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Speaker1: This is Beatty Carmichael here in the studio office, and I want to introduce this next session of Get Sellers Calling You, I’ve gone back to some of our oldie but goodie archives that I did with Stuart Sutton, a top producer in a series we called our mastermind calls. These were actually live telephone conference calls as we were training agents across the country how to build a thriving, sustainable real estate business. And so you’ll hear the audio quality sounds like it’s right off the telephone because it is. Ok, so just listen past that the content is great. Also, this is during the early stages of Agent Dominator, when Agent Dominator in its infancy was called Listing Grabber, but now Listing Grabber has grown up and are today Agent Dominator. So we’re one in the same. And before I introduce the audio, I’d love for you to listen to one of our agents and what they say about our service

Speaker2: [00:01:17.48] After 10 plus years in the business. What really intrigued me about this program was that it was geared toward sellers. Every other program I’ve ever used experience heard about is all about generating buyer leads, and I I love listings. In the almost two years that I’ve been using this program year over year, my business has increased. I think the first year was about 20 percent and then the following year was about 30 percent. And one of the things I think has been so amazing about this program is that I feel people now recognize me as not just carry the real estate agent, but also carry the person. And so when you can look at somebody and recognize some sort of personal connection that goes to a deeper level of trust. And so instead of just being a sales person, people see me as a whole person and somebody that they want to do business with. I’ve been so satisfied with this system, knowing that it’s really taking care of a really important part of my business and marketing to sellers.

Speaker1: [00:02:29.09] Hi, I want to give you a quick introduction to the special training, the topic is what are the three best follow ups to convert prospects to listings? We’re interviewing Stuart Sutton, a 20 plus year veteran agent who does over $24 million a year in production by himself on less than 40 hours a week to set the stage. And what you’re about to hear. I’d like to ask you a question. Think about your last 100 listing appointments out of those 100 listing appointments. How many of those did you lose to another agent? Do you have the answer since Stuart is going to be sharing how to follow up with prospects to get the listing first? I thought it’d be fair game to ask him the same question. Here’s his reply. Listen to it. I think you’ll be amazed. Then we’ll start the call from the beginning. I hope you enjoy it.

Speaker3: [00:03:14.21] Stuart, as I bring you on, I’ve got to ask you this other question, because I think this is pretty impressive out of the last 100 listing appointments that you’ve gone. How many of those people chose to go with a different agent rather than you?

Speaker4: [00:03:32.39] Believe it or not, I actually know that its answer is two out of the last 100 chose another agent that was actually one until about three weeks ago.

Speaker3: [00:03:44.12] Oh, I should ask you the question three weeks ago, then. So again, as you’re joining in, welcome to the call, you’re on the Thursday mastermind call for June. And as I mentioned, we do these calls once a month on the third Thursday of the month, and they’ve been really fabulous calls. Oh, the call for today is we’re going to be talking about the three best follow ups that convert more listings. So the idea is when you have sellers, someone that’s coming into what we call yourself, then how do you follow up with those people? How do you convert them to listings? That’s going to be the topic for today. Okay, so welcome everyone again to today’s call. Just as a point of introduction, my name is Beatty Carmichael. I’m basically the marketing director with listing of what that means. More than anything else is is most of the stuff that we send out to your prospective clients, to the homeowners. Come through my desk at some point, okay, to help design and create and to systematize. We are really excited with what we’re doing on the call today and hopefully that you’ll get a lot of great value from it. As I mentioned earlier, some of y’all were joining in is we do these calls once a month, typically on the third Thursday of the month.

Speaker3: [00:04:57.83] There may be a scheduled challenge with next month, we’ll let you know by email. And the focus of these calls really is to give back not only from our standpoint listing grabber, but also from Stewart Sutton, who host these with me. Because, you know, once you’ve achieved a lot in a given field and you know, it’s just a good thing just to give back to people and help others along. And that’s really sort of the main focus of what we want to do on these calls. I also would be amiss without a plug for growth pro. So let me give you a 30 second plug on what we give anyone on this call that sort of new and not really understanding what listing grabber does at listing. And we basically do three things for you. Ok, it’s real simple. Number one, we help you identify sellers before they go on the market. And we do that with some great marketing, some great technology that pinpoints people and makes it very easy and quick to start getting sales into in a new form. The second thing we do is we help you convert those seller prospects into your listings, OK, when they’re ready to sell, and that’s actually going to be the topic of what we’re doing today, the three best follow ups to convert more sellers.

Speaker3: [00:06:13.16] And the third thing we do is by using some tried and proven marketing that’s focused on really differentiating you from other agents and telling homeowners why they should choose you helps you begin to dominate that farm so that it can produce typically as much as a six figure annual income to you. Okay. And so those are the three things we do. You can find out more about us at listing Globacom. Let me also ask real quickly, ed, I heard you come on at Penlan and you and I haven’t spoken or talked. I don’t think since since possibly convention and maybe one call in between, would you mind sort of spur of the moment, just sharing a little bit about the results you’re getting with listing grab or maybe a little bit of what’s going on? You can press star six on your phone and say hi and tell us or if you don’t want to say anything, don’t press star six and we’ll pass over. So if that works with you, can you press star six and say hello?

Speaker5: [00:07:14.21] I just did. Can you hear me?

Speaker3: [00:07:16.22] Yeah, I can. Okay, great. Okay. So in fact, I got to. So, so tell us a little bit about, Um, I’ve got a question. I want to ask you in just a moment. But would you mind sharing just a little bit about what listing is doing for you and what type of impact it’s made and just anything that you may want to share? Sure.

Speaker5: [00:07:36.36] Um, I live in kind of a little cow town about halfway between Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, BC. There’s probably, I don’t know, one hundred and six thousand people in our whole county. Um, so it’s, you know, fairly rural. Um, I found out about listing grabber from Facebook friend, I want to say. It’s been at least six months, and it might be as many as nine. I can’t remember now, but I picked out, I didn’t do the research I should have. And I picked out neighborhoods I liked and not what had good turnover, which moving forward, I would do that better. But even so, I the first after the first mailing, I got a listing. I forget exactly the six, fifty or six, seventy five, which is a guy in the top 10, 15 percent of prices in this area. And she basically said, bring paperwork. And so that was kind of a lay down and I routinely get. Oh. Probably one to maybe as many as three listings a month. Some of the neighborhoods I chose are working better. There’s one that I’m actually kind of dominating and the developer saw that I was and he switched agents. And so now I have his 35 lots for sale as well as two spec homes. But again, I don’t know, probably between one and three listings a month, pretty routinely.

Speaker3: [00:09:17.29] Wow. Very good, so, um, what type of, uh, you know, I think I know the answer to this, but what type of impact has listing made listing grabber made to your real estate business?

Speaker4: [00:09:27.58] Well, I’ve

Speaker5: [00:09:28.33] Always, you know, wanted to farm and I used to farm in another neighborhood. The one I lived in, actually, which I don’t want to do anymore. And um. It. I had okay results, but I just at that point I was a lone agent. And if you don’t have an assistant, you are one. And now I have a team, I have two administrative people and three buyers agents. Probably be hiring an inside salesperson here next. I don’t know. A month or so, getting pretty close with someone and it. It when I had to do it myself, it just got put on the back burner. Whereas with listings, ever, it’s kind of set it and forget it. I mean, I don’t do anything until a lead comes in and then when a lead comes in, and that’s when I kick into action.

Speaker3: [00:10:19.04] Very good. Um, the last question I want to ask you, because when you and I first spoke once you signed up, you were mentioning what this ah follow up program has done for you, which is, you know, the pre-listing packet and gift and saw that process. Because that’s really what we’re going to be talking a little bit about today with Stewart and this whole process of how to follow up with seller leads. Can you share a perspective of, you know, before listing grabber and before using this type of follow up program? And I don’t know what you’re going to say. So this isn’t, you know, isn’t a plan question. But you know, before you started using the process of following up that we build into our system, what type of you know when you win on listing appointments on average, how many of those that you get, how long did your appointment last? And now that you’re doing the. What you know, what percentage of appointments are you getting doing business with you and how long is your average listing appointment now? Can you give me just sort of a comparison on that?

Speaker5: [00:11:25.74] Well, um, I actually went to a class that Stuart was one of the keynote speakers back in 06, and I kind of based my business off of putting about 95 percent of that back then. And it still probably at least 45, maybe 50 based on that two day class I took. And um, but that pre-listing Typekit, he did. Is he? The turbocharge, the one that we got in that class, I took way back when and when I got it, I went through it and I didn’t even make it all the way. I think I probably only made it about a third of the way, and I told my assistant to stop whatever you’re doing. Everything else is on hold. You need to modify this for us and I want it done by tomorrow before you leave. And so that’s what she did and. It. It’s kind of a game changer. I mean, if they’re too far away, I will email them, but it goes to everyone, not just my listing grabber leads. It goes to everyone. One in particular, this one sticks out at me from a lead, from another source. And when I reached out to the person, she said, Well, I’ve already talked to another agent and I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with him as well. So going to get you some information and hopefully that works out for you. But if it doesn’t, just keep me in mind. And so I just emailed her the pre-listing packet, and about two hours later, she called me and she said so. I changed my mind. I read your. A packet and I had an appointment with the other agent tomorrow at three years, I think whatever it was. And she goes, but I’ve called and canceled it and I was wondering if you could come.

Speaker3: [00:13:09.13] Wow. Pretty effective, huh?

Speaker5: [00:13:13.14] Yeah. I mean, you got to be on board with doing what it says or, you know, modify it. My thing is is I realize that I’m not the smartest guy in the world and that there’s a lot of other people that have done these things and have done. And so I don’t need to be creative. If I see something that works. I just basically pirate it. You know, with permission, of course, you know, Stuart gave these us to us and I didn’t change anything. I just got on board with exactly what he did and. It there’s no looking back.

Speaker3: [00:13:48.68] Well, fantastic. Well, Ed, thank you so much for sharing that and. And I don’t want to overcommit you, but if you happen to still be on by the end of the call, and maybe if someone wants to just ask you questions just as a as a user, would you be available for that if anyone wanted to?

Speaker5: [00:14:07.07] Yeah, my plan is to be here for the whole call. So.

Speaker3: [00:14:09.98] Okay. Perfect. Okay, great. Well, thank you so much. And um, I’m not sure that the topic needs any better introduction. I just wanted to let you know who you’re about to hear, especially if those if some of you guys are new on this call. Stuart Sutton has become a really close business friend of mine and personal. Had we if we were actually in the same area and could actually do social things. But I met Stuart just over a year ago. I guess it’s actually about a year and a half ago now when he came on board as a client of of listing grabbers. Stuart does not work for listing grabber. He is an active agent. He is a top producing agent. Last, I heard 24 $25 million a year annual production. That’s himself with one and a half part time assistance. And get this, I want you understand this less than 40 hours a week, okay? On average invested that he eats into his real estate business. And what I want to stress with you is this it’s like what you just heard from ED. You know, you can take whatever process you’re doing and think that it’s okay.

Speaker3: [00:15:18.35] But when you can convert that process and literally email someone some information and they cancel an appointment with an agent, they’re about to do business with and choose you totally sight unseen. That’s amazing. And here’s the point I want to make on this is everything you do is all about marketing. It’s either about marketing to get a lead or to marketing to convert a lead. Okay. And so what I wanted is I asked her to do is this to share, what does he do? What does he feel? Are the at least the three, if maybe not a few more, but the three most important parts of the follow up different steps that you can take in the follow up that gets people signing up and doing business with you. And and Stewart, as I bring you on, I’ve got to ask you this other question because I think this is pretty impressive. Um, out of the last, if you can think through this out of the last 100 listing appointments that you’ve gone, how many of those people chose to go with a different agent rather than you?

Speaker4: [00:16:29.50] Believe it or not, I actually know that its answer is two out of the last 100 shows another agent.

Speaker3: [00:16:38.08] Wow. Okay. So what that was saying is

Speaker4: [00:16:42.40] That was actually one until about three weeks ago.

Speaker3: [00:16:45.88] Oh, I should ask you the question three weeks ago then. Yeah, that’s about, you know, hey, that’s still pretty impressive. Um, so something you’re doing is working. So why don’t you share with us what you’re doing that is getting you that high a conversion rate?

Speaker4: [00:17:05.25] You know what, you broke up a little bit. What was your question was what gets me that high conversion rate?

Speaker3: [00:17:10.35] Yeah, why don’t you share your follow up? What is it that you’re doing? What are the, you know, if we go back to the top, you know, we’re the three best follow up strategies to convert these potential sellers into business with you.

Speaker4: [00:17:22.05] I gotcha. I think very I think that a big part of it is the fact that, like Ed said, I mean, in reality, they have chosen me before I get there. So in in most instances, there is very little competition. In most cases, they have made a decision because of the pre marketing and the information and education that they’re provided. So let me kind of set the let me kind of set the stage. Most consumers today, studies show, are are more savvy and more cynical than they’ve ever been before. Ok. If we can provide a means to to provide education and give them information, then we’re we’re actually dealing with them on a little bit different level. Now a lot of people try to try to give them, you know, education, but so much of it is what they’ve seen before. So the very first thing that I just highly, highly, highly recommend is. To have follow up to have information that is a little different than your competition. And if you don’t know what your competition is doing, I highly recommend that you find out what your competition is doing. Ok, so the pre-listing package that ED talked about in just I mean, I got to tell you, I mean, what has done is absolutely amazing. He probably actually should be should be running these calls. I mean, one to three listings every single month is just absolutely fantastic. I mean, the follow up that you’re doing is just is incredible. That’s that’s I mean, that’s just about as good as it gets.

Speaker4: [00:19:17.74] But the thing about it is that will continue to grow because redundancy and in time are going to increase that. And I’m getting a little off track here. But but I’ve seen in just a gradual increase in a gradual turnover in people that have become prospects on listing grabber. In other words, this year so far, I’m closing, closing one one a month from listing grabber. And last quarter I can tell you that in. In April, I closed one four four nine two five and in April for one for 230 and in June one for three sixty five. So that’s continuing. I’ve got another closing that’s set up for for July. So the the one a month is going to continue, but it’s going to increase. And the reason it’s going to increase is because of what we’re talking about today. And that is a follow up. I mean, we absolutely positively have to continue following up. And you’ve heard the old saying that someone has to know who you are and what you do six times before they, you know, immediately put the two together. I actually think that’s a little bit optimistic. I think it’s closer to 10 or 12 times. So follow up is absolutely critical because a lot of these leads that you’re getting from listing grabber and listing grabbers claim one of the reasons I’m jumping on this some grabbers because their claim was actually true and it was something that I had not seen and was was not able to do for myself.

Speaker4: [00:20:49.96] And that’s identify people who are thinking about selling could be immediately, could be three months from now, could be a year from now. And what I’m seeing is that that claim is true because I am putting homes on the market now that the that we’re listing of prospects last summer. Ok. So the continued follow up is very, very important. So immediately upon getting a lead from listing grabber, we send out that pre-listing package that Ed had mentioned and you do have a copy available through listing grabber and you can adapt that and make changes whatever you want to fit your business. But the key is to get something in their hands that is professional, that is informative, and then it’s pertinent to their situation. Ok, so that pre-listing package is actually misnamed. It really. The true name for that is a presale package. All right now, there’s two types of presale packages. One is a presale package for a home seller, which we term a pre listing package, and the other is a presale package for a home buyer, which we term a pre buyer package. Ok, so those pre-sale packages do exactly what the title is. They pre sell that prospect on you and your services, and there’s no question that. A consumer having information in knowing more about you before they meet you is a huge, huge advantage. So. The reason that consumers. Choose me at such a high rate is not because I’m such a fantastic agent above everybody else, but it’s because they’re sold on me before I get there.

Speaker4: [00:22:34.46] We’ve done the follow up and given them the information and provided them with the research that they need in order to make a decision. So they’ve been pre-sold, if that makes sense. So if you take that presale package and it’s in an editable format, you just put your name, phone number, picture where, where it needs to go, change and edit some of the text if you need to. But but spend some time and get that together, and ED did the smartest thing I can tell you, and that is, he said. I want this and I want this tomorrow, because if you put it off, how long is it going to be before you have it, before you actually get around to it, before you get it done? So get it done. Put a deadline on it and work on getting that done. Because if there’s one marketing piece that I could keep and you said you can’t use any other marketing pieces, it would be that pre package that is a vitally important piece of my marketing and the consumers that respond to us immediately get that. So how whatever they responded to, if they’re a prospective seller, they’re going to get a pre sell package for sellers that educate them gives them the unique perspective on how we provide service and the benefits we provide them with. Other agents do not. So does that bring up any questions Beatty that you want me to follow up on?

Speaker3: [00:23:57.77] Um, why, um, you know, if you could, uh, sort so if you go back to like Ed’s comments, the free cell package that he was using when he started going through this new and by the way, the one, um, just everyone’s on the same page. Stewart has given us his presale package. We use it as part of our follow up system. When I mentioned we help you find sellers before they go on the market, we help you convert them to your listing. Okay, that converting to your listing primarily is hinged around this presale package that Stuart has graciously shared with us to share with all of our users. Um, and so what ED was talking about is the same package. What makes this package? You know, if you could, uh, you know, one of the things that we get, Stewart, is a lot of people say, Oh, we’ve got this great pre-listing package, or maybe they’re talking about the pre sale package. You know, we just wanted ours, and I know there are a lot of good ones, and yours isn’t the only one quote unquote that works. But um, having seen what many other agents use versus what you’re doing with your presale package, what is the real difference between why you feel what your package is doing that so effective that many other agents may not be as effective? What’s the what’s the real difference in them? Can you can you articulate that?

Speaker4: [00:25:29.54] Yeah. And actually, that’s a good question, because there are some really nice pre-listing presale packages out there. I’ve seen it’s still to this day, very surprising to me how few agents use a presale package. It’s very, very surprising to me. The pre sell package that we use does does three things. First of all, it provides critical information to the home seller. Now anybody can provide information in the same in the same vein that we do. Ok. Hey, your house needs to look good. You need uncluttered, you know, things like that. It talks about the different marketing strategies that we use and why they’re important. But I’m going to I’m going to put a couple of different categories that that we really focus on in our in our previous package. And you said it earlier, ed, I you know, I mean, I piloted it from somebody else. I got it from Ryan Smith. So he got it from somebody else. I mean, we just keep trying to improve it and adapt it to to our market and to to what we do. But I have a program that’s unique to what I do to real estate agents, and I have several pages in there that are that are very poignant and provide the information that show them the uniqueness. So our previous package has unique strategies, and that’s not always easy to do. Ok, you could say, OK, well, I’ll provide a stage. Well, that’s kind of common nowadays, so you’ve got to really think about, okay, what is unique? What what could I do? How could I provide service that when they read my pre cell package? Will sell them on me.

Speaker4: [00:27:16.18] So what is unique and uniqueness is important. The second is education. See, when you educate somebody, you’re actually building rapport, whether you know it or not. And our pre-listing package educates them. Several of the pages in my pre pre-listing package have a format that is very, very effective. The very first paragraph at the top says, here’s the problem. And then it’s a short paragraph or two. And then the next paragraph, the bold headline is Here’s the solution. And it’s a short paragraph or two. And then there’s two columns, and on the left it says, benefits to you. Now, the writer says, benefits to your buyers, and we listen some very simple benefits. So solution to a problem that we know exists. And guess what? Those sellers know? That problem is just also so there are lots and lots of problems that have to be solved to get a home sold. So how do you solve the problem? So we provide a problem solution benefit format in several of the pages. Ok, so. Uniqueness. And a very poignant salability format, which is problem solution benefit. Ok, so those two have a very, very big impact. And the third is, I mean, I tell all my sellers this when I sit down with them, I say, Listen, I tend to be blunt, I’m going to apologize for that now. Would you give me permission to be as blunt as I need to be when we when we go through all the information about marketing your home and one hundred percent? Oh yeah, we want you to be.

Speaker4: [00:29:09.05] Absolutely, we want you to be. So basically, they’ve given me permission to give them information. But they don’t want to hear. Does that make sense? So we do that in the pre-sell package. Also, we give them very specific information. I went and counted the number of times in my listing presale synonymous package. And if you go in there and count the number of times we address pricing, we do it over and over and over. And I believe we address pricing in the presale package five times in how important pricing is. Ok, so we don’t have as big now. Am I going to say I’m immune to overprocessed? It’s of course not. I mean, I’ll admit to having one right now, maybe two that I’ve got to work with the seller to get to an achievable sale price. But I have far less problem with overpriced listings and probably most agents because we address that so strongly up front and they understand that before I ever come sit down with them because they do read that presale package. That makes sense. Did that answer your question, Beatty? Okay. Yeah, I think so. Very, very important. Follow up is to get that presale package in their head. Now, if you never did anything else, if all you did was get that presale package in their hand, you would have a pretty good response over time when they got ready to sell their house. They probably are going to keep your presale package and call you.

Speaker4: [00:30:37.61] However. Consistent follow up. Is going to ensure that you end up sitting down with them when they do decide to sell consistent follow up, so we’ve talked about this in farming before. So if I’m starting a brand new farm, if one of my agents is starting a brand new farm area, we hit that farm very aggressively, very consistently for a short period of time. And for the first quarter, we will send four to six mailings to to that farmer and then we’ll bump it out to once every three weeks and then once every month. Ok, now what happens when someone responds to a listing grabber postcard and goes to that site and you have their physical address when you send out that pre-listing package and gift immediately? We hit those people four to five times in the first 30 days, and then we move it out to once every three to four weeks after that. So if they have decided, well, we’re going to sell a house, but we’re probably going to do it next spring or by next spring, they’re going to receive information from me approximately 10 to 12 times. And remember what we said earlier? Six times is what you keep reading, but I think it’s more like 10 to 12 times before they really know when they get a card, oh yes, that’s true or something. If I pick up the phone and call, they don’t say, Oh, okay, I’m sorry, who are you? They go, Oh yeah, Stuart, yeah, we get your stuff.

Speaker4: [00:32:14.93] So the consistency in the redundant information put into their hands is is really, really important toward getting the future listings. I mean, I didn’t really sign up for for listing grabber to get immediate business, although it happened, but I didn’t sign up for that reason. I signed up to build a pipeline for future listings, and that happens if you continue to follow up with those people. And I’ve said this before, so I don’t want to bore you with it, but I believe that my listing grabber database is one of the strongest databases. So when I built that listing wrapper database to 100 responses, which just about there, I’ll match that hundred responses on how many listings I get from it in the next year to any 100 from any database I have. It’s just a very, very strong database, but you’ve got to keep following up with it. And that in itself is a, for example. You know, the rule is and we’ve talked about this before. I’d rather hit 100 people 10 times than a thousand people twice. Ok? The more redundancy and the more consistent you are in getting those follow ups, the better response you’re going to get. So anyway, that’s that’s really kind of to get that presale package in their hand because it’s designed for specific purposes. And the second is very quick, immediate follow up several times and then consistent follow up after that. So that’s one in two Beatty. Do you have any questions or anything that I can clarify on this?

Speaker3: [00:33:51.01] Yeah. So, um, on the follow up that you’re doing, you mentioned that you’re hitting them four or five times in the first month and then that you’re keeping them on after that. Now with listing grabber, we use what we call an autopilot follow up system, which is a series of pre created things that we guide people to do. And I know that you don’t use that you use your own process. So it’s which is great. Can you help articulate for people? So let’s say someone’s not going to use listing grabber for whatever reason, you know, we want them to be able to leave this call and go execute on something that works for them. So if they’re not using us and the process we’ve already established to make those contacts, what are you doing? What type of content are you sending them? Are you sending them letters, postcards? What do they say? Can you give some clarity on that?

Speaker4: [00:34:45.19] Sure, absolutely. The the first thing they get, of course, is the the previous package and gift. Ok. And then I’ve actually added this to the to the system, and that’s a that’s a handwritten note that goes out to them. And I used to put it with the pre-listing package. But now we just include a very quick note that says, Hey, this is the pre-listing package because you visited this website. Okay. So then I write a little bit more extensive handwritten note that just goes out a couple of days later, and it just says something to the effect of, Hey, just touching base, we deliver a package to you. I hope you found it helpful. There’s anything we can do. Let us know. Make it a powerful day, OK? And then one week later, they receive a list of home sales. I don’t I don’t send a market analysis because I’ve never seen their house, but I do send a list of sales comparables and say, Hey, if you’re thinking about selling this home, I thought this might be helpful to you. And a week later, they get a postcard and the postcard will be a sold card for a home. I sold in the neighborhood and then a week later, they get another postcard. So basically over that four week period, they receive handwritten note. List of sales comps in two postcards. That makes sense,

Speaker3: [00:36:10.15] Makes great sense.

Speaker4: [00:36:11.62] So, you know what those items are are not as important as the fact that you are sending information that helps once again continue to educate them on who you are in the type of service you can provide to them. That’s correct. The the the buyers. And what we find a lot of times is that, you know, agents are a little hesitant because, you know, buyer leads aren’t really what they want in this kind of market as much. You know, someone said to me the other day I thought it was kind of interesting, you know, the past generations have really looked forward to getting their mortgage paid off. Today’s generations is just looking forward to trying to get a mortgage because it’s become so much more difficult than it has in the past. So a lot of these people are selling a house and buying another one. So actually, several of my listing grabber prospects have been double dips. In other words, I sell their house list and sell their home and then go sell them another one. So don’t don’t think that you can’t provide buyer information as well. You know, what’s the best way to get a good deal in this hot market? You know the three traps that you want to avoid in a hot market? So be. Be timely, you know, there are a lot of reports that have been around for 20 years, but not the biggest mistakes home sellers, and that’s all well and good. But guess what? A lot of consumers are getting immune to that type of marketing because they’ve just seen it so much and for so long.

Speaker4: [00:37:41.62] So uniqueness is is really important and timeliness is important. Oh, there’s this market is so hot. If you’re going to go in and buy a house and you’re going to compete with three four, five eight, 10, 12 other buyers, what are you going to do to get the house? And here’s one that that we do that that helps a lot of people and that is we pre market in. We’ve been doing this since before the fall, the market got hot. So one of the things that my sellers. Get to look forward to is the chance of saving a whole lot of money, because what we do is I’ve got a very strong pre marketing strategy and we push that and make sure they’re very, very familiar with and aware of that. And what happens there is if another if a buyer comes along and I realize different states have different laws. So if a buyer comes along and they don’t have an agent, they sign a form that says, we know we can get an agent, but we chose not to. And if they want to buy the home I have on the market and they don’t have an agent. My seller is going to save quite a bit of money. The buyers are going to get a little bit of a better deal, too. Now a lot of people assume they can do that and we’re not going to talk commissions amounts, but I don’t go all the way down to where, if it like it was just a listing commission.

Speaker4: [00:38:59.25] But I do give my sellers a very nice savings if there’s not another agent involved, I don’t promote that because I don’t ever want an agent to think that I would promote a buyer coming without an agent. Actually, if they ask me, I, I really think you ought to have an agent. I encourage them to do that so that the pre marketing strategy brings buyers to us that in. Give me an example. Last month I had two listings we never even had to put on the market. We sold them before they ever hit the market, so they never even went to MLS. So sellers really love that, and that’s unique. But it’s also timely because they don’t have to deal with. Buyers don’t have to deal with the onslaught of competing with 12 or 15 other offers. So timeliness is important in addressing what’s going on in today’s market. So anyway, I’ve kind of rambled a little bit, but immediately get a premium package and anybody and everybody’s hands that you possibly can. And then quick, hard, aggressive follow up for several weeks. But I don’t mean aggressive, like hard closing. I mean, aggressive. Like make sure that you get a lot of information to them quickly. So they understand that you’re reactive, you’re responsive and you’re there for them and then make it consistent for the next, however long it takes for them to sell their home. So that’s true. Anything else on those Beatty before we move on to the third one?

Speaker3: [00:40:23.70] Well, let’s move on to the third one.

Speaker4: [00:40:26.16] Okay. Um, the the third one after previous package follow up quickly. And this is kind of a this is kind of intertwined into the other two. But the third is is really important that it be part of the first two and that is an education process that that gives them the details and information they need to know so that they don’t have to talk to another agent. So when in one of the reasons, I mean, I’ve got to tell you, if I competed with with other agents on more listings than I do, I wouldn’t be at 98 percent, but the quality. Of the seller prospect is very much like the quality of the buyer prospects. Ok, if someone calls you and says, I want to see this house, you might do like I do, but you show them a house. But I don’t go out and spend a lot of time or have one of my agents spend a lot of time with them until we go through our due diligence. Meet with a loan officer if they have it. Make sure we get pre-approved. If they if they haven’t. And then we go out with their houses because if you go out and sell them a bunch of houses, then they lack one and then they don’t qualify you either by saying, OK, so if you go out and meet with the seller and you haven’t done your due diligence, which is educate them on how to sell their home and what you can do to help them sell it better than you could be putting yourself in a position of having a far less chance of getting that listing.

Speaker4: [00:42:03.25] So because of the education process you put them through and that education process? I mean, I’ll give you an example. A lot of people, I mean, if I asked you guys to raise your hands, most of you might raise your hands of us, said who puts a ComingSoon sign in the yard because that became very popular over time. Now in my market, I was one of the one of the first ones to do that. I can’t claim to be the first because I actually got it from somebody else in my market. But for years, there were only a couple of us that did that. Now it seems like everybody does that. But one of the things we educate them about is that, hey, a coming soon sign in your yard is not pre marketing. That’s one aspect of free marketing that’s coming soon. Sign in your yard simply means that people that drive by your home are going to know that it’s coming soon and might tell friends we encompass a pre marketing strategy that includes web pages that includes Google rankings and includes online ads. It includes a lot of different things that, as a matter of fact, our our pre marketing.

Speaker4: [00:43:10.63] And I do make this claim because it’s true. Our pre marketing before you, whomever hits the market is more extensive than many agents. Entire marketing plan. Ok, so we educate them about what pre marketing really can do for them. So before this market ever hit, where we see all these multiple offers, I would have home sold before they hit the market or in the first couple of days, even in a slow market. So that’s one area that you can educate on. Hey, everyone thinks you know, coming soon signs are important. Well, that’s just one aspect of a very effective marketing strategy. Ok. Another thing that we do that’s unique is we help prepare a seller’s home for sale before it ever hits the market. And I’ll tell you guys very simply that what I do a lot of agents don’t want to do because they see it as well. I could be spending good money after bad. And that’s certainly a possibility. But I hire a inspector to inspect the home and hire a handyman to make repairs, hire carpet cleaners. If my sellers need that, I hire a deep cleaning lady to do a deep clean. I hire stages from stage it, so I actually invest hard cash dollars. Now I tell my sellers how I do this and why. And I tell them truly how this came about for years, I was telling you to do this, you need to do this, you need to do this.

Speaker4: [00:44:34.22] And I was finding out a lot of times they didn’t have time to do it. Or they couldn’t afford to do it. So true story, I took one commission and I held money back from it. You know, a lot of it to the next House. And I hired the inspector in handyman and the carpet cleaner in the stager. Now I do have a limit, it’s not unlimited. I’m not going to pay to paint somebody’s entire house inside and out or anything like that to have a very reasonable limit. But it takes away from their necessity to spend time and effort and money. And I’ve got to tell you guys, I get a lot of business because people just don’t want to have to do that. And it works beautifully for new prospects. It works beautifully for referrals because when I do that for somebody, man, they go tell their friends about it. Ok, so whatever the uniqueness is, whether you have, let’s just say your brother in law is a landscaper and he gives you a really good discount. If you bring them in and spend a little money and really spiff up their landscape, they’re going to tell their friends what you did and it has a big impact. Ok, so the third thing is education on what needs to be done to get you top dollar and why and how in that process can take place on every single mailing that you do in some form or manner, for example.

Speaker4: [00:46:01.60] And if you’ve been on these calls before, you know that my soul cards are not normal soul cards, they say, Hey, we sold this home in this number of days. And if you need a market analysis, think about selling. Give us a call. Actually tell a story about the seller in their situation. And then I say, you know, how could Stuart get this home sold in three days when when other agents couldn’t get it sold in a year? And then I list my, Hey, here’s what, here’s how we do it. It’s because one two three four five. If you’re in a situation like the Joneses and need help, Stuart can help you too. So basically, we set we set a story in place and then we set the Hey, why can Stuart do this? He can do it because. So it really speaks to them rather than just sending a regular old soul card. People love stories. They they relate to stories. Before there was any written word, people told story. People love stories. So if you can share a story that really is like their situation or similar to their situation, because what you’re going to speak to them and communicate with them on a different level than than other agents are.

Speaker4: [00:47:17.14] So the education process through those through those mailings has to take place in a way that they feel comfortable. You know, we like the way this person works. You know, this agent, man, I mean, what she does. We haven’t seen that anywhere else. And it’s awfully nice when you get calls where someone says, Yeah, we got your stuff and and we’re, you know, we’ve been getting your information, we’re about ready to go ahead and put our home in the market. When you think you’d like to come talk to us. That’s a whole lot different. A whole lot different than you calling and trying to close for an appointment when people call you because they want what you do. The relationship is very, very different. So one two three one get the pre sell package in their hands immediately to. Get marketing material to them quickly and then consistently in three, make sure that you’re educating them to the unique service that you provide them. If if you do the same as everybody else, it’s OK. So you better do it better. It’s better to be first. Than it is to be best, so if you can be first at something unique and become known for it. You’re going to position yourself to do more business. Does that make sense? Any anything? I surf on that Beatty.

Speaker3: [00:48:40.27] No, I’m just over here thinking, you know, this is phenomenal information, and I’m hoping that the folks in the call right now are as amazed with what you’re doing as I am because it just makes sense. And the funny part about it is it’s not that difficult. You know, it’s it’s not rocket science. Anyone can do this. It’s just breaking out of the box. You know, most people get in a rut and you know, it’s just a grave with both ends, you know, kicked out. Most people get in a rut that says, I’m a real estate agent. This is the way it’s always been done. This is the way I do it and you’re over here thinking out of the box and saying, Hey, I want to do something different. I want to do what the client wants me to do. And I heard a great, great comment. I think this um uh, you know, as I listen to you talk, you know, the golden rule. We always think it’s like, you know, do unto others as you want them to do unto you. But someone said a little bit different do unto others as they would want you to do it onto them. And what you’re doing in meeting the needs of your of your clients is you’re applying that rule. You know, what would they want me to do if I could do it? And that’s winning a lot of that business. That’s that step number three content.

Speaker4: [00:49:53.95] I like that very much do unto them as they would want you to do unto them. That’s really good. I like that. Yeah. But yeah, yeah, no. I was just going to open for questions. But in any any market, you’ve got to adapt and and I know that I know listings are harder to get than they’ve ever been before. I will admit to you, I carry less listings than I have since I started in real estate, and that was a long time ago. But the fact that they’re turning over so quickly hasn’t impacted our volume. We’re caring for your listings, but they’re turning over very, very quickly. But you know you, you don’t worry when you’re carrying 40 or 50 listings that that you’re going to have some sales next month. You tend to worry a little bit more when when you’re carrying, you know, 10 or 12. So, you know, quite sincerely, we’re really focused on getting listings, getting less and getting listings because getting a listing is, I mean, it’s gold. And no matter what the real estate business is doing, if you’re consistent and you know how to get the consumer to respond, you’re going to be fine. I mean, I remember this. I remember a comic strip, which I just loved. It was I forgot the name of it. The comic strips are about that Viking, and he’s interviewing for new crew members, he says. I remember my crew’s got to be tough and they got to be ruthless.

Speaker4: [00:51:17.29] They’ve got to never give up. Even when things hopeless, we got a surge ahead. Why do you think you ought to be on my crew? The guy says I used to be a real estate agent. Said, You’re hired, so you got it. You’ve got to keep moving forward and keep surging ahead and get this part of it’s tough. You got to find a way. And I got to tell you that listing grabber isn’t the only solution, but I got to tell you it is a very, very good one. Return on investment is what I look at in every scenario, and I think Ed and there’s a lot of other people that can tell you that the return on investment is quite dramatic when you’re doing the kind of return that had to do and that I’m doing with, you know, with closing a listing a month and doing more than that. But you guys, it may not happen overnight, but it just might. I mean, I got two listings on my very first mailing, so return on investment is is crucial. But the return on investment, if you do the three things we talked about today, your return on investment is is, you know, virtually a lock. Anyway, I think in order for you, a little bit Beatty go ahead when you want to do next.

Speaker3: [00:52:24.99] Oh, no, thanks for those last comments, I think that’s super. Um, what I like to do now is let me just open up the call. I’m sure there are a lot of questions from people who want clarity on some different things. And um, and I don’t know, guys have how often you have an opportunity to ask an agent who’s been there, done that and does it so efficiently that you can do it on just a few hours and have everything worked really, really smoothly and very profitably, as Stuart does. So this is a great opportunity. So if there are any questions out there, the lines are muted, but you can press star six on your phone and unmute your line and ask a question. So any questions out there?

Speaker4: [00:53:12.44] And this is my. How are you? I doing good, I always like to hear another southern accent. I have a little question on the education process. Have you created like a flower or something that you actually mailed to them? Or is it mainly speaking to them on the phone and educate him in that fashion? That’s actually a good question. It really is both. If if they call on the phone, I try to have a couple of things in mind that will stick with them. But when I say education, even the soul cards, OK, so if you send a soul card that, hey, I sold this listing, don’t just brag that, hey, I sold it in seven days or I sold it for 112 percent of asking or tell them why. Why did you get this accomplished? What is it that you do for them that gives them the same chance as the next person? Does that make sense? Yeah. So whatever type of card you’re sending now I do have in my in my fruitless package, I actually have a page in there and this is in my expired package to a page in there that tells them, educate them, inform them about the listing agreement. And I don’t know. You know, I know different states are different, but when someone signs a listing agreement in my state, man, it binds them hard. And if we follow this, I follow that thing to the tee and they are locked. But I share with them what the listing agreement says in the pertinent parts that they need to be aware of.

Speaker4: [00:54:56.75] I don’t want them to sign this agreement, then later found out it said this, and they didn’t know it. So I tell them those really tough parts of it, and then I tell them how it impacts how I handle it. And I’ll give you a quick example. Ok. In the state of Texas, if a buyer puts a contract on a home and then defaults and they give the seller their earnest money. Guess what, the broker, according the listing, gets half the earnest money. I don’t think that’s unfair. That sounds okay to me, but my personal policy is to let myself have all the earnest money. As long as they keep the home listed with me and we put it back in the market to sell, does that make sense? Yeah. So little things in the listing agreement that they wouldn’t know. I make sure they’re aware of. So by educating them and showing them those you know that fine print and how to fix them, I create a little bit of a bond with them before I ever meet with them. Because education, when someone’s receiving. Education and empowerment. It creates a psychological bond to the source that got it from, I mean, you remember your favorite teachers or your favorite sources of information and in its education is powerful. And if we provide that in our marketing material about the type of decisions they ought to make regarding selling their home and what will be the best for them, then they’re going to keep that in mind. I hope that answered your question. Yeah, very nice. You bet.

Speaker5: [00:56:28.91] Hey, Stuart. Yeah, it’s at. Hey, so do you? Hey, so I um, I still use the the total market overview of rands from back when I took that class from you guys. So that’s kind of what I get, you know, that same kind of vein that you said as I haven’t seen your house, so I can’t really compare it or say but. And so but but here’s what happened to homes that are similar to yours in this area. There’s this many on the market and their average price and, you know, go through the whole. So that to me, that total market overview is a great tool that is giving them a number. They want a number. But you know, you’re kind of saying the big asterisk. I haven’t seen your house, so I can’t say that you will be this price. But this is what homes that are similar to yours have sold for.

Speaker4: [00:57:18.98] Exactly right. And that is a very good tool. No question. It’s in one. Again, it sets you apart because nobody else does that. And you know, one thing that I’ve tried to do over the years is acknowledge sellers opinions. So I have a certain number of things I say to sellers that get a very positive reaction. One of those is what Ed just said, what I said earlier and that is, you know, I haven’t seen your house, so I can’t really tell you what it is or when I get to someone’s house for listing presentation, I tell them, I say, You know, I don’t. And when we start talking about it, I said, I don’t ever come with a preconceived notion of value. I don’t think any agent can tell you what your home’s worth until they’ve seen it. And you can see it in their eyes, man. They appreciate that I’ve actually had sellers tell me, Well, you know, we had one guy, you know, sit down in here and tell us what the house worth and walk through it. So they feel strongly about things like that now, really and truly with a total market overview. Could could ED come really close to what the home is worth without seeing it? Yeah, he could.

Speaker4: [00:58:29.81] And in his knowledge of the market, he could. But the seller has a different belief and we can’t discredit their belief. So I embrace their belief and still end up in the same place, so I hope that makes sense. That’s just one of the little things that I say. Another thing I say to virtually every seller is, you know what, Mr. a seller, you’re going to make a decision. This is a phantom Beatty. Or maybe it’s a phone call before I ever go to the house. You know, you’re going to make a decision based on a real estate agent based on your belief that they can get you the most money and that the strategy they use will accomplish that. Well, according to study, sellers feel like agents do the same things. And I’m not be the only agent that this Mr. Mrs. seller, but we really do the same things. I mean, we put you on the same real estate portals. We put signs in your yard. You know, we do. I mean, you can list all these things. Agents do the same things. Where does what’s the key to that? The key is how well do we do it? How good are we? I mean, no matter what occupation you are, there are some people that are better at it than others.

Speaker4: [00:59:44.54] So the key is how well do we do it? Here’s why our marketing strategy is so effective. And then you ought to have a little elevator speech if you’re on the phone or even if you’re sitting at the table with a couple of very poignant information points that show that your marketing, even though it sounds like it’s the same on the outside, is vastly superior. So no matter what it is. You can make that point. I don’t care if it’s the sign. I tell myself why my son is so much better than the one up the street because it is. And there are reasons it is. I tell them, why am I? Online marketing is so much superior to my competitors. But I have specific reasons that once again, from the seller’s perspective, they go, yeah, that makes sense. So I don’t try to discredit what they think. I try to embrace it, but still get to the same place. I hope that makes sense. So yeah. Very good point. I’ll try not to ramble on the next question.

Speaker3: [01:00:55.85] The other questions out there, this is great stuff. Press star six and introduce yourself. Sure.

Speaker4: [01:01:09.17] So this is Joe in Kalamazoo. How are you doing? So where is Kalamazoo in Missouri, Michigan? Well, Kalamazoo, Michigan, that’s a new business in Chicago. Gotcha. What’s one of my favorite cities? Yeah, yeah. Mind you, some of us aren’t as creative as you, as you, and I’ve heard these calls before and did absolutely nothing with it. Thank you. Is it possible to get some of the things that you do hard copies or get on a your website or something and see some of this stuff? I think most of the hard copies of this stuff are actually on listing grabber. Are they not Beatty?

Speaker3: [01:01:54.14] Yeah, they are, they’re all there. So if you happen to be one of our clients, all the stuff that he’s talking about, we made fully accessible so you can download it and use it and mail it.

Speaker4: [01:02:06.65] Yeah, I have, and I am and I have. And like your pre-listing packet, there’s a tremendous amount of stuff on the website for that. It seems like a very thick book. Some of it you use. I’m assuming some of you did. You don’t, which we did. But I don’t know that I’m using the right stuff or what really works that much better. Again, we want to be creative. We want to be, you know, educational and and we do a lot of follow up and I have more listings than I’ve ever had in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I come from the buyer’s side, but there are certain pages that you find at work better or. You know, that’s a really good question, I mean, that really is there are certain pages that work better. I always ask myself, what was it that brought them to call me that took them to the point where they said, Let’s call this guy. And I really encourage you to do the same thing. Your seller, your prospects may not have the same responses just based on your listing being a little bit different in your market being a little different, your your personality being a little bit different. But I really encourage you to do that and then reorder the pre-listing package so that the pages are the most powerful are up front. Hey, Stuart. So can I

Speaker5: [01:03:35.24] Chime in my two cents on that? Sure. This is it. So what I because I do that. What is it? And the thing is, is that, you know, there’s different personality types. If you use the disk, you know, for example, what’s going to make the personality pick up the phone is something different than that’s going to make the S or the C or the AI personality. So you can’t laser focus it and think that’s going to be the one thing that everyone’s going to do. Different personality types are going to be drawn to different things. And so that’s why, you know, because at first I was like, Oh my God, this thing’s so many, you know? But as I went through it, I went, Oh, this is going to go to a D. Oh, this an I will find this okay, appealing. Oh, this is for the s. Oh, and here we are for this. I don’t know if you meant to do that, but you did.

Speaker4: [01:04:28.17] Yeah, it was actually designed that way, and I’ll give most of the credit on that to rant. I’ve made some changes, but it was designed to basically through a neural linguistic programing scenario so that different personality types would respond to different things. So you’re exactly right about that.

Speaker3: [01:04:45.96] All right. Well, I hate to have to put a lid on this, but we’re over time. Let me just say thank you for everyone coming and learning. Thank you ed for sharing with us some of your comments and what’s going on and and a very special thanks to you, Stuart, for really sharing of your expertize and what you’ve learned through trial and error. What’s working for you so you can help others? So we really appreciate all of you very well. Appreciate you, especially

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