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This is the eighth in a ten part series on simple things you can do to market yourself in a geographic farm. “Touch #8” is the “ice cream scoop” touch. It’s another simple idea with long term impact for years and years to come. It’s especially appropriate with vacation related second home properties. Watch the video to learn more.



Simple ways to touch a real estate geographic farm for realtors – ice cream scoop

I remember one of the coaches here in town, a fabulous coach by the way, in real estate.  Her name is Jenny Williams and she was sharing one of her real estate marketing ideas with me that I thought was brilliant. What she to start marketing to potential seller leads is she would, for her clients, get ice cream scoops, especially for those that bought in the area. So, when coming up with real estate marketing strategies to promote lead generation you should find something that works in your area like an ice cream scoop.

This realtor was helping someone target the lake area. There are a lot of vacation homes on the lake and what do you do on the lake? You go out and have parties where you have ice cream. So, the ice cream scoop was branded to the real estate agent.

You can use real estate marketing tips like that. Figure out something that’s going to be used in the kitchen a lot and turn that into one of your real estate marketing products. Everyone loves ice cream, so maybe it is an ice cream scoop. Maybe it’s something else, like a nice cutting board. Whatever it is, be sure to find something that’s not expensive that you can apply your real estate branding on and mail out to potential seller leads. When you mail this gift to your sphere of influence, seller leads will keep your name in mind because your real estate marketing products are something that is really functional.

That’s another type of touch.


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