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 [00:00:01] Hey, this is Beatty Carmichael with Agent Dominator, and I want to preface real quickly this video that you’re about to watch, because this is a really great training on postcard marketing on the top six secrets to postcard marketing that drives in listings. And if you’re looking for a consistent source of new listings and you’ve done postcards before or you do them right now, this will walk you through those things that we have found, over four million postcards that we’ve been mailing or maybe five by now tracking things. The twenty one split marketing test. We’ve done 37 different message variations. What we find that absolutely works best beyond anything else. And I’ll give you a couple of secrets. Number one, the easiest, simplest part of it, it was sending out just postcards, OK? And then I show you some things on a Jessell postcard that anyone can do that really takes the results from that postcard being here and driving it up here just by taking a few minutes of putting a few extra words on that postcard. It’s really amazing. OK, so in launching that, I want to also share one of the thing. We have a new service that we launched. It’s an automated Jessell marketing program where we send out Gersel postcards for you on an automated basis, either circle marketing right around every cell that you make or to a specific list like a geographic farm or past clients and sphere of influence.


[00:01:27] And if you look at over the years where agents get the most sales from marketing, it’s through postcard marketing, which sell postcards. And if that’s the case, then why don’t most agents do it? There are two reasons. Number one, it’s expensive. And number two, they get busy and they forget to do it because you have to manage it every single time. So with this automated program, we killed both of those issues. Number one, you get a discounted rate really in effect inexpensively, but highly effective. OK, and number two, we automate it so we fully automated. You never have to really think about it. We do all the work for you. So you’ll get a lot of value out of that. By the way, if you’re interested in that, please go to our website at Agent Dominator dot com and you’ll see our Jessell marketing program. You’ll enjoy this training. But let me give you a heads up on two things. Number one, the content is really great. It’s a live format. I’m handling questions and there’s a lot of content that comes out that are those little nuggets of information that normally don’t come out in a in a structure training program, but they come out in a live setting.


[00:02:34] So you’ll definitely you know, if you’re taking notes, you’ll take a lot of great notes on that. But the second thing I want to warn you about is the audio quality is really bad. I’m using a wireless mic. We’re in a small room and we have a lot of real estate agents, OK? And all real estate agents have one of these, a radio transmitter. And so all their phones are transmitting back and forth. They’re texting and everything else. And and it’s messing up the receiver on the microphone. So you hear a lot of snap, crackle and pops, not the cereal, OK, but the static. And so you’ll just have to listen to it. Sometimes it gets really annoying. But I promise you, if you want to master postcard marketing to get more listings, just ignore the snap, crackle and pop and listen to the content and you’ll get a lot out of it. Thanks for allowing me to share. And now, without any further ado, let me introduce you into the training and you’ll get a lot out of it. Have a great day. Be blessed.


[00:03:31] So welcome, everyone. I want to make sure to introduce our guest speaker today. For years as a real estate coach, I’ve done tons and tons of research about getting results on postcards. And he’s actually spent pretty much his whole career and researching way more than I have. So I love having conversations with Beatty because I can speak a little bit of his language and he’s taken all of this up to the next level. He knows how to get results inside now using direct mail. And when we have these certified home marketing expert, we discovered that direct mail really, really works for home sellers and getting listings. And that’s why you’re here. So I want to introduce to you the one person I know who is a complete expert in direct mail, Beatty. Carmichael.


[00:04:26] Microphones. Real quickly.


[00:04:29] All right, how are you guys? Oh, I brought a mask in case you wanted me to wear a mask. I figure if we’re going to have to wear a mask for a while, we might as well have fun with it. So, OK, real quick, if you like marketing, if you want to do anything with geographic farming, because I know Louis mentioned something about wanting to target a neighborhood. There are some right ways and some wrong ways. I have a podcast I do called Get Sellers Calling You. You can either listen to it on your podcast channel or go to the website, get sellers calling you Dotcom, the series that we’re just putting out right now, or I think it’s a forced four step series on mastering geographic farming. So there are some dos and don’ts. Most important thing is how to pick the right farm. OK, so with that as just a real quick intro, I want to talk about direct mail. I want to talk about what works, what works best and why it works OK. And a little bit of background about us. I’ve been in business since nineteen ninety seven doing marketing for different sales agents, by the way. That’s me. If you can’t tell there’s a resemblance. Our focus is to which is professional to consumer marketing. And for the first 15 years we worked with in 15 different industries from telecom to vacation and health and fitness and weight loss and legal and accounting. Anything where you have a professional selling to consumer. And then in 2012, we shifted and focused exclusively on real estate.


[00:06:06] During the early years, we did over twenty one split marketing test to understand what works on a postcard. We tested over thirty seven additional variations of messages over about a two million postcard run to really understand what works. And I want to give you just a, you know, does this stuff really work? I want to give you just a few examples and I’ll show you what’s going on. So one of our clients over in California, within his first two mailings, he already listed three listings, had six more listings coming on the market. At the end of his first year, he earned ninety nine thousand dollars in commissions directly from our postcards. Six months later, which is 18 months into his fifteen hundred home farm, he’s controlling twenty two percent of the market share, outselling the number two agent by over seven times. He started as a nobody. A year and a half later, he was actually selling about 50 percent of all the homes in that farm, another region over in Atlanta. He was with a team. We started working with them. They were talking a little bit higher, upscale type of stuff. Within two or three months, they hit three million and closed sales at another three to five million in inventory coming in and just really excited. We started doing some things also with past clients and sphere of influence. One of our clients within 18 months using that he generated excuse me, within seven months, generated 18 new clients from that. So this this focus of how do you get listings? How do you drive sales through marketing? That’s something that we have studied.


[00:07:39] We have tested. We have measured. We’re not the we’re not perfect with it, but we’re pretty darn good. So I want to talk a little bit about direct mail. First off, does anyone not know what direct mail is? OK, good is the thing that comes in your mailbox, the question is why is direct mail so effective? And I’m going to just show you something online, OK? When we compare direct mail from any other thing, direct mail grabs your attention. You hold it, you look at it and you assess it, electronic marketing it just here and gone. Does that make sense? It’s more expensive if you’re going to market to the masses. Electronic marketing might be great, but if you’re going to market to specific homes that you want to target, nothing beats it over direct mail. So I want to talk about email versus direct mail for a moment. By the way, which of you? I’m leading into this and you’re probably going to guess the answer already. Which of you who believes that? Email marketing I’ve got let me set the site. I’ve got a finite group of people I want to target, let’s say a geographic farm or past clients, personal sphere of influence, things of that sort. If I want to send something by email or I’m going to send something by postal mail, which one do you think is going to produce the most results?


[00:09:03] So, OK, now here’s the next question by what? That’s right.


[00:09:10] By how much? What type of increased results do you think postal mail has over electronic mail? Anyone want to guess?


[00:09:21] 30 percent, OK, 60 percent Keepon, 78, 70 percent more, OK?


[00:09:32] Sixty five thousand dollar going was I’m glad everyone’s sitting down because a number of studies have been done on this. And one of the ones that it was my favorite is a world class marketer earns millions of dollars. He had a mailing list that people bought from him. And so he decided to do a split test. He wrote a sales offer. He sent half of it by email to have the list and the other half of the list he sent by postal mail. The postal mail produced two thousand percent more response 20 times. Over email, this is this is why postcard marketing is so effective and most agents are clueless about it, they go, Oh, that’s expensive, I can send emails for free. Right. But when you’re dealing with commissions that are five thousand, ten thousand, fifteen thousand dollars, how much do you want to be budget minded versus actually getting a listing? So the other thing then is so postal mail is more effective, but how about a letter versus a postcard? OK, so I’ve got a postcard. I’ve got a letter. Which one do you think is more effective in getting results, results being defined as I’m going to get someone to call me for listing postcard?


[00:10:56] Why you don’t have to. That’s right.


[00:10:59] This is the biggest challenge is they got to open it. Say, here’s what happens. I bet you do this. You get your mail and you go, definitely junk. Trash, huh? You look at the postcard junk. Is that how you sort your mail? OK, so you can’t get the postcard open the letter open unless it really looks personal and you grab their attention because of that postcard marketing will produce typically between six and 10 times more results than a letter because only one out of six to one out of 10 might actually open the letter. So that’s why we use postcards. OK, this is kind of cool. All right, so then what makes for an effective mail piece? One of the things we started to do years back is we started to look at what drives sales. Many of you guys here probably know Josh Vernon. Anyone not know who Joshes is are sells out in Trussville. At the time we started working with him, he was doing only 300 homes a year. And yeah.


[00:12:08] And yeah, whenever I first started working with him, he was doing 60 houses here and you were in the bar higher. So as we said, his plan was to convert into a listing agent. And so I introduced him to Beatty to get that story.


[00:12:26] Oh, I did not know that. Well, thank you so much. That’s led into lots of opportunities down the road, so I appreciate that. So what happened? One of the things that was going on is, is he started doing postcard mailing to a certain certain set of farms and got no results. His first year and I love Joshua’s approach. He takes everything as a business approach and he says, I know it’s got to work, but something’s not right. So he calls me up and says, can you help? And I said, well, we’re just experimenting with this approach. We call the three S’s sales Secret Service. OK, so it’s a three year formula. I said, I think we can turn your business, your results around. Let’s try this within four months of implementing this formula in his postcard mailing, he was getting to come with me now, phone calls every week. That’s eight a month out of the form that the year previously. He got nothing. OK, so he laid the groundwork. He watered it. But then when we started to do this, it started to shoot out. So one of the things that happened is when we started working exclusively with realtors, we did it in geographic farming and everyone who signed up on our service, we’d always ask, have you ever done geographic farming before? Most would say no. And some would say yes. Those who said yes. We asked, were you successful? What do you think? Most people said no, exactly. And a few would say yes. So we’d ask them, what did you do? Would you like to guess? By the way, there there’s only one answer.


[00:14:01] 100 percent of every single person who was successful in geographic farming gave us the identical answer. Would you like to guess what that message? That answer was? Just just sell postcards. That’s it. Just sell postcard. So we’d ask him, well, so why are you coming to us? Well, we stopped a few years back and just never got started again. And the number one biggest issue is consistency. But from there, we started to experiment and we came up with the formula that drives the most sales. It’s showing off your sales because think about this. I’m a homeowner. I’m thinking about selling my home. There are three things I want out of a real estate agent. If you can convince me of these three things, I’ll choose you over everyone else. Anyone have any idea what those three things are? How do you define results? How do you define cells? What do I want as a homeowner? I want to sell my home for more money. That’s number one. What do you think number two is? I want to sell it faster. And what do you think number three is? No stress. If you can convince me, you can get me more money in less time with less hassle, I’ll choose you over anyone else, including my sister in law who sells real estate, which I do have a sister in law who sells real estate. OK, so so the first step in helping them believe that you actually sell things for more money is you show off the sales that you’re doing.


[00:15:39] They want to know. OK, so let me let me say this makes sense. I’m living in a house, by the way. I live in a nice neighborhood. Do you realize that in the last year I’ve only received postcards from two people? And it’s a really nice neighborhood, and no one is marketing real estate Agent Stone, so when it comes time for me to. Country, a country which right around the corner. Yeah, you know, one of my people, OK. My people will talk to your people. So what do I know? OK, so I’m a homeowner thinking about selling. And I know this person is a real estate agent, and I’m certain that they sell homes all the time because I’ve seen their name periodically over the years. But I get a postcard every single month from this agent showing off another sell. Which one do you think I have more confidence in that is actively selling this one over here? And the only difference is my perception. So remember that your prospects perception is their reality. It doesn’t matter how good you are, how many homes you’re selling, all that matters is what they believe to be true about you. And if you can set yourself apart from anyone else, then it tilts them towards you. So that’s showing off for yourself. The second thing is to explain the secrets behind those sales. In other words, what is it that you do that makes your sales so successful? If you’re if you’re going to say that my home sell faster and for more money, quantify it.


[00:17:20] Tell me what that means. You’ll do it already, but you probably don’t know it. How many of you have a listing presentation that at an appointment you go through, flip the pages or the slides, you’ll do a listing presentation, any of you OK if you do it, showing them why they should choose you. Those are your secrets. If you want to put this in a real simple, calculated formula, your postcard will take one of those topics every time. And every postcard is a different topic. So you’re educating them as if you’re doing a listening presentation over time through the mail. That’s essentially what explain the sequences. And then the third is share a unique service, something you do that might be unique, but it has to have value perceived by the homeowner. OK, so if you’re for example, if you do staging, you know, off-stage your home, that’s three hundred thousand or more, let’s say. Then as long as your homeowners understand that that’s a great value, do it. But if they don’t understand staging, then it’s a dead value. So whatever you do is a service that needs to be quickly and intuitively perceived as something of great value to them. Let me give you just an example. I’m not promoting this, but just an example. I’ll sell your home in five days for full price. I’ll give you ten thousand dollars. OK, now, if that were a unique service, do you think that’s going to get my attention?


[00:18:44] Right. They are exactly 30 percent below market. That’s right.


[00:18:51] I’ve got this is a totally different topic. But on that topic, you can do so much in what’s called a unique selling proposition, which is really what this third one is, that you can promote something here, but you can protect yourself with the asterisks and keep it and keep yourself going. So so what I want to do is I want to show you some examples with these kind of show you what this looks like in an actual postcard. OK, I want I want to show you a Jessell postcard. This is what most agents do, and they’re going to do a Jessell postcard with a caption that articulates what actually happened with the sale. And then I want to show you that same postcard with a caption with some secrets to your success. OK, and let’s see if this makes sense. So this is a Jessell postcard. I comes out and I look at it and I go, oh, wow, that’s a pretty home and can you see around me? OK, I say, that’s pretty home and I might toss it. Does this make an impact on people? Well, actually, it does, because it’s in the mail. Let’s see if I’ve got one like that. It’s in the mail. I look at it and I contemplate it. And it makes an impression, a bigger impression, that something that has slides past me on on Facebook or something like that, OK, so I get to look at it, I’m looking at it. It’s got from Bill Smith and OK, wow, I’m impressed. Here’s another cell. It seems like I’m always getting cells from Bill Smith. OK, so it makes an impression. But watch this.


[00:20:33] Imagine like a feather boa around his neck.


[00:20:39] Yeah, I might actually have a shot of him on another photo. OK, so now watch this. All I’m going to do is I’m going to add a caption and I want you to tell me which of these postcards is more effective. This home had been on the market 180 days with another agent without selling elicited at the same price and sold it in only five days for full price. Is that impressive? OK, so now when I get this postcard as a homeowner by taking just a moment to write something about the sale. I’m going to add tremendous more value to my brand and to that person’s perception of how good I am at this point, I’m now starting to separate myself by with from all the other agents, because my perception of the homeowner and the homeowners perception, all you guys do the same thing. You stick a sign in the yard, you list the home and the MLS and you wait for someone else to bring a buyer. And if that’s my perception, then watch this. I could choose any of you and I won’t get the same result. Once you start to articulate what makes you different, then they’re going to realize that all of you are the same. But this guy over here, I’m going to choose him hands down. That’s where we have to do the battle is right here in the perception.


[00:22:04] And the battleground is mostly unthought because most agents are not in the middle. OK, is this making sense? OK, now I’m going to add one more element to this. I’m going to add some secrets to what we do. So I’m going to change at the postcard a little bit. Same cell, same caption. But now I want to add a little bit more content. OK, so now, just so you understand, with this particular design, the eyeball goes here and then it goes over there. It starts at the photo and then it goes to what we call the sub headline. And so I want to put in the sub headline, something of great value that I want to brand about myself. So let me just read it real quickly. So the headline sold for full price in only five days. The caption repeats the statement earlier, Bill Smith and did it again. Except now I got a little bit more room. Bill Smith and did it again. What is that? Connerty. He does it all the time, right? He’s got a track record this home and have been on the market one hundred and eighty days with another agent without selling, with aggressive marketing. Isn’t that what the homeowner wants you to do with aggressive marketing bill listed at the same price and sold it in five days for full price? OK, so now we start to set the stage, the expectation that we want that homeowner to believe and then we share a secret.


[00:23:31] By the way, this card we have when we work with agents on a premium level. Now, what I’m going to talk about today, we actually have a professional copywriter that gets involved in and does it. So this is specifically built stuff. We just change the branding in the name for privacy. So then we put the Bill Smithson’s home, sell faster and get more money is because of his four secrets of selling homes. So right off the bat, he’s got a plan to sell homes. Most agents don’t. OK. Number one is preparation. He helps coordinate painters and handyman to make a great first impression. Number two is pricing. He knows the limit to push the listing price without exceeding the market. Number three is presentation. Ninety five percent of buyers start their search online. He uses professional online marketing that gets the best buyers attention and no forced promotion. He aggressively market your home using a proven twenty one step marketing strategy that finds more buyers and sellers it faster. So let me ask you a question. If we go back to the first postcard, just. Versus this one, which one starts to persuade the homeowner more, this one? What does this do to the homeowner? How does it persuade the homeowner?


[00:24:47] It’s about them, that’s it, it gives them confidence because the confidence says this guy knows what he’s doing and he’s laying it out. Now, by the way, is there anyone in this room that does not do these things?


[00:25:02] One person, OK, most everyone else does. Here’s the key, it doesn’t matter if you do the same that everyone else does. Whoever articulates it and educates the consumer wins that battle in the consumer’s mind. It’s all about perception, not about reality. So what we want to do is we want to give the perception that which is true. We know what we’re doing. It doesn’t matter that every agent may know what they’re doing in the homeowner mind. All we need to do is get them to remember us. OK, now here’s something why this is so important. A study was done. I’ll probably read the book Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Right, OK. They had a section called Mindshare Dominance. I want to back up a little bit. Comes from a marketing book in the nineteen eighties called Positioning. They did studies. They found that the average consumer can only remember two or three brands. Who wants to. I’m going to pick on you. Just think about toothpaste brands, list of toothpaste brands that come to mind. Going to there’s hundreds of toothpaste brands out there, but I guarantee you that she uses either Colgate or Kresse and when she goes a store, that’s all she’s going to buy. The homeowners the same way, think of the real estate agents, Bill and Sue, if they’re going to sell their home. It’s going to be between one of those two people. All we’re doing is trying to get them to remember why, to put our name in the mix and put it at the top. It’s not that hard. Does that make sense? OK, so now that’s the basics. Send out just how postcards with a caption that describes something going on with the sale and show off some secrets. Let me share one last thing, because I know this. How many are there? How to sell? That just wasn’t all that great. All right, get someone. Give me a sell. That wasn’t that great. And why was it not that great?


[00:27:01] Going to just one, just one, this one already of. OK, give me a close call.


[00:27:11] In close down, that didn’t go well. It’s open, you know, way over days on average size, a market so far away under this price, I mean, something like that, it just it’s not one of the ones that you would ring a bell for, right?


[00:27:26] I don’t know. Oh, good. OK, that’s the key. That’s the key you can pick. OK, so.


[00:27:43] So it’s like a yo yo yo. You almost can’t. But here’s the key from what? The postcard marketing with a person. Yeah. Sound soundbytes. Right. So here’s the idea. Some of you may say, well, I just did to sell, but it’s not worth voting to promote it.


[00:28:23] They don’t have to know the other details. All you have to do is promote what’s good. What actually happened closed.


[00:28:31] Yeah, we closed down with the market value. OK, so.


[00:28:44] Let’s talk about supercharging results. OK, so this very simple sent out, just sell postcards and some information to start to get that perception of what’s going on, but now you can supercharge your results. What we found are the three easiest ways. Easiest. Number three is not easy because you had to use us, but the number one and two, you can do it on your own. But the three best ways to supercharge your results is compare yourself to the stats in the MLS, because if you’re better than average, which most agents are OK, then you can show yourself has been better than average. Show off a family photo. I’ll talk about this in a moment and also do a stealth tracker, which is a technology we created, put in postcards that we identify sellers without them knowing that we’re identifying them so you can get to them first. All the stories I told up front and hundreds more are people that we identified who was thinking about selling before anyone else knew. OK, so let me show you how this works. So compare your stats, by the way, how we all know that the MLS carries your stats and you can pull it out. You pull your stats out and compare it to the average and then you maybe educate your consumer.


[00:29:55] Why choose Bill Smith? And because his hands get more money and sell faster. And now we’re going to quantify specifically what that means. The average price for home listed at three hundred thousand dollars, the market average will sell it at two ninety one Bill Smithson’s averages to ninety seven, which is sixty three hundred dollars more money. The average days on market for the market is forty three days. Bill’s average is twenty five days, which is eighteen days faster. These are statistical numbers, which means you cannot argue with them. Now I’m able to demonstrate clearly I can do a better job than the average, just one more feather in my cap, that gives people a reason to chase me down to the bottom. This is this stealth tracker I was talking about. Like on this one, we may say, like planning to sell your home, find out what it could sell for in today’s market. Go to this website. Let me ask you a question. If you’re a homeowner, you get this postcard you’re thinking about selling, are you more likely they want to check out to see what your home could sell for? Are you going to throw the power away? I’ll let you. Perfect.


[00:31:07] Let me. You’re on it, OK?


[00:31:10] So so if you’re going to go to the website, we have some technology that automatically identifies exactly who they are. We notify you and then you can follow up with them. So we’re educating them.


[00:31:23] And then you could notify your listening to the Get Sellers Calling You podcast to increase sales from past clients and sphere of influence or from a geographic farm. Learn about Agent Dominator. We guarantee your sales in writing or give your money back to learn more, visit our website and get sellers calling you dotcom and stuff like Agent Dominator front of me.


[00:31:44] And now back to the podcast.


[00:31:47] So the next thing is showing off a family photo, where does your I go on this postcard? Picture the handsome guy, right? All right, so so let me ask you a question when you see this photo of me and my family. Does that make me feel more, say more real? I’m not just some professional, some stranger, OK, if you go back to millionaire real estate agent chapters two and three, let’s test your knowledge. It talks about one specific thing. It talks about the types of lists that you target. Do you remember how it labels the list happen and not have met and have not met, have met, produces eight to 10 times more responses than have not met for one reason they begin to trust you as an individual. We ran into this by accident. Most of your testing will be done by accident. I was talking to a guy that we’ve been doing postcard marketing to for geographic farming for a couple of years. This was in like October and November, he said. Beatty, can we send out the postcard? Do you send in January again? I said, why? He said produced half the listings I’ve got this year. One postcard have to listings in January. OK, that’s not a typical time. I said, wow, what postcard was that? So I pull it up. The only difference is had a family photo, everything else was the same. I thought this makes sense with a family photo. You’re now a real person and not a stranger. They get to see you in your natural habitat with your family and they start to trust you. So we started testing this. California is the hardest place to get results in postcards, OK? Because you had to break through this very thick layer of I don’t trust you, stay away.


[00:33:31] And so we’re doing geographic farming for a guy out there. The very first postcard, we put a picture of him and his family and then by the third mailing, he gets a phone call. This lady selling her home half a million dollars or something like that. And she said, I saw I got your first postcard, said anyone with a family like that has got to be trustworthy. That’s why she called him, so never underestimate the value of just putting a purse, a family photo, not you in some casual setting, but share your family. If your family is you and your dog, share that. Do something so that they get to see you as a real person, not just as a professional agent. And then we also take the opportunity you’ll see over here. We’re going to add a secret to my success. We’re going to reinforce a statistical aberration better than the average. And we’re going to tell why. Bill Smithson’s himself, 18 days faster than home, sold by other agents. Here’s why. When you want to know why, if you’re thinking about selling your home. Some agents are top performers, many are not Bill Smith and is a top performer, according to the MLS, built homes 18 days faster than home sold by the typical agent. Why? One reason is he has over 97 buyers who want to purchase a home right now. As soon as he lists a home, he has buyers who want it. That means his home sell faster. OK, I can buy into that. Is there a reason that it’s in the third person?


[00:34:59] Yes, all of this is in third person here because we want them to constantly remember the name Bill Smith and Bill Smith and Bill Smith, one Bill Smith and to Bill Smith and three, Bill Smith and. And a couple other bills. OK, yeah, we used to do everything first person, we do some first person when we need to, but for the most part, we want to make sure that name is remembered. Great question. All right. So so now we’re sharing the secrets behind it. OK, by the way, your buyers, how many? I’ll have ninety seven buyers right now. Let me ask you how we all have purchased Byerly and you have a database of buyer leads and how many are in that database. OK, so you can safely say I have ninety seven buyers looking.


[00:35:53] Ok, you can see it.


[00:35:56] It’s all how you phrase what you’re really doing. Yeah. So and by the way, an odd number is more believable. Wrong to say I have 100 buyers. Oh that’s a round number. Ninety seven is an odd number. That must be specific. OK, why do we say 18 days faster and serve, you know, two weeks faster? The other thing is if you have thousands in your database, you know, you may blow them out. Got 5000 buyers looking for a home right now. That may not be believable. So bring it to something that’s believable and therefore, if it’s believable, is persuadable. OK, now, that’s what we’re also doing on this card. We’re looking again for sellers thinking about selling down at the bottom, see what type of homes because buyers are looking for if your home matches, we may be able to sell it immediately for top dollar. A little bit of curiosity, by the way. You’ll notice anything that we’re doing. We sell trackers, always creating curiosity. Curiosity kills the cat. It gets them to open the door. OK, that’s actually what this does, is it? It’s not. But it is. We don’t do an automatic home valuation, but we then send the request to you and you would do the home valuation or follow up with them. It’s all about identifying them and then letting you engage.


[00:37:22] Yeah, so here’s the secret. So if you look at this funeral, you’ll see that it’s got like ABCDE one at the end. OK, so when we send out postcards, every postcard has a different unique URL. So if we’re sending out 100000 postcards, we’re sending out 100000 new URLs. As soon as that you URL is hit, we reckon we match it to the database and we know now exactly who it belongs to and who it is. We email you and we either redirect them to your website where you want them to go, or we put our own landing page together, bring it to you. That offers the information that is that’s giving. So it’s they don’t even know that they’ve been identified and this is the key, they don’t fill out a form, you’ll lose ninety five percent of the prospects, hearing them fill out the form. But if they if you make it easy, then they just go right there.


[00:38:13] Ok, let me show you another thing. This kind of ties into this. So one of the things that I mentioned that we split test. Twenty one different things plus another thirty seven message variations. One of the things we were looking for is what causes a homeowner to respond, because as we enter this marketplace, we had no real estate experience. But it’s all about marketing to consumers, which we’ve been doing for so many years. And this is one of the things that we found work the best. We after going through all of this and we tested tons of things, only four messages actually work, OK, and and so this is what I imagine. Now I want you to put on your homeowner’s mindset. You’re no longer a real estate agent. You’re just average Joe, average homeowner. And you get this postcard and you’re pondering selling your home. And it says if you’re thinking about selling your home, I may be able to sell it immediately because of special buyers. I have. Are you going to want to read the rest of that postcard? Yeah. OK, so then if you’re planning to sell your home in the next six months as a specialist in the area, I often have special buyers who may buy it.


[00:39:21] As soon as you’re ready to sell. These immediate buyers often pay full asking price or more because they want a specific type home in the area and will do whatever it takes to ensure they get it. My website shares what they are typically looking for. If you’re thinking of selling, visit my site immediately to see if your home is a match. If it is, let’s talk follow the link below. Are you going to go to the website to see if your home is match? Yeah, if you’re not thinking about selling, are you going to read the postcard? Now, this is the funny thing. When we show things to do, some realtors, they say, oh, that’s too much coffee. No one’s going to read it. The one who’s thinking about selling will, OK? So that so we do that and then the last thing as I start to wrap up and then I’m going to open up for questions is who do you market to?


[00:40:11] So we’re thinking about primarily gesso postcards with whatever additional things to increase results, but who are we going to mail these things to? And I think there are two things. Number one is circle marketing in the heard circle marketing, circle prospecting or anything like that. OK, what do y’all recognize it as?


[00:40:29] Oh, come calling. That’s weird. OK, lot.


[00:40:35] Canvasing, cold calling, you can do the same thing with postcards, so think about this. I’ve heard that within a for every home that sells, if you draw a radius of one hundred and fifty homes, another home is about to go on the market right where one sells, there’s another one that’s about to go on the market. And so there’s the mindset of always sending out a postcard around the sale that you just made because someone in that group are thinking about selling. They probably seen your sign, they see your sold sign and now your name is on their mind. So one thing you can do is circle marketing, send out. We recommend one hundred and fifty homes, but you can do hundred or more, but send out a gesso postcard to the neighborhood around the home that you just sold. Every home you sell, you send out another one. It could even be if you were the buyer’s agent, make sure if you’re a buyer’s agent that you get the right to put your soul sign in the yard once it closes. OK, so you get the branding privilege on that. And then once that old saying goes out, then send out your postcards, OK? People will drive by that. Oh, there’s that home that that’s so, so OK. So that circle marketing and it’s kind of a moving target everywhere you go. The other type of market you can send this to is what I call nurture marketing. Nurture marketing is where you take the same list and you start nurturing them every month or every three weeks with another just sold another postcard. This could be your past clients, past clients and sphere of influence. This could be a geographic farm. This could be if you generate seller lists like some sort of home valuation leads, it could be that. But it’s the same group of people on an ongoing basis and you’re just very consistent with it. Does that make sense? OK.


[00:42:29] Last couple of things and we’re going to wrap up for questions, so with what we do at Agent Dominator, we have two types of services, kind of a premium service, just throwing this out so that for those who want to go to our website, learn more.


[00:42:44] This is where we focus on past sphere of influence, where we focus on a specific target a lot more than just a lot of customization services that would try to prospects in multiple ways. We guarantee results or you get your money back.


[00:43:00] You can learn more at the website. What I want to talk about, though, is a simple way to do the Jessell, OK, and make the just so just list in marketing automated, OK. And with that, let’s see. Did it and did I do something. Yeah. OK, so nurture marketing. We have a program that if you’re interested you can sign up with us and we have a program for nurture marketing. It sends out gesso postcard every single month automatically. Actually it sends out what we call a souled postcard, OK? It’s a set it and forget it. One of the challenges with constantly doing just postcards is you have to remember. Oh yeah, I got to do another postcard. OK, so what we do is we we set up an entire year’s worth of cards using previous sales because they’re all good sales and we mark them as sold, not just sold. OK, and if you’re concerned that maybe someone’s going to say, well, that home sold eight months ago, just use an inside photo like a master bedroom or the kitchen, because it’s beautiful. People see it, but they can’t really connect the dots between where it is. And then what we do is we lock and load it. It’s you set it and forget it. And any time you have a new cell that you just want to kind of replace the card with a new cell, just email us the photo.


[00:44:23] We replace it, the next card goes out, will be you’re just sold. OK, so what it does is it simplifies the process of just getting this going automatically at a really competitive price and just kind of be done with it. The other thing we offer is this thing we call circle marketing with circle marketing is also kind of a done for you. When you close on a sale, simply email us the photo and the address will automatically pull the one hundred and fifty addresses around that sale and we’ll create just our postcard and send it out. So it’s you simply send us email the address, boom. If you give us a caption to put this home was on the market for five days and sold for ten thousand over list. Whatever it is, we’ll add that to it. So it just makes it really easy to send an email. We got all your accounts set up and it just goes out like clockwork. And I want to talk to you one last thing about just the simplicity. And I can give me an average commission on a seller side sale that you guys make. How much money do you make on average on the seller side sale? Six thousand, OK, so to get a six thousand dollar commission, how much would you be willing to spend in marketing?


[00:45:40] Thousand four hundred thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars. OK, how much? Six hundred ten percent. OK.


[00:45:52] Do I hear anything more than six hundred fifty percent, OK, so whatever it is, it is here’s where you kind of figure out what your number is. I would spend three thousand dollars all day long to make six thousand in return. OK, so whatever it is, it is. Let’s just in real simple terms, if you’re using us now, we have two price points. One, that’s just a jigsaw postcard. It’s less expensive than the one that uses the stealth tracker, the one with stealth trackers. Right about a dollar postcard. So it’s still not much. But let’s use that, for example, because what we’re looking for sellers, and we’ll get a lot more sellers if we get them curiously going to the website and you’re proactive to following up. So if the average commission is six thousand and I got a three thousand dollar budget, that means I can send out three thousand postcards if I’m sending them around one hundred and fifty per cell, that’s 20 listings. If my math is right, I send out twenty circle marketing sets of cards and all I had to do to to make profit is one sale. Does that sound easy to do? Economically, I can guarantee you, I can almost guarantee you, depending on where you are and everything else, that you’ll get at least one listing out of three thousand postcards like that. So if you start to get more listings, then that cost per listing goes from three thousand down to two, down to 1000, down to five hundred, whatever it is. OK, so I’m going on this is is you almost can’t lose because it is so effective and that’s it. So I’ve got if people if you want I got some forms. You can go to our website by the end of this week. Agent Dominator dot com. You can sign up with us online there if you want for the Jessell. I do have forms you can fill out in an email. But what I want to do right now is open up for questions.


[00:47:45] We got some time and you keep the questions going.


[00:47:52] Great question on the just sold their month to month.


[00:47:59] Ok, if you do the nurture marketing, you’ll get a discount if you commit to a 12 month term. But everything on all this stuff is multimode. Start any time. Cancel any time on the on the circle marketing right here. We only talk you when you email us, send this postcard out. So, I mean, that could be only twice a year, if that’s all you want.


[00:48:33] Yes, right.


[00:48:36] So if you repeat the question for those on our audiotape, so the question is, if you’re just getting started, you want to do geographic farming, do we have a plan for that? We do. But if you’re going to do geographic farming, please go to get cellar’s calling you dotcom and search for the podcast we’ve done on doing geographic farming because there is a three between the three and six step process to pick the right farm, because what you’re doing is you’re picking an area to invest in and you want to pick the right area that’s going to produce the most money, geographic farming. So we have some what we call light geographic farming postcards. They’re sort of like this.


[00:49:20] I’m going to show you if they have some generic content that’s good to kind of persuade people and generic photos, mostly inside, like a living room or kitchen or something like that that can be sent out. And then whenever you have a sale, we can put it sold. So it allows you to get consistent mailings in that area, show off expertize. And then whenever you do have a sale, we can add that to it. OK, let me also mention something about geographic farming, because this comes up a lot of times people think that if you if you do geographic farming, you can only send it from outside the farm.


[00:50:11] It’s also OK here in Birmingham. You are familiar with Holmwood, like Hollywood, totally different style than Vestavia, right? If I made a sale over in Holmwood and I’m farming in Vestavia and I want them to perceive that this would is local to them, I’m not going to show an outside photo of the outside. I’m going to take a picture, take one of the pictures that the master bathroom or the kitchen, because that’s transferable anywhere. And so now when I send it out, the perception is, wow, he sold another one, OK? And they think it’s probably local because all the other homes may be local. So that’s not something you can do. Just kind of get away from that perception. So get cellar’s calling you. Right, if you want to get sellers calling, you go to get sellers calling you Dotcom, OK? Yeah.


[00:51:11] Sure, they’re just listed. Let me show you. I think you missed it.


[00:51:18] Just listed. OK, or this beautiful home is on the market for OK, I mean, all it is, is a picture with a different word on it.


[00:51:32] Yeah, yeah, yeah, postcards of Jumbo.


[00:51:39] It’s six by nine, six by eight and a half. So maybe a stupid question, but. Right, so the price is all in.


[00:51:55] Yes, Father Zach and Chad and everybody, I have just decided to postpone any new day.


[00:52:02] And I get you something right? Yeah, yeah, there’s a lot in this is why most people stop. They never start on postcard marketing and they start because it’s a lotta time to do it once it’s easy. And the whole idea of just email as a photo and an address and it’s done for you just makes a lot easier. Great questions. Any other questions going on? OK, are we done? Yes. All right, so you’ll send the caption how? OK, but on a different level, serves notice on the premium service where we actually have copywriters, we create all this content for you. OK, you have to go to our website on that one. That’s Agent Dominator dot com. And then what I was sharing with this lady is we do have procreated cards with procreated content for we put them together for brandnew agent who doesn’t have any sales, but they want to do nurture marketing and have something to send out. Yeah. All right, great. Well, thank you, guys. All this is helpful.