number 2 selling agent in my suburban city and just another good realtor. All of them were good real estate agents. I asked each of them, and I kind of did this because I wanted to play with them and just see what they said. I asked them, “What makes you different? Why should I choose you over someone else?” You know what they said? They didn’t have a good answer. They gave answers like: Well, I’m honest. I act with integrity. I communicate. I’m the number 1 agent. I’m the number 2 agent. All these things really mean nothing because every agent says it.  The challenge most agents have in conveying what makes them different is really just understanding what makes them different. It’s important to know what makes your real estate business different from the others because you can target your uniqueness when building your real estate marketing strategies.

How to get leads in real estate in geographic farming by showing off your skills and expertise

Here’s what I’d like to suggest. It’s not what makes you different from other real estate agents that is important. It’s what potential seller leads in geographic farming believe is different about you. Because it’s the minds of sellers we’re targeting when building our real estate agent marketing, not these other real estate agents. When you get that in mind, let me share how this starts to play out.

Let’s say that you’re top of your class in terms of what you do in your city. Well, there’s probably other real estate agents that are of equal level or top of their class and your peers in terms of performance and professionalism. What you do probably isn’t significantly different from what they do and it’s just that you all do great things and you get great results for your clients. How, then, do you convey what makes you different? You start to explain, through your real estate marketing products, what you do that makes you great and by explaining what makes you a great real estate agent, now makes you different in the mind of a motivated seller. That’s how you convey it.

For example, do you use professional photography? Is this one of your real estate marketing strategies that you use? If you do, then tell the homeowner that you do, but tell them why. “You know, I use professional photography. I only use professional photography while a lot of agents just go through with their cell phone and take pictures. I actually pay a professional photographer to come out and take pictures because here’s what I’ve found. The first place that buyers start to see you is online. If the pictures are dark and fuzzy and don’t show well, don’t show off the room well, they don’t come over to your house. I make sure that the rooms look beautiful. That it’s bright. That the photos are crisp because that’s the first place buyers look. If they are excited with the photography, they will come look at the house.” If you include messages like this in your real estate marketing products such as real estate postcards, seller leads will start to take notice on the elements of your business that make you stand out and they will be more likely to choose you as their real estate agent in the future.

Now, you’ve just explained to sellers, and they go, “Wow, that’s really good. I like that about you. Then, do you use drone photography?” Tell them why. Do you stage a home? Tell them why. Do you help guide the homeowner in making repairs or suggestions on what type of repairs or updates? If you do, tell them why and tell them a story. Each item on the list can help you when marketing to your sphere of influence. Each of these real estate marketing tips can help you get more seller leads. Tell them: “I helped this one homeowner. They had their home on the market for six months with another agent. It wasn’t selling. I looked at their home and I said, you know, if you’d just put a thousand dollars into doing this thing, we can raise the price and sell it within a week.” He did and I did.  He put a thousand dollars in it and we sold it in a week for more money than it was originally.

Tell the stories of what you do and explain the process through your real estate marketing postcards or other real estate marketing products. That’s how you convey it. Then what happens is this may be what all these other real estate agents do. That’s why you’re having a tough time figuring out what makes you different. But now, from the homeowner’s mind, everything that’s professional and good is coming from you on what you do and they don’t know. Now you’re the best choice of realtor in their mind.


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